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Finally, a transparent Minneapolis SEO Expert that does pure analytics-driven Search Engine Optimization (and not Link Building Packages disguised as SEO campaigns)


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9 Out of 10 Minneapolis SEO Companies Sell Links And Not SEO

Other Minneapolis SEO Firms…

The Top Minneapolis SEO Companies have you pay for links for them to manipulate Google’s current algorithm for short term rankings… 
Yes its profitable until Google rolls out an update, because its not white hat.

Don’t get penalized from Google. Don’t lose all of your rankings. 

The Web Strategy Viking Digital Strategists…

We use our SEO roadmap and benchmarking process to continuously overtake statistical averages and improve the customers’ experience on your site earning more sales.

It’s not guesswork, its data-driven SEO. 

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“100%, I recommend it, they are awesome.”

Hes on top of everything, I was looking for someone for a website for months and finally had met Jake and his team, and he has the better prices, hes really helpful, and super fast.”

“Jake is on top of everything.”

“I love it. I love it.”

Natalia B., Adorable Kids Parties

See How Our Small Business SEO Services Helped Companies Like Yours

Attorneys | Auto Repair | Chiropractor | Dentist | General Contractor | Hair Care | HVAC | Plumbing | Resturant | Real Estate | Roofing | Tax Services | Whitelabel SEO Plastic Surgeon | All

Website Design, SEO, 

Tax Prep SEO Gained $14k/yr in Traffic Value

From scratch, we won Trujillo 60 organic keywords with a new website, building $772/mo (or $6,000/yr in Organic Click value. Then, we built several more backlinks giving Trujillo an extra $6000/yr in Value worth.

His website is now worth $14,400/yr in Google Traffic. 

Rodolfo Trujillo has been receiving leads over late 2018, and it isn’t even tax season.

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Search Engine Optimization

Digital Agency SEO Redesign

This is our own Google analytics and traffic measurements after we rebuilt our pages.

Trust a cook that loves their own cooking 🙂

Website Redesign

No Website? No Problem.

Victor Ramirez needed a website for an insurange agent. so he got his website for $500 + a burger and fries. After an over-the-shoulder WordPress development session, He is using it to establish more credibility and earn more sales. He gets month-by-month search engine optimization consulting as a DIY SEO solution.

Our webinar subscribers get an instructional live recording of us building the website, from start to finish.

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Rapid Lead GEneration, Local SEO

In early 2012, a SaaS was created that was able to apply to 1000 job listings per day on ZipRecruiter, Indeed, and other sites.

This is when software meets digital strategy.

With copywriting with SaaS Search Engine Optimization, the tool attracted recruiting firms like Careergistics with five-figure enterprise budgets.

The project is currently available for free, on our development Github.

A-La-Carte Digital Strategist Consulting Services

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We Keep People On Your Website Using Our Videos

As our way of sayin’ hello, we’ll produce a prospective client a video script or a 60-second video commercial (value $500) for free using our B2B marketing videos.

… And Our Clients Make Us Feel Like The Top Marketing Company In St Paul

Need to see more testimonials (or share one)? Here’s our LinkedIn, FacebookThumbTack, Google 5-Star Page, and Clutch Agency review pages.

The Local Minneapolis Digital Strategist and Marketing Firm 16
Jake is not only well-versed in the art and science of SEO, but he also has excellent understanding of how to combine SEO and paid advertising to drive traffic, cause conversions, and generate valuable leads for his clients. Jay Gerring

Digital Strategist, See LinkedIn Review

The Local Minneapolis Digital Strategist and Marketing Firm 17
“He works very quickly and created a 7-page website for my business within a week. He also patiently taught me how to use WordPress.” Rita Peterson

Insurance, See LinkedIn Review

The Local Minneapolis Digital Strategist and Marketing Firm 18
Excellent communicator and one that listens very carefully before responding. Top guy with bright future ahead! Ivan Nikolov

Digital Marketing CEO, See LinkedIn Review

The Local Minneapolis Digital Strategist and Marketing Firm 19
“Jake is knowledgeable, patient, and a very clear communication when it comes to explaining concepts and teaching. His energy and activator personality is inspiring to anyone in his vicinity. Riley Karbon

Non Profit Consultant, See LinkedIn Review

The Local Minneapolis Digital Strategist and Marketing Firm 20
Jake was super knowledgeable about my industry and asked a lot of good questions so that he could offer me the best custom package that were tailored to my needs. I had a lot of confidence in his knowledge, expertise and ability. The free meeting was super informative and I took away a lot of information. I would encourage anybody to sit down with Jake and see how he could help your business. Matt Dybing

Remote Bookkeeping, See Google Review

The Local Minneapolis Digital Strategist and Marketing Firm 21
Jake is so knowledgeable about Google and how to get recognized online as a business owner. You can’t afford not to have him on your team, seriously! I’ve been working with Jake for about 2 months now & I can’t believe all the things I didn’t know! Now because of Jake’s expertise I can implement new strategies that really work to grow my business. Elizabeth Summers

Virtual Doula, See Google Review

The Local Minneapolis Digital Strategist and Marketing Firm 22
“tight, clear and professionally clean approach to what it is they are competent and confident delivering.” Chris L., MN Stone Masters

Stone Masonry, See 11 Thumbtack Reviews

The Local Minneapolis Digital Strategist and Marketing Firm 23
“Web Strategy Viking is an invaluable resource for anyone who has no experience in marketing, search engine optimization, or Google Ad Works. If any of these things sound unfamiliar to you I would highly suggest reaching out to Web Strategy Viking and asking for a consultation. Jeff Mathwig

Non Profit Officer, Center for Homicide Research

Get Qualified Local Customers Finding Your Website & Asking to work with YOU with our Flagship Marketing Product

The Local Minneapolis Digital Strategist and Marketing Firm 24

We Do Small Business Digital Marketing for Minnesota Based Businesses

Our clients’ reach out to us to get a WordPress website, get increasingly performing sales text on its pages, and build Organic & Local SEO traffic of potential customers searching to find a company like yours.

Web Design & Branding

Most people start with our $500 rapid Minneapolis WordPress Web Design process to design a functional website in 3-hours, guaranteed.

On top of that, organizations can request from 100s of features such as Branding and Logo design, survey, email opt-in, and chatbot appointment scheduling.

Get optional Web Hosting Packages for your Website’s Maintenance, Backup and Security.

Copywriting and A/B Testing
Testing sales text to increase the percent of user actions can marginally be more impactful than just driving traffic.

If a percentage of users take a tracked and actionable step, split testing different pages can determine what the local market responds better to by measuring changes in percentages.

Keep the successful test, and learn and iterate to make the digital funnel produce even more return leaving everything else constant.

24/7 Online Assistant Chatbot
The little purple button and pop up you see on this website increases conversion rates closer to 5X by having a contact form on every page..

On every web page, a user knows he can rely on that chat bot to schedule an appointment, pay the company, send a message and get help, and more

Provide value and save time.

Search Engine Optimization
The best kind of user to your website is a user that finds your website by searching your service in your city.

There are our affordable SEO is split between two types: Local and Organic. Those businesses on the map are won from Local, and those “10 blue links” are Organic.

Thousands of people are searching for services in an area. We determine which are the lower-hanging fruit before we work towards it.

Make sure they can find you on the map, and that your digital footprint is large enough for people to connect with you to solve their problem.


Explainer Video
We have over 180 explainer videos that we have prepared for over 100 industries.

A quick, 60 second commerical for your ideal customer may already be completed in advance. With your logo and phone number, you can get an instant win right there.

A prime example is our Minneapolis SEO youtube video that you may have seen attracting 1,000 views every month of our own potential customers right to us.

Content, Email, and Social Media Strategy
The biggest piece of advice for a small business is to create content. Its 10X more profitable to have SEO-rich and valuable content all work together for your customers.

Use us to write and queue content to your website, newsletter, and social media with one button, daily or weekly so you stay relevant and popular in your social circles.

Adwords and Social Advertising
Paying for advertising is one of the more traditional forms, but retargeting ads to previous website visitors allow you to close the 90% of website visitors that would otherwise return.

Small businesses can pay for the privilege of being the top of Google keywords or even directly to their demographic on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

We are spoiled to able to advertise directly to anonymous customers who left their digital fingerprint thanking and upselling them on their order, phone call, email, or opt-in.

DIY Digital Marketing Training
We’ve spent 12+ years each, at least, investing in the trial and error digital marketing puts each digital strategist though.

Most of us have paid for hit-or-miss “guru” courses – and we’ve taken tens of thousands of dollars worth of those.

Take the shortcut. Don’t pay those dues.

Get the answers, on tap, from us as a digital marketing student.

24/7 Access to Project Tracking
Your content goes here. Edit or remove this text inline or in the module Content settings. You can also style every aspect of this content in the module Design settings and even apply custom CSS to this text in the module Advanced settings.
The Local Minneapolis Digital Strategist and Marketing Firm 25

Develop a steady growth of inbound sales freeing them to enrich their biz and their life.

Consistently take away more market share from your soon-to-be-competitors and be in front of 1000s of potential local buyers that search for your service each and each day. Build, grow, and scale your business.

Data Driven For Your Confidence
Our TCV increasing actions are backed by the hard data that is freely and accessible for small businssess.

We know that 1,200 people, online each month are searching for a Marketing Firm Near Me as well as 1,300 searching on Youtube for Minneapolis SEO.

So we took the time to show up for there and are reaping the sweet, inbound rewards of that.

We test our sales copy, make little changes to how it sounds. Our clients, like us, see the percentages clear as day. Get marginally more sales backed by data. Doubling a 1-in-a-hundred result is just one extra person.

Steady Inbound Calls and Emails
Investing in your website’s long term traffic builds market share one chunk at a time.

One won keyword nets you a customer here and there, so you win more and more. Over time, you get that permanent value and those incoming calls and emails asking to meet with you are solid foundations for you to grow.

Paying for traffic stops the results, but SEO results last for years (or until someone decides to chip away at your success).

BNI SEO Referral Partner
We’re a local Minneasota BNI referral partner and part of the top BNI chapters in Minnesota. This means that our clients are usually introduced to other B2B clients for networking opportunities.

We don’t stop at building your brand. We sincerely want to see you flourish in our network. If you do well through connections I’ve shared, that just makes me look like a million bucks to have you actively part of our network.

Increase Your Perceived Trustworthiness
Solopreneurs and small businesses understand consumers review companies before a big decision gets made. Its foolish otherwise.

Companies without a website are sometimes seen as antiqudated, backwards, or untrustworthy.

Would you work with a business who takes limited effort in marketing themselves online? If you get approached by a business, and could not find ANYTHING about them – you’d think they were new or worse off, a scam.

Keep Warm Leads Organized
We have partnered with ZoomingSales CRM to integrate any of our clients into their Zoho CRM lead organizing software.

For small businesses needing a quick organizational fix, they can get a 24/7 updated Spreadsheet to organize any incoming leads safely into a Google Spreadsheet for them to follow up and close deals from.

Stay organized. Close the work you have invested into.

Reduce Time By Automating Sales Steps
Every repetitive task, big or small, can be outsourced or flat out automated using web tools like Zapier.

You can sync nearly every major digital product and software to activate when something else happens.

You got a new client completing an intake form? Automate the sending of an email to confirm, add them on LinkedIn and Facebook and send a message. After all, they shared that info in that form.

Save time and energy and impress others online.

Get the same Results your Peers Get
We have an extensive and growing library of standard operating procedures for digital marketing.

This allows us to create a consistent experience and process to get the best outcome for digital.

They’re also leveraged by our DIY students and so intuitive that company’s front-desk or overseas virtual assistant can use them to maintain digital marketing processes.

Differentiate Yourself
Your company may be one of the hundreds in the same geographic area offering the same exact perceived service to consumers.

Are you able to communicate your story differently? Are you able to cut through the noise to even start to tell your differences?

The reality is there can literally only be one #1 top ranking company on Google at a time – and people trust Google to show them trustworthy business worth doing commerce with.

There is no substitute. Be accessible and be able to tell your story.

Work with a genuinely passionate person
I love what I do – like you, I’ve poured my heart and soul into my work.

Everything on this page was written, drafted, and finalized by the person meeting you in the field.

The guy meeting you for the cup of coffee is the same person taking the sincere effort to fully understand the problems your business is facing and using his deep understanding to rework your digital pain into gain.

This is only the beginning.

Our new digital marketing clients go through this 4-step process.

The Local Minneapolis Digital Strategist and Marketing Firm 26


We listen and understand where you’re at by understanding the surface, reasons, and impact of the discovered problem.
The Local Minneapolis Digital Strategist and Marketing Firm 27


We fully understand and design a solution (sometimes completed in advance) for you to make a YES or NO decision to move ahead.
The Local Minneapolis Digital Strategist and Marketing Firm 28


All planned work and its statuses,  feedback, documents, reports, results, and leads are available 24/7 in Google Drive.
The Local Minneapolis Digital Strategist and Marketing Firm 29


We track and analyze data and see how we move the needle and what caused it so we continue to do well by the requirements.

Imagine that you’re still using the same sales strategy in 2020.

It’s the future, and your competitor is still investing for the long term, and you decide to ignore online and buy traditional ads.

You spend 2.4k on a one-time video ad that looks nice, but you don’t know how many people actually contacted you from it.

You put out a radio ad that gets short-term success, but afterwards you’re back to the same # of business as before.

You finally finance an expensive direct-response mailer to your previous customers, but the second time you do it the same ad isn’t as effective.

Your compeitor on the other hand, invested online, and is getting thousands of potential customers to see their local service website instead of yours. 

But your competitor is sitting there, not needing to pay-to-play any longer.

He’s just answering phone calls because your customers cannot find them instead of you – and they need solutions, fast.

So now, you look back, more or less exhausted.

Thinking about how you’ll repeat the last few years unless something changes, to make your life easier.

But luckily, this was imaginary, and we’re just one click away.

Truth: 50% Of Small Businesses Fail
Its never when they have a consistent Sales Pipeline

The Local Minneapolis Digital Strategist and Marketing Firm 30
  • Marketing Budgets are Usually 10% of Revenue
  • Only 30% of Companies Have a Website
  • And 10% Have A Website that bring in Sales

Affordable Digital Marketing Services

Use our St Paul Marketing Expert Team to learn, earn, and avoid being burned from other digital strategists who can’t see the big picture.

The Local Minneapolis Digital Strategist and Marketing Firm 24

1) No Website? Get Website Design in St Paul For $500 & Up

We’ll go through our inspired Divi WordPress Development in Minneapolis.

Get a Already-Done Website, or a Custom Website in less than 4 hours.

Website Design
Having our mobile-responsive websites allows you to quickly gain an online footmap and win from mobile searches.
Branding & Logo
Have a look and atmosphere that your customers love to work with.
Content Strategy
SEO Rich blog content keeps your website fresh and relevant and provides value and educates consumers on your brand.
Built From Scratch for Perfection
The best recipes are amde from scratch because we use only the most quality SEO tactics to build your digital sales pipeline from the ground up.
Rapid Implementation
Our rapid implementation process for SEO saves you time and resources by getting a roadmap prepared before we implement.
Maintenance & Updates
Hosting with us covers regular updates, tweaks, and content uploads as well as the backing up so those general OOPS HELP moments can be solved within moments.
The Local Minneapolis Digital Strategist and Marketing Firm 25

2) Not Yet At 1000 Website Visits per Month? Understand why with an SEO Audit and 1 Hour of  Strategy Training for $100 & Up

You’ve thousands invested in a nice website, but there are different ways to send consistent different kinds of web visitors or “traffic” to your digital pages.

Building traffic can be started by dealing with issues on (or off) the website.

The Local Minneapolis Digital Strategist and Marketing Firm 24

3) WOAH! People are going to the website, but you know that the copywriting can be more compelling to have a higher success rate.

You noticed that 1% of visitors turn into customers and doubling that metric literally means doubling sales.

We write copies of our sales text so we know we’re bringing a lift and making more results happen over testing iterations of the site.

Having a dedciated copywriter communicates your brand and makes it compelling. Say more with less.
A/B Testing
We split test our copy and landing pages. We make sure that the call to actions we show convert and improve.
Sales Funnels
Most websites fail to ask for a call to action for their website visitors and bring them to a point to buy. We develop sales funnels with email to keep them in your buying process.
Review Generation
You need to showcase the world with your results. Use automated AI software to non-intrustively ask your clients for reviews at the best time, sent to over 30 different review websites.
Email Newsletter
Use Blog Content and an autoresponder to keep yourself relevant after your time with the client is over. They’ll remember their experience and refer you work that you deserve.
Auto Qualifying Prospects
Our Sales funnels can be developed to automatically qualify your prospects based on information they answer. Only deal with prospects eager and ready to buy at your premium for your premium service!
The Local Minneapolis Digital Strategist and Marketing Firm 25

4) You’re acquiring new customers, but now its time to refine and bring back the best, existing customers.

Your customers are happy, and now its time you set up channels for them to refer you work, become long-term customers, or grow other assets like your newsletter or social media.

Cement your brands’s future.

Get SEO, Not Links.

We respond to each and every request. The most common technical questions get published on our podcast and blog.