About Our Ideal Small Business Leads Partner

About the small business we want to send leads to

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Generating Leads for Specific Small Business Owners

Our best lead generation customers are local business owners that can use a hot lead sent their way.

Most importantly, you are a business that brings in $1000 per customer as long as they're with you. Your "average customer value" must be worth $1000 in revenue for us to claim the 5X ROI benefit. For example, your average customer spends $500 twice a year, then you're our ideal business to send leads to.
They know how to sell to a hot lead, and close. They handle repeat business and can be thirsty for more opportunities.
We prefer marketing for local south metro business that can visit us, grab a Caribou or enjoy a Surly.

You're NOT a huge national brand like Best Buy, The U of MN, or 3M. We can refer you to the number 1 SEO in Minneapolis that already works for you (probably). We work with local professionals, mom-and-pop type businesses, small service businesses.

We prefer businesses we know we can help. A small store - we can send to someone we know or teach you how to do it yourself. If we reached out to you, we did so thoughtfully. We've worked in your space or have generated leads for similar south metro businesses.

You have goals in mind. Growth. New Hires. You want to 2X your business in a year before you sell it.
You may have made 3M last year selling roofing and HVAC to the residential customer base in the south metro.
You may have worked on 60 legal cases last year and can handle twice as many criminal defense leads in the south metro

We know that you'll like that we worked with 50+ businesses to build success.
We know that you'll like that we can build out a local lead generating sales funnel.
We know that you'll once you see the process you'll have the same confidence that we do.

You and I don't like to waste time, even though we are both Minnesota Nice when it comes to confrontation.

You set aside time for us to help you - and you appreciate the time we've spent to align the stars for generating business for your Minnesotan business. Your legacy is aligned with ours. When a new business approaches us, I personally like businesses that reward time and momentum for leads generation with putting a saddle on the gift horse. We can afford to get our feelings hurt before we do business, but don't look the opporunity in the house and think we're your standard marketing team.

Local Lead Generation Works

You're reading this right now. You're our ideal demographic, reading our content, on our business's sales funnel of its own.

You are receptive to education. You thrive on it, and you like being taught how SEO for south metro businesses are done, or how a PPC campaign for your west metro business can be more profitable.

As a business in the twin cities, you can serve other metros in the twin cities. The east metro leads can be serviced by companies that need leads in the south and north suburbs, but you'll ask us and appreciate that we can still send you leads in your county.

You're a person that can seize the opporunity. When we send you hot leads, just like you're reading this, you can act on the opporunity. We'll build a free landing page for our ideal customers because they are the customers that we know that we can help. 

Finally, as an introduction: just reach out to us. You love information, so in a no-obligation 1 on 1, lets chat! 

Conquering the South Metro,
Jake Goss-Kuehn
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