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Local Minneapolis Lead Generation, Instantly Conquered.

Your ideal clients are out in the void of the digital world.

…yet they only find your competitors and book them instead.

Can’t even be upset: Try to find yourself on Google.com.
(without using your own brand name)

Yeah, I know. Fixing this can be done at prices starting at only $2.99

I just like conquering.

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Get Leads for your business for a Cuppa!

The Web Strategy Viking team turns coffee into a system to create raw, and qualified HOT digital leads.

Yep. Scheduled meetings are automatically set up in your calendar, and you get notified at your email all steps of the way.

…and if you need more than just a mug-full of leads-on-tap, our digital systems pay for themselves 5X, over-and-over.

Our Minneapolis SEO Process is Surefire Marketing…

it’s virtually Paint-by-Numbers!

Short for time? Check other strategy sessions and education in our free SEO resources.

Hennepin Avenue Quality Lead Generation 

Marketing from Downtown Minneapolis puts me in the heart of the madison avenue of the twin cities. Hennepin avenue quality for lead generation is becoming our go to slogan. We’re next to the great creative agencies that work with huge Minnesotan brands yet we work with the local mom-and-pop service businesses that they can’t support.
Our customers can use the #1 ranked minneapolis SEO agency. They are our partner and they offer us incredibly low discounted prices as a referal commission for a strategic partner. Through us, I project manage your Minneapolis lead generation goals and put literally the best SEO in Minneapolis on it. Seriously, look them up. Their SEO ranks #1 for SEO Minneapolis, his name is Tyler, he’s a good guy and ranks for a massive portfolio of tens of thousands of keywords. We use that agency so we can do more with your budget.
However, hiring an agency that can give the same small business intensity to your marketing growth while offering small botique prices is the only way this minneapolis agency can compete. 
At half the prices, we whitelist and private label our services so Minneapolis companies get what they need. Our only overhead is the cost of gas and a new laptop. We burn through a laptop per year so it seems. 
Anyway, generating leads for the twin city metro area is done primarly through a three step process. You’ve seen this process a ton of times by now I hope. Everyone’s doing it, because it works and Google makes a lot of money.
Let me run you through an example, so you can learn how to generate twin city metro leads for yourself. 
Let me use the example of a local chiro company thats based out on the south Minneapolis area. I’m not listing names, but this is our real example of lead generation.
Building a landing page for chiros in south Minneapolis can be a little web form that asks for their name and contact information. You could go as far as to ask them on the form if they’ve ever had help before, or if they have pain elsewhere. This allows you to present a free offer of a chiropractic exam for marketing. Yet, we want to target Minneapolis and the area around the twin cities. Armed with this knowledge in our example, the chiro can close leads generated and upsell chiro services on a seemily free opporunity. While staying ethically sound, the leads opt in to everything and leads are forwareded to the office’s email or to the front desk’s phone.

How to generate visitors for leads in Minneapolis

All Super slick, but Mr. Web Strategy Viking, how do we generate visitors to send that offer to? How can we target other cities? We don’t want to target JUST minneapolis for lead generation now do we?
Ok sure – fair enough, lets dive into SEO best practies for chiro offices as well as how to build an ad for a chiropractor in the south metro.
SEO can be done as easily as typing words on a page. You may get lucky if you type enough that Google likes, but thats not getting you ANYWHERE. So what you can do is put in search terms in Google and other keyword measuring tools. I see that ‘chiropractor minneapolis‘ is useful, so I’ll type other suggestions like that. I’m a fan of using Ahrefs for chiropractor lead generation, but you can use Spyfu for lead gen too. I also look at where to promote the content afterwards. This is a bit technical, but backlinks are needed to build trust to a page. Think of them as votes from websites.
If the Minnesota Institute of Chiropractors links to your web form, then Google thinks that chiropractor is worth generating leads for. Things like that. Outreach to other offices and other trustworthy websites to share links. One per site to you is good enough. Don’t pay for them, just email them saying you have relevant, Minneapolis content you’d like to share.
Eventually, you’ll rank for Minneapolis Chiropractor because you said it and promo’d it. Then do the same with the other metro areas, build a chiropractor for south metro as that brings in 10 keywords. Super easy stuff.
But until that kicks in, you need to consider ads. A Minneapolis business competing with the density within the TC may pay up to $200 per exclusive lead, more if they’re exclusive or not a web strategy viking.
You should use Facebook ads as you can target your ideal demographic down to their spending habits and how close they are to your office. Its errie just how accurate it is. I once advertised to everyone in my social circle (as friends of myself) and tried promoting my own birthday. Still, very accurate and very cheap to get an instant, qualified win.
Let me know if you tried this or would need more info, I’d love to map out how to generate leads for the twin cities for you if you are what we’re looking for.
Talk soon!
Jake goss-Kuehn
So, if you’re also in Minneapolis – Let’s grab a coffee or a pint. Contact me below and I’ll reach back!

1 - Strategy Session

Over a $2.99 coffee, you’ll get a strategy session with Jake Goss-Kuehn and the team where We teach You the lead gen process

2 - Lead Generation

At no cost up front: You get leads from the copywritten ads we wrote when we were charged talking about your business.

3 - Sales Funnel

We make the lead generation automated, spend money on ads, and if you choose to buy the leads or the system.

4 - 25X Web Design

Off our notes, we build our 25-page website that is modeled off this website for passive, lead generation through a brand.

5 - SEO & Copywriting

You found us… compelling. Our SEO copywriting finds and precloses clients and makes them WANT to call. 2 For 1s, anyone?

6 - Growth Hackin'

Through the Secret Sauce, how ’bout we grow our social by hundreds of genuine social media and email subscribers.

7 - Sales Affiliates

Finally, we source and manage local affiliate marketers who take our commission…
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8 - Rank & Rent

We build companies for fun over a $2.99 coffee. Unless you pay for it, we’ll put it in our marketplace for anyone to lease.

Free Workshop on the NEW TCV Sales Lead Gen Model

In our free workshops, we teach you the Traffic, Conversion, Value revenue producing formula and how you can implement it in your own business.

Our company is hiring – and DIY business owners can always visit to learn or to hire talent.

Full disclosure: if we showed you any more we’d show a little skin.

Local Minneapolis Lead Generation 2

We Make it Easy to Connect With Users On Every Platform

Frantically, your ideal client Google’s on their phone in the middle of traffic to try and find their solution..

Sure, its a bit reckless, but a third of all searches are done on a smartphone or tablet out.

And they’re unable to find you – their wallets are out already. But they somehow find your old website…

But it doesn’t display on the phone properly because it’s a tiny little device and your website was made by your child.

Is it reckless to fix this problem later? Hmm.


Hundreds of Case Studies, We’re Growing!

Internally, Web Strategy Viking Did:

  • 50+ Projects in 2017
  • 50+ Projects in Q2 2018…
  • Grew 500% in Year 2 (Y2) Revenue
  • Reduced Median CAC by ~400% in Y2
  • Increased Median CLV by 200% in Y2
  • Increased Email Opens by 20% in Y2
  • Increased Ongoing Project Capacity by 8X in Y2
  • Reduced Turn Arounds by 400% in Y2
  • Increased Services Productization by 3X In Q2 Y2
  • Increased Book Sales by 200% from Y2
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For Digital Marketing it’s Testimonials, Testimonials, Testimonials.

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