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Our Process for Lead Generation

You’re reading around here and you’re going to learn our secret formula. Yeah, the secret sauce. Its all laid out on our this page describing our top-secret process for local MN lead generation. Well, cats out of the bag. This is a 10-minute read.
Our Process 1

The NEW Lead Generation Process for Local Small Businesses.

The guide to generating leads for your business as a simple and effective strategy.
Short for time? Check other strategy sessions and education in our free SEO resources.
The Ultimate Process for Small Business Lead Generation 
THE PROCESS for lead generation starts with a local introduction or a referral. We support video-calls and in office visits. But we start with a handshake as you were a lead generated for us using our agency’s own strategy for lead generation.
As an agency, we eat our own cooking. This is the recipe that we’d share and use to get digital leads ringing phonecalls for you.


What is Lead Generation Marketing?

So lead generation is just a process of generating sincere buyer-intent customers. We’ll generate a list or a spreadsheet of customer names and contact info. If it’s a B2C lead, you might ask them for their location or who referred you. If it’s a B2B lead, you might want to know their budget or their ideal commercial outcome.


We educate you on the entire digital marketing world when you reach out to us. So when we use the words traffic, landing page, nurture, and autoresponder – you know what it’ll do for your business. We don’t want you to scratch your head looking confused here, so ask questions about a lead generation at any time.


Learn lead generation and how lead gen works


We start by teaching you the strategy over a 60-minute free session over a video that condenses 8-years of digital marketing into actionable steps. Yeah. But if you’re pressed for time read on:


In short, we create the process and system that generates leads. With technology that can capture and forward leads as phone calls and form submitted info, we generate real hot leads. We use SEO for long-term traffic which ranks on Google’s front page. So if you search “Web Strategy Viking” you find us and give us business, but we also rank for “South Metro Lead Generation” so customers that don’t know us can still get the service they need. Initially, we might invest our own resources to spend on ads that convert on our pages.


A landing page is a sales-optimized focused page. Some example includes our best work. These pages aren’t like your home page, but they offer a clear path that you want the user to do. Maybe its to fill the form, maybe its to call the number, but its not confusing at all. These pages coupled with someone that WANTS the service holds their hand through getting the service.


We know that some people don’t need to be sold to. They just want to buy. Then once they reach out, the leads for a south metro business can appear in their inbox within a few minutes. Super quick.
Sometimes the visitor gets lazy or forgetful of your brand name. So we nurture the prospect. The work we do for your prospect that we already sent to you doesn’t stop there. We keep marketing to your prospect. We send them at least 3 emails from an automated, nonintrusive emailer that keeps talking you up. This is usually a welcoming email, or a written bullet point of easily consumable information such as a potential patient getting health-tips or a potential home buyer knowing all the ins-and-outs of a home mortgage process. A generated lead needs relevancy to work with you. Don’t let a lead forget you.


You don’t close in the first phone call. So don’t expect your lead generation company to leave you hanging.


How much does Lead Gen Cost and Why?


We’ve educated you to a point where you could quite literally do it yourself. Except you’d rather handle your own customers, and we’re good at what we do. Still: no obligation, we send off a proposal of two possible routes for you for lead gen and price it for a 5X ROI. This is how we do it.


If you’re in the Minnesota south metro, north metro, east or west metro in the MN then we already get the typical revenue per lead for you.


We use one basic model for lead generation revenue called the TCV formula. We’ve written on it.


It takes total traffic times the conversion rate times the customer value over time.
T * C * V
If we estimate that we are able to send 100 per month in visitors as traffic as buy-ready users onto a trustworthy digital website could make a 10% conversion rate. Meaning 1 in 10 or 10 of 100 people ends up filling the form. Seems fair enough, but the average revenue per sale could be worth $10,000 over time.
The customer keeps coming back and on average, your competitors get the same revenue per customer. Meaning 100 in traffic, with 10% turning into a lifelong customer creating $10,000 in revenue for you creates a $100,00 per month money making machine.


If we’re able to show you how to build a lead generation machine, it makes sense that either of us risks our resources to build it. We already reuse our own lead generation systems for dentists to a point where it sits 95% of leads that fill the form. So on top of a lead capture, there is also your sales ability to get them to comply and get them in the door.


While we’re good at digital marketing lead gen, you should be the one to turn the marketing qualified lead into sales. However, pricing it conservatively saying that you bring in 1 of 5 people that genuinely wanted your service brings us to a price point.
Bringing 100 in traffic is at minimum very viable. South metro businesses that do invest in SEO may hit within 100 just because. Getting a conversion rate for a buyer that just wants a service done ASAP or for a freebie offer can convert up to 20% – but lets just stick with 10% so we can overperform :). You’re good at sales, but you’re the only one that can do it so 1 of 5 people turn into a paying customer.
So now, say each customer is worth $5000 to you over the ongoing year. On average, they just get work done, and leave. Or they spend a lot, and insurance bills them for you and you get the revenue.
Using the TCV formula for lead genwe can discover the revenue this business would make (Feel free to input your numbers)
100 in traffic, 10% in conversions * 20% in closing rate, * $5000 in value would generate $10,000 per month in new revenue.
Looking at this, with $10,000 in new monthly value going to you, we would price this system at $2000 per month. The 10 or so leads that we send to you would cost $200 each OR the cost to build out the traffic to your own system would cost $2000 per month.
It boils down to making sure you’re valuing our time well, and that you can get a healthy return for closing new business.
But now you’re ready. Your check is in hand, and you decided… what now?


How To Do the Information Gathering Process for Lead Gen


Now that you’re well educated for lead generation, and you’ve seen and signed our custom proposal its time to get the ball rolling.


For you to get lead gen for your twin cities business and want to market the north suburbs of Minnesota – you’d need to tell us!


So at the early start, after we are retained or prepaid for the leads we create a strategy brief. This brief just asks for your ideal offers to your customers. We understand your preferred lead sources, demographics, and gather information on your business.


We make sure the leads getting forwarded aren’t going to your email but instead going your sales agent or that when we reroute a phone call, that its going to your secretary’s phone instead of your home. We didn’t know that your home phone wasn’t your work phone. I know you’re a plumber and you need your sleep, but I’m sorry that I’m sending you emergency drainage business as 2am!


Anyway, we make sure you can properly use the system and repurpose it how you’d wish. We teach you or set it up on your website as a single page. You can give that page any name, but the content on that page will be controlled by us so it can better convert.


If you’re strapped for time, we just send you a form for you to complete. Figured we’d be friendly but theres that.


How to do Optimized Landing Pages for Lead Generation


With the information to arm us, we design a landing page optimized for lead gen.


The project manager coordinates with his other Web Strategy Vikings. We are all cross specialized in the TCV formula, and can input valuable advice or design ideas.


We build out our first version in Leadpages within a week so it looks nice and shiny. Trustworthy. Compelling. Sometimes it takes a few hours, but its easy to rework and improve for us.


We add function to it. We test it. We put dummy information and make sure it goes to where we want it.


We put a phone number on it and use CallRail to track phone calls. We test that and make sure that it is able to record a call.


We give you the webpage to host on the domain, at this point you’ve already had access to see and use the page yourself… but its only been us going to it. We’d like to be your customer, but you need visitors for lead generation.


Traffic, or how to send visitors to turn into leads


With the landing page, we build out SEO through a white-hat strategy of content creation and backlinking. At this point, we’ve educated you on SEO enough for you to teach us something new about SEO in your industry. For an example, your home restoration company and competitors suggest writing content for your foundation repair service would be easy to break into.


We do further keyword research. We use Ahrefs, Spyfu, SemRush, Majestic, and Google Planner to identify easy to break in keywords.


We’d love to break in “best home restoration in America”, but “home restoration in Edina” produces 80 in traffic and can be done within a few weeks…


So we look at competitors, and some keywords on the local level have never been promoted using SEO. Most businesses still don’t leverage SEO and pay for ads directly… So we compete with them on ads at first then build out our campaign.


We build 10,000s of words of new content. That’s not enough. Kinda like this post, it needs to be linked from other websites.


For a generating home restoration leads, we create the ultimate guide to home restoration leads and publish it on local websites, relevant websites. A backlink is like a vote, and the local home restoration association of Edina is a great fit for building authority.
Google sees that your landing page has significant votes and content, so poof you’re getting the benefits of being on Google.


Leads type into Google, find the page and some may contact you. However, that’s not enough for us… we want more leads through google and for more to decide to contact you.

How to use A/B testing to get more leads

A/B lead generation testing is a fancy new buzzword which means that we just test our results. Like cooking your own meal, you taste before you season.


In application, it’s just as easy as making two copies of the same landing page and changing one thing on only one page. Then, test it for the next 30 days. With all of the tracking we’ve set up for tracking leads, we will see a difference. 
We keep the winner. If our change didn’t work to improve the volume of leads, then we get rid of the changes and try again.
Statistically, we use a 95% confidence interval for determining a change. Sorry for the techno lingo, but if we have enough data, we can scientifically state that with a bound that we tested our idea against another. This is how we know that adding an image that “pops” won’t bring you more business. We can’t argue with data. However, there needs to be a sizable difference with determine improving lead quality. But there are a lot of variables in play, and they get tested in different ways.


But now you’re getting leads, and more of them are getting to the page. Your business is getting lots of names and contacts, but they don’t follow up. They’re tire kickers, the lot of ’em! These are the same top-quality of leads everyone is getting… everyone. But what do we do now?


Why Nurturing Leads Generates Local Buyers


Even with a HOT lead, people forget. Maybe its not as urgent for them. Maybe the lead we sent to a chiropractor slept better the next day and doesn’t care as much. How do we fix this?
Sending an email or an automated text is by far the industry standard for nurturing leads. We build off 3 emails for your custom offer. If your business offers lead gen freebies, then we send an email welcoming them and giving them a freebie right away once they meet you, but ultimately it offers something much more. The larger offer is really a way to improve their quality of life. They may not see it at first, but they will soon enough.
The second email is sent to hint or provide value. Maybe it talks about your customers or your reviews. Maybe it shares a story about your staff, and how they all love working with you.


Then the last emails are their last chances to redeem their free offer. They have 24 hours from this email to get the free number by calling your secretary! Act now or forever have a bad back.


Emails like this have a 20% open rate with a 20% conversion rate over the campaign for free offers. People like free stuff, and the law of reciprocity means local leads generated will buy.


How to grow the Lead Gen Sales Funnel


Let’s say that you have the sales funnel of your dreams. You just want more. At this point, scaling is just as easy as increasing the alloted budget to us. We retained the #1 SEO agency in Minnesota. The synergy between the two Agencies are amazing, but the results are reserved for clients that can handle us to manage their budgets for growing their brand.


You started off with lead generation, but now you want to get more leads. We both like money, so we negotiate. From the start, you can always pay a $2000 deposit to get a 50% discount in lead generation. What this means is for every lead, we just charge half. We reinvest money into the volume by hiring the best seo talent in the twin cities. We keep the results, but you get discounted leads.


But let us say that’s not enough – you want to own the system after you let us risk everything to send you leads. We can handle that.


We still use the same pricing model – but we price the whole system as if it was a separate business. You’d be acquiring a tried-and-tested business system. If the business system generates $2000/mo for us, we price it using typical business pricing. For us, that’s around 3x the yearly average cash flow. With SEO, the traffic generated is virtually free by now. Writing us a check for $72,000 to get the full system would allow you to grow and hire cheaper talent to just maintain it. Writing a $100 blog post like this one every month can allow you to maintain the website’s growth. We hand over the keys to you.


How Referrals Work with our Lead Gen System


Now that we’ve both maxed out our simple IRA contributions, whats next?


You share this page and our business with your colleagues! Just like you, we pay for results for our own business.


We’ll give you $500 per successful referral. Just contact us on our own homepage 🙂


Hope you enjoyed!

Jake Goss-Kuehn   Contact the web strategy viking for a preplanned 5x ROI. My personal calendar is public and you can see how much business I’m getting. Each project we work on for doing SEO for local south metro is documented and published on our site.

I educate and document our results showing how we get Twin Cities businesses to generate qualified leads as a DIY or as a done-for-you complete solution. It’s like financing your own marketing and sales team… for the price of just one.
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Our Values

We’re taught by the Wolf of Wallstreet’s ethics sales course to teach us to stay fundamentally honest and trustworthy. This is your investment, and as a Web Strategy Viking – we aim to conquer within reason.

Enthusiastic as Hell.
When we’re super upbeat, it’s not because we know we’ll be best friends and strategic partners. Its because we know that our work changes the lives of the owners of businesses. We love to take time out of our day and keep a genuine aura of enthusiasm. We take charge, take the initiative, and without pressuring – we can close plenty from our smiles alone. Someone has to pay for all that teeth whitening (and its our local SEO Dental clients that give us all white teeth)
Sharp as a Tack
You’ll see that we have a LOT of talk about when you meet with us. Given that our case studies, method, and even our DIY solutions are all available for free on the WebStrategyViking.com website, in person, you’ll see how much on the cutting edge we are. Facebook has been around for over 10 years, and people are STILL thinking about opening up a Facebook page… What about the technology that got released last year? Before you get caught up with automated Webinar-delivery and the educational sales process, how about you talk with an expert.
Be an Expert in the Field
Headed by a guy who is as verbose as he is effective with his local SEO Minneapolis strategies. Using the TCV sales method, you will be able to see a bullet-proof way to simplify your internet presence within three easily understood variables with a depth that can go as deep as you allow it. And he and the team will guide you every step in the way.  

The NEW Marketing Method for Instant Results on Tap

Strategy Session, for us to plan our attack

Lead Generation, for us to write ad copy and generate a few clients for you for that instant win

Sales Funnels for us to automate our South Metro lead gen a little bit.

25x Web Design for when you need a Brand that can do the lifting for us

SEO & Copywriting that finds and sells for us while we sleep.

Analytics, Sales, Affiliates for that 100x - data driven growth.

(Ready to Buy) Sales Funnels for your industry may be premade already!

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