Enough About US…

How About You?

Some folks ask us, “Will this work for me?”

So this quick page will have you understanding if you may be our best type of partner.

That being said, our ideal customer makes at least $1000 per head we send their way.

So, if you sell local ecommerce bigs… this paint by numbers strategy may not be for you.

About You 1

About my BNI MN customers for Lead Generation

The absolute best sort of referral partners are ones I’ve been sending business to already that are in a position to grow each other’s businesses.
You understand our Minneapolis lead generation process by now we generate our business by now, and how you can refer business.
A professional that makes $1000 or more in revenue per customer, well, thats my bread and butter. When a sale to them makes their entire week as a project – that’s what I’m in it for.
But if a single sale goes through in an hour, and doesn’t keep them happy and engaged, much like a website store might do when selling trinkets or shirt merchandise… well thats not our best use case. But if that product would be making at least $1000 in repeat business… then thats our bare minimum.
This weeds out folks we can truly hit that 400% Return on Ad spend.
Contractors, lawyers, dentists, coaches, chiropractors, financial planners, and even Minneapolis custom CRM integration development companies can benefit from our model.
And folks that are within the referral networking group BNI in Minnesota, can benefit from a fellow referral member as well.. because I get the value of an internal relationship and subscribe to the Giver’s Gain so much that our Chapter is named after the BNI ethic.
Give us a call, and I can offer a little freebie to showcase the value
…and teach you how it all works.
About You 2

Our Values

We’re taught by the Wolf of Wallstreet’s ethics sales course to teach us to stay fundamentally honest and trustworthy. This is your investment, and as a Web Strategy Viking – we aim to conquer within reason.

Enthusiastic as Hell.

When we’re super upbeat, it’s not because we know we’ll be best friends and strategic partners. Its because we know that our work changes the lives of the owners of businesses. 

We love to take time out of our day and keep a genuine aura of enthusiasm. We take charge, take the initiative, and without pressuring – we can close plenty from our smiles alone. Someone has to pay for all that teeth whitening (and its our local SEO Dental clients that give us all white teeth)

Sharp as a Tack

You’ll see that we have a LOT of talk about when you meet with us.

Given that our case studies, method, and even our DIY solutions are all available for free on the WebStrategyViking.com website, in person, you’ll see how much on the cutting edge we are.

Facebook has been around for over 10 years, and people are STILL thinking about opening up a Facebook page…

What about the technology that got released last year? Before you get caught up with automated Webinar-delivery and the educational sales process, how about you talk with an expert.

Be an Expert in the Field

Headed by a guy who is as verbose as he is effective with his local SEO Minneapolis strategies.

Using the TCV sales method, you will be able to see a bullet-proof way to simplify your internet presence within three easily understood variables with a depth that can go as deep as you allow it.

And he and the team will guide you every step in the way.


The NEW Marketing Method for Instant Results on Tap

Strategy Session, for us to plan our attack

Lead Generation, for us to write ad copy and generate a few clients for you for that instant win

Sales Funnels for us to automate our South Metro lead gen a little bit.

25x Web Design for when you need a Brand that can do the lifting for us

SEO & Copywriting that finds and sells for us while we sleep.

Analytics, Sales, Affiliates for that 100x - data driven growth.

(Ready to Buy) Sales Funnels for your industry may be premade already!

About You 3

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