An Open Letter to Jordan Peterson’s “There is NO SUCH THING AS EQ.” 1
If you want to rescue your father from the underworld, you gotta buckle up kiddo and clean your room.

I read it his answer on quora. And JBP answered someone’s question on IQ/EQ like he always does.

And don’t get me wrong, I’ve dove into his works, and have a copy of The 12 Rules Of Life sitting right behind me. ( I had to look to make sure it was still there)

But I had a bit of questioning if I’m going to rescue my father from the underworld, and buckle up. Because this post is 60 seconds of meaning.

So this is what I have to say.

I think if you can get insight from something (even if it doesn’t exist) then its beneficial to your life.

Its faith. And if I was a meme, I’d scream CHECKMATE ATHEISTS.

….but I don’t need to.

Doesn’t need to make sense. It brings value to you, gets you out of depression, anxiety, or even the fear of succeeding.

… and nearly every self-development junkie on Medium practices this to a degree.

Still, 1-to-1 coaching is the benefit that I got from several life coaches of mine, and I went from being depressive, unaware of my emotions, to being 50x happier and productive.

When I mean 50x, I mean’t with the same level of 8-hours, I did 50 times more.

I mean, you’re reading this post, and its the 6th post you’ve seen in the last WEEK from me.


Even if it doesn’t truly have any merit or 0% proof, I have the faith that emotional intelligence works..

because just look at me, this is proof.

….I wasn’t doing this a few years ago, further in my post history, thats proof.

EQ is not a religion to others. But EQ’s priests and imans, monks and rabbis ….are certified life coaches (like Tony Robbins or Tim Ferris) and they practice what they preach: Happiness and awareness.

So if you’re still questing spiritually, I get it. But the same marketing formula still works for what you want to do.

and thats just like direct-response advertising…

…You know? Talk later.

I’m not promoting my newly launched EQCOACH.ME business, no, but really consider the alternatives if EQ doesn’t exist and IQ is all there is.

Does that mean emotions are invalid, and that using one’s feelings are inheritly this enigma and useless skill?

I don’t know about you, but JBP really positioned himself in a new lens for me that I respect but openly disagree with.