You offer an amazing service, so it's about time your neighborhood knows about the service offerings you have. You've possibly tried other forms of digital marketing that didn't have as strong of an impact that you'd hope. Maybe you ran radio or print ads, and once you stopped paying for advertising the business slowed back to the baseline. You might have hired an expensive SEO service, or had a "guess SEO" keep you confused and you're not too happy with their cheap results. But now, you're looking at getting the highest return for your marketing. You're here to see what affordable SEO services for small business look like, and why the Web Strategy Viking SEO program lets you maximize your Google exposure without breaking the bank.

The reason why anyone should care is that we added everything in the green outline, doing Minneapolis SEO work… with our affordable SEO price for a few months. We actively worked on their off-page campaign, and got them featured on the top for Minneapolis Web Design on youtube.

The click value alone for just three keywords can be calculated by taking the "CPC" or cost per click by the clicks they got to their site via SEO. They scored $68,430 of SEO value. This means they did not need to spend $68,430 in advertising on Google. This is simply ONLY the value from just those 3 keywords. Obviously, all of the other keywords got improvements and clicks. With a very pessimistic 1% to opt-in and a 50% close rate, that's an estimated 21 new customers worth $5000 (for their $5000 web design program) to the business.

In other terms, this business achieved $100,000 in growth (and continues to receive this business) with our SEO work already performed. They were able to get this immediate value because they had 1000s of blog posts over the years.

Affordable SEO Services for Small Business, As A 100k Case Study 2
This is what our affordable SEO campaigns do for those, more established, businesses

Affordable SEO vs Cheap SEO


The core difference between the CHEAPEST SEO service and the affordable Web Strategy Viking SEO work we do is that we are actively growing your business, educating you, coaching you, and partnering with you.

We had a client tell us their past SEO got them "some results" early on and were paying $1000/mo for "cheap SEO". That invoice was basically a website maintenance contract. There was no proactive coaching, no relationship, and no growth past the first month. There is a saying in our industry that says when you buy cheap, you buy twice. We did all of the SEO work of the previous vendor in a week or two. This client is exploring to up our retainer by another $1000 since we're proactive with their marketing.

The "affordable" seo package companies try and fit you into their box by offering a cheap catch-all program which should seriously be a 1-off cost. Instead of paying their past vendor $12000/yr for 30 NAP Pack business citations… our client paid $200 for the cost plus an hour of our time. The bar is set so low, that any SEO that does what they say is automatically in the top SEO consulting tier.

Affordable SEO Services for Small Business, As A 100k Case Study 3
Our step by step SEO service for small businesses.

My name is Jake Goss-Kuehn, I'm the Minneapolis SEO Expert at our marketing agency, one of the easier-to-work-with Minneapolis SEO coaches in the Twin Cities. I'm going to share with you our cost effective SEO service, and how our best customers that ask for that SEO help gain a lift of 200% growth of traffic in their first 3 months for prices flexible with their budget. Feel free to check out our SEO success page too.

Why Web Strategy Viking is an Honest SEO Agency

I had a call from a client tell me that they got a call from some company saying their website was being hacked for SEO. The client gave me a call to investigate, and after a few hours – it was a false alarm. It was a bad SEO company that uses scare tactics to get people to sign up for SEO. They come in to "save the day", but Most businesses we talk to have NO idea what people say when they say that the website has SEO issues. IT scares them to no end, and it's difficult for most to have a relationship with their SEO… but we're different. We want to make sure we can explain exactly what we're doing, how we're doing it, and why we're doing it. If the client isn't 100% in the loop (and could do it themselves)… we're not meeting our own expectations.

The ultimate SEO coaching tool

This affordable SEO coaching tool is the first step in our process. Gone are the days of getting a useless and unactionable or semrush audit… We look at 100 points, and check for red and green flags and show the business owner how to do SEO on-page implementation work…

We then just do what we say, and again. That's raising the bar and separates us. For the same cost you'll get from an SEO company that keeps you in the dark… we show you, do it, and show you again.

Affordable SEO Services for Small Business, As A 100k Case Study 4
Our Affordable SEO Service starts with a checklist approach: We just manually check off for best practices.

And without sacrificing integrity by outsourcing the work overseas, our Affordable SEO Services for Small Business does the work at quality as we're fully staffed by American SEO contractors for effectiveness. We start off with our foundation SEO Audit, which completely identifies the top 100 foundational SEO issues on your website. This is done as a 1 hour audit plus 2 hours of time. The top SEO companies in Minneapolis charge upwards of $5000 to start their auditing, when all I need is three hours to take a look at your Google Search Console and Google Analytics (and your WordPress Website if you got it). Our website SEO analysis is done by hand, and not automated by cheap SEO tools. This is the first step of our low cost search engine optimization services for small business that produce a real feeling of progress and clear next steps.

Trying to Outsource Affordable SEO Services for Small Business?

You could hire an Indian to do general work for the same price, or have a BNI referral partner with integrity grow your business and to be your own business adviser…

Best SEO service for small businesses

After one of our SEO contractors performs the foundational audit, we take a look at your website together, and I point out the issues on the website. Usually, each quarter, I personally audit 10-20 of the top local Minnesota SEO brands, and the top 100 foundational issues are very uncommon. For example: If you offer multiple services, do you have a Service section on your website with a lengthy enough page that talks about it? Does it link to other, similar services? No? That is one problem of 100. What about locations? Do you service multiple cities? IF you drive or your clients drive to you, you offer it to multiple cities, so why don't you have a locations section with a full page how you offer services in that city. Those are the more intuitive (and one of the first things I look for when I wanted to create the best SEO service for small businesses.

However, the most complicated things we look at are calmly discussed and explained, line by line. The foundational audit is designed to address a dozen major sections. Even if the technical issues your website has in the "page speed" section doesn't entirely make sense, the overall concept of "You want your website to load quickly because users hate slow websites" is 10% of what I look at. The little checkboxes are things I check to effectively bring times lower. Solving 10% of this audit (if its a problem) is included in our local business seo package that comes right after.

Affordable small business SEO package

There's two phases. One for a foundation and the other for seizing opportunity. IT makes no sense to add traffic if the website is currently scaring customers away with a 60 second load time (true story). So, our affordable small business SEO package is boiled down to the 80/20 rule. Each website is different, yet usually have the same uncommon and usual challenges. Depending if you hired a cheap SEO company in the past, or a cost effective SEO freelance… you will not pay more than 15 hours of time for us to solve the issues identified in the foundational roadmap. Most SEOs never complete this, and get distracted. Our cost-effective SEO implementation service lets us troubleshoot based on what we just found all in a quick and fell swoop. When identified, you could do DIY SEO for your small business to the point where you can leave it to us. This usually saves close to $1000 in SEO costs to leave us to do the heavy lifting of some of the most technical issues. But once we are finished with the implementation, we double check at the end of our first month and bring it to you. This is where the next stage of our low cost SEO service goes. This is what people who ask us for our small biz SEO help really want. This is when we get rankings based on data.

Basically, we setup the website for you to just focus on pouring content in the blog. Just raw text. Just get us blog text in the topics we need you to write on. This is where explosive growth happens. We take what you have, identify current opportunities you can achieve, and just do it for you. We show you – but we do it while you know what's going on.

Affordable SEO Services for Small Business, As A 100k Case Study 5
In one month of active work, we grew their impressions by 300%… won them 6 clients in that period… that's Affordable SEO Services for Small Business in a nutshell.
Affordable SEO Services for Small Business, As A 100k Case Study 6
Different client – when we started the first phase, fixing red flags… they suddenly started getting users on the site within a month. They know 100% what's going on now and what was blocking them

Ok – How much is your affordable SEO service?

We're ideal for service businesses in an industry where a few new customers would pay for our services… First step is to consider booking a free SEO demo… and for prospective clients we'll get you a SEO roadmap of your very own.

For our normal SEO prices, we have two price points is a $2000 to $3000 per month option.. The core small business SEO package is $2000 per month with a flexible rate to add 10,000 words of content and unlimited 30-minute WordPress design updates for an extra $1000/mo.

For our cheapest "secret" SEO rate… There is a $500 to $1000 per month option though for pure SEO consulting. We won't touch a website without a fixed contract at $2000, but with the SEO coaching we provide, we work on off-page citation building and press releases to the media. But it won't compete against the ones shelling out $1000s to dominate their niche, but it's decent to get the foundation set for you to use our SEO advice to grow your business at your pace. This looks like you writing the content we need you to write. But, if you're the type to just want absolute value for less, we can do the first few months of our core plan, spread out throughout the year then 2 calls per month to keep you on track.