Join the Minneapolis SEO Affiliate Team

Work alongside other Web Affiliates for SEO agencies and get  3X the commission than the other guys.
We need hungry, driven, and motivated individuals that have grit.

Because we’re trained by the literal Wolf of Wall Street, and close the big bucks.

Our lucrative 3X accelerators as a base kick in under a non-stressful quota…

If you can sell THIS website or the SEO thats used to rank it… call us.

Earn a Lucrative 10% and a 3X Sales Accelerator

Web Strategy Viking’s sales quota is a website (like this one) every week.

Base Commission

We offer $500 or 10% to sell a $5000 website JUST like ours.
Any Minneapolis SEO products count towards the quota.

Relaxed Quota and Accelerator

The first weekly sale is $500, second and more are $1000. Any Upsells on existing clients are $1500.

Multiple Products

Web design is 1 of our 8, surefire, paint-by-numbers marketing products. Lots of wiggle room to understand and grow.

Typical Work Day for this jerb.

Plan Day & Follow up on Meetings

Unless you want to drive around, you can do a remote telecall with local small businesses. Make sure the Check is in Hand before you celebrate and brag about the sale. 

Prospect, Outreach, Qualify, Schedule

We have our own prospected leads, qualified out and sitting on the table. Get them to schedule a 1 to 1 with you, and you’ll be doing yourself a favor by dialing too.

Demo, Strategy Session

The video up above covers a quick demonstration by the founder wearing a mustard-covered t-shirt caught in the grind. With a little professionalism, you’ll do better.

Our Awesome Team

Jake Goss-Kuehn

Jake Goss-Kuehn

Founder & CEO

Talks a lot – Makes a lot. Does well in Sales, and made the site. You’ve met.

Jay G.

Jay G.

VP of Copy, PM

Launches Digital Products. 10+ Years Experience. Qualifies your digital leads.

Kareem H.

Kareem H.

Web Developer

American in Cali. First-round KO sort of Boxer. Gets the Website Off the Ground.

Ace N.

Ace N.


Remote Developer. Once built three websites in a day that we flipped.

Anh Nguyen

Anh Nguyen

QA Tester

Talks a lot – Makes a lot. Does well in Sales, and made the site. You’ve met.

Matt L.

Matt L.


American in Thailand. Living the Dream. Writing your Email and Lander Copy.

Harry W.

Harry W.

Graphic Designer

American in Cali. First-round KO sort of Boxer. Gets the Website Off the Ground.



Sales Exec

You’re you, and you vibe well with our voice, culture, and the team.

Perks & Benefits


Above Competitive Salary

Seriously: We’re growing and need sales, so screw the other guys. We’ll pay you to double. The alternative is $300 per sale, if you want to sell for what is “fair” then you can do that instead – just ask us.


Monthly Outings

Every week workshops are delivereed to prospects, and we do a monthly bar outing at a local brewery. 


Company Parties

Every month you can get sh!tfaced in front of your whip-cracker if your numbers are there, but go overboard if you want us to share a war story about you to our customers.


Company Trips

Every year, the company sponsors an all-expense paid international trip overseas to a country. We use those cheap-flight deals… 


Health & Dental

Minnesota sales guys and 1099s can get up to $500 in SHOP credits for their own health and dental coverage. That may be enough for 100% coverage – so don’t go nuts and get sick and stuff spending all that commission.

Paid Vacation

OH duh: Unlimited PTO is a generic perk of all commission jobs, but if you haven’t quite noticed, we’ll pay to play with you in an overseas vay-cay. If you’re not in Minnesota, we’ll give you a $500 credit to fly out.

Targeted Bonuses

OH boy, hit your quota, and you get 2X. With a sales cycle that’s between a few days to a month, upselling nets you a x3 product commission.

401k + Matching

For our W2 employees, We match 401ks up to 6% if and only if you put it into a Bitcoin-funded IRA. Yes, we’re serious. 

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