Because you know, the hobby is expensive and you decided to pay for the new drone halo or whatever instead of being the talented 20-something that regularly pilots drones for fun.

A New Way For Drone Hobbists To Earn Rent Money 1
Stillwater, MN. Overlooks the St Croix. Real Estate Agent sold homes here because of this exact image, hmmm.

Drone-fly bys for small business owners are now being sold here and there. Its a prestige thing, but on the other side on Reddit and stuff…. people are asking (HOW DO I MONETIZE MY DRONE)…

Forgive me as I’m marketing this idea, but think about your hobby.

I was in SE Asia, and saw a guy flying his drone over in the Da Nang river. Lush green mountains, Blue rivers. Pristine villages. Traveling in a motorcycle. He was recording amazing footage for fun probably.

Let that soak in….


A New Way For Drone Hobbists To Earn Rent Money 2
Go jump in the Croix if you think this is a meme of a post.

I’m working with a commercial pilot and I who failed in doing this as a job. He moved overseas, but him and I should had really stuck with working to something like that. We tried writing a book or something too… But flying drones is not the same as selling drone fly-by videos to business owners.

So I had an idea.

So I sent him an email, I told him even though hes overseas: don’t need to fly a single drone to help business owners over here in Minnesota. Hes kicking it with ladyboys. Das ok. (It was a joke, hes in Thailand)

But.I asked him to build a course, and sell it.

The effort required can be super minimal on our end after we launch if he wanted me to ‘test the feedback’ with collecting possible free students off Reddit, then him and I would definitely work on this. We’d and split all revenue 50–50 from this opportunity, lifetime, or until one of us just wants to buy the rights to the course from the other. You know, super businesslike.

Thing is I am not the certified pilot. I am the digital lead marketer and a sales guy — and if has not interested, then I’m giving up on selling commercial flyover videos for $1000 to business owners. I simply don’t know the hobby. (I’m much better at just doing sales FOR businesses)


Let’s I’m going to offer 3 things to people who are interested. Just spitballing, batting around ideas. Feel free to scream and shout, and let it out.

1) 50,000 words of rich, inside drone content done by you, 5 hours of video, you can edit it. We’re basically done with this.
Things like, WHY drones. Why Now. How to get Certified. What Drones to Buy, etc. How to sell to a construction company, how to sell to a dentist, how to sell to a travel agency, etc.

2) Teach you how to copy-paste my whole marketing, digital funnel. Its a bunch of sales pages, but I know if if people are interested they’ll come to you through a Google My Business sort of deal. You do your own thing.

3) Offer coaching included for $1997 with a 100% money back guarantee for ANY reason. That way, we keep people that can afford do this commercially, while filtering out “muh get rich quick memes” for people who want to cheat businesses. Only folks who are able to get in it to win it.

You should be able to sell TWO $1000 sets of HD flybys within 3 months… but its a course to hand hold, once we publish and the marketing should be minimal then we focus on coaching and helping others actually follow through on their dreams here (before it gets saturated)

Yas? No? Thoughts?

Jake Goss-Kuehn
Small Business Results Consultant

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