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Local Minneapolis Area and Beyond.

We are on the front page of Google for “South Metro Lead Generation“. Go ahead, type it up.
Thanks for looking up North, East and West metros too. As our agency treats our clients so royally when it comes to our conquest of local Minnesota SEO… We have the title Monarch of Minnesota (for SEO). Its taken a while since 2008; we rose through the ranks. The Baron of Burnsville SEO, then the Duke of Downtown Minneapolis SEO… Now with only local fee-based SEO services as our only rival. We endeavor to become the Emperor of E-commerce SEO, But join us as we climb through the digital marketing ranks, and get a free strategy session. We’ll show you (insider) secrets to marketing as  we dominate the Greater Twin Cities for SEO and the Local Minneapolis Area..

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Get Leads for your business for a Cuppa!

The Web Strategy Viking team turns coffee into a system to create raw, and qualified HOT digital leads. Yep. Scheduled meetings are automatically set up in your calendar, and you get notified at your email all steps of the way. …and if you need more than just a mug-full of leads-on-tap, our digital systems pay for themselves 5X, over-and-over.

Our Process is Surefire Marketing… it’s virtually Paint-by-Numbers!

We serve the Greater Twin Cities Metro for lead generation as we’re the digital agency in Minneapolis.


South Metro Lead Gen

We were first the Baron of Burnsville, but we conquered #1, #2, and #3 on Google. Want proof? Click here to Google “South Metro Lead Generation

North Metro Lead Gen

Next, we set our sights to the northern part of Minnesota. Yeah, we’re there too. For Proof, Click here to Google “North Metro Lead Generation”

East Metro Lead Gen

Then our SEO in Edina let us do well for our Eden Prairie Lead Gen… Get the message yet? We rank “East Metro Lead Generation”

West Metro Lead Gen

Finally, we came full circle along with St. Paul lead gen and now, we’ll stay in MN. So… read on on how can we do this? Anyway: “West Metro Lead Generation”

For Marketing Minnesota Business… …it’s virtually Paint-by-Numbers!

For more proof going directly to Google. We serve the Greater Twin Cities for lead generation as we’re do lead gen in Minneapolis. Click through for proof, but now you’re asking, “will it work for my business?” Well. That’s what STEP 1 is for, then we can go much further.

1 - Strategy Session

Over a $2.99 coffee, you’ll get a strategy session with Jake Goss-Kuehn and the team where We teach You the lead gen process

2 - Lead Generation

At no cost up front: You get leads from the copywritten ads we wrote when we were charged talking about your business.

3 - Sales Funnel

We make the lead generation automated, spend money on ads, and if you choose to buy the leads or the system.

4 - 25X Web Design

Off our notes, we build our 25-page website that is modeled off this website for passive, lead generation through a brand.

5 - SEO & Copywriting

You found us… compelling. Our SEO copywriting finds and precloses clients and makes them WANT to call. 2 For 1s, anyone?

6 - Growth Hackin'

Through the Secret Sauce, how ’bout we grow our social by hundreds of genuine social media and email subscribers.

7 - Sales Affiliates

Finally, we source and manage local affiliate marketers who take our commission… ..that scale the marketing 100x.

8 - Rank & Rent

We build companies for fun over a $2.99 coffee. Unless you pay for it, we’ll put it in our marketplace for anyone to lease.

Free Workshop on the NEW TCV Sales Lead Gen Model

In our free workshops, we teach you the Traffic, Conversion, Value revenue producing formula and how you can implement it in your own business. Our company is hiring – and DIY business owners can always visit to learn or to hire talent. Full disclosure: if we showed you any more we’d show a little skin.

We're in the Local Minneapolis Area! 2

We Make it Easy to Connect With Users On Every Platform

Frantically, your ideal client Google’s on their phone in the middle of traffic to try and find their solution.. Sure, its a bit reckless, but a third of all searches are done on a smartphone or tablet out. And they’re unable to find you – their wallets are out already. But they somehow find your old website… But it doesn’t display on the phone properly because it’s a tiny little device and your website was made by your child. Is it reckless to fix this problem later? Hmm.

Hundreds of Case Studies, We’re Growing!

Internally, Web Strategy Viking Did:

  • 50+ Projects in 2017
  • 50+ Projects in Q2 2018…
  • Grew 500% in Year 2 (Y2) Revenue
  • Reduced Median CAC by ~400% in Y2
  • Increased Median CLV by 200% in Y2
  • Increased Email Opens by 20% in Y2
  • Increased Ongoing Project Capacity by 8X in Y2
  • Reduced Turn Arounds by 400% in Y2
  • Increased Services Productization by 3X In Q2 Y2
  • Increased Book Sales by 200% from Y2
We're in the Local Minneapolis Area! 3

For Digital Marketing it’s Testimonials, Testimonials, Testimonials.

We're in the Local Minneapolis Area! 4
11 Reviews, 4.9-stars on ThumbTack Google My Business (XXXXX) Angel Witicker

Head of Marketing, Extra Space

We're in the Local Minneapolis Area! 5
LINKED IN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jakegosskuehn/ Debra Becker

Founder & CEO, Divi Corner

We're in the Local Minneapolis Area! 6
GLASSDOOR. https://www.glassdoor.com/Overview/Working-at-Web-Strategy-Viking-EI_IE2090239.11,30.htm John Wise

Head of Design, Elegant Themes

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