Here’s Brian Dean Backlinko Course

Use Images on Computer

Voice acting.

Basic stuff, like tips for using audio editing software, product reviews, tips, was missing something.

What clicked was “who cares about a list of things” anyone, there was too view.

Other voice talents. As a voice talent, was not going to increase traffic, other voice talent was not link creator.

Was content ralted to voice over, getting to get a link from other voice talent’s blog. Can you send your traffic.

A shoulder niche, was a new eye opener. A new example was an example video. A voice over is one small part.

A small part is related, but open up over industries. Business in those industries are very similiar.

If someone hires a backover music, they’ll hire a voice over.

So they wrote a blog post where they can get explainer video from… wanted to appeal to link creators..

Then checked how many shares each article had… then researched where those pages were getting backlinks from.

Tried to think, for clients point of view, what point of view, where are they at, then look at it

Voice over is smaller picture, whatever they use with the smaller picture thats the bigger picture.

And try and get content and idea however they use it. Thats the industry I want to go over.

Those are the link creators for my fild.

That resource has 80 references, and a lot of EDUs, 3000 page views per month.

This is how I use these.

Over the shoulder video


Let me show you how to find dthe best backlink opporunities.

You want to search for keywords that describe your site. Can search for something broad, that doesn’t work as well. That brings up the mega authority site.

And not too specific, like gluten free cookies, then you find niches that cover specific things.

Thats it. Can experemenet with going broad and in some industries it can work.

Medium range keyword like “gluent free bacon”

What sites would be good or not?

One was good was


Personal blog, Signel author blog.

Now don’t need to link out alot, want to check to link to others. So you can potentially get some links yourself.

Good quality site, good authority, but not that mega authority site.

Ie the new Yorker, do write gluten free. They won’t contibute for you. Reach out to them via a page, and they won’t respond to you.

Some sites never link out. Anyonymous. Some mega sites just searching for SEO, but they’ll be the Moz’s of the world.

But on-page SEO, or youtube SEO tips, will find smaller tips that are ranking, but are smaller when you DO reach out to them.

What if you’re stuck, well, what I’ve found is find a keyword that coms to mind.

Find searches related to… a

Don’t over think it.

Add it to your sheet…

Step 2 is see who links to these people. If sites are LINKING to them are obviously link creators. So for gluten free girl found is you want to put in tool that does backlink nalysis

Ahrefs, Mox, Majestic is great.

Personal preference is ahrefs.

Not looking for every link.What you need to do is to find a few to your list.

Doesn’t need to be 100s of different sites, is to get an Idea of what kind of content your folks like.

You want to find the backlinks to that site. You want to find backlinks to that as further opporunities as they share backlinks.

Next steps is find folks who make best-of-sites.

Where they curate high quality content in the “best of” list.

You want to find the best search.

All you have to do is put in “best gluten free blogs”.

Lots of opporunities in sheets #2 result is listing out the top 50 gluten free blogs. Goldmine of link creators. The biggest ones inthe space curated by someone who knows what they’ere talking about.

Another protip, including th ebest of blog strings.

Want to go past page one. Page one is great, tends to be more than enough.


To get a wide breath of link creators, so for example, on page 3 for page 3 is a different top 50 list… then have blogs on there that last listing has.

Has an optional step, have

A directory of popular blogs. It constantly udpates the list.

The best of list, maybe it comeso ut ones a year, but alltops always current. Some sites are good and can always go to tit.

Just type in your word, they’ll give you diff options.

Ya know like food, bacon, aor whatever, and find what makes sense for your industry

Gluten Free Cliac diease, etc can be used for your link creators. You can find this list of link creators.

This research is time consuming, but it will pay off for months or even years.



Find topics for your local blogs

Find those blogs from above, and find the top shared and followed content.

You could also go to Reddit and browse the subreddit for that, align by top, and find the top ones.

You can find what the link creators love. These are some things you can find what your link creators like.

They could be healthy cocktails, or whatever, things you haven’t picked up before.

Some creators like to go differernt ways, so you can write to both or niche down.

They can let you think a bout specific things and other things you may have left out.

Maybe gluten free gifting, or gluten free alchohol.

A lot of folks have a “resources” page for people to find links.

Doesn’t have to be gluten free, it could be psychological stuff. One thing we noticed about gluten free, was that there was a lot of stuff about kids.

Next step is to put them into Ahrefs.

Find what pages have done the BEST on their site.

Minimalist baker is ideal for their site.

Then like to go by best-buy-links.

The top pages also deal with backlinks. Only link creators can link. We look at high quality links, maybe page authoirty, but don’t want to over think.

Just find “best by links.

Again best of these are recipies, ie vegan stuff, so there may be underserved potential. So things that are exotic may do well in Ahrefs.

You just want to write one power page at a time.

But you want to create pages to that topic, and that angle that these creators want to link to.

This technicque is to use youtbue search

This lets you find things that are a bit different. A lot of time, topics on yuotube will do well as text-based- posts.

We’ve found that if it does well on YT, wil ldo well as text piece of content and vice versa. If you find something that will never work, it will.

You can topics from this process. We’ve found a lot that was more like experiences. What is it like, what to expect, etc.

And more or less what to eat in a day. Gluten free can be hard to visualize and picture, how to do it.

The videos cover what to eat in a day, what does it look like, simple stuff that you may be finding otherwise.

I would spend some time to look at it that you’d link to, when you get to promotional stratigeis.

Focus on these topics, and go around step- by-step into winning power pages.

We’ll cover these two last points.

The SPP (Solution, Problem, Promise)

Actionable 21 billet points you can use today

Add this today

The Title

ELP needs benefit, number of items, and timeframe

Add items on the list, and the steps you need to follow.

The tip needs a BEnefit rich title, brief intro, and details to achieve an outcome.

Tip title: Copy adwords ads to make killer title and description tags

Intro: Why it matters to them: This intro why boosting CTR is important.

Then held hand, and walked throguh process. Not afraid to tell people EXACTLY what to do. You can see outlining details and including examples.

Then when you’re done with your tips>

Had people do one goal: Push people to get action. When they get results from your content, you get a fan for life.

The original conclusion looked like:

Did you get some value? Leave a comment and let me know.

Awards Bait content framework.

Deispite, everyone wants recognition. Everyone wants it. Was recognized for leadership and hard work.

But I told everyone. In span of hours, everyone heard the news right away.

But exteremely share triggers. First was “Social currency”

Obviously telling people made me look good of friends and family.

And news got me pumped up with excitement, positive emotions motivate people to share.

But how can we share social currency to get more traffic? Awards Bait

So before we get in the deets.

A power page was a huge success: Gave backlinks to blogs. The other content frameworks, can use awards bait in any niche.

This is an awards bait power page.

This is what mitch posted.

“Congrats to the following list of squarespace blogs that made out top “50 awards”….

Fortunately, out of all of this, out of any niche, this is an awards bait power opage.

Any niche. Top 26-women d esigners….

Even though the page has accumuatlted high quality backlinks. Can see potential of framework.

Step by step:

Choose topic. Topic can make a huge topic in how it performs, you don’t need to stick to a topic that your link creators have already shared.

The automatically is already about THEM.

Fortunately, a awards bait topic just needs 2 things:

Specific, needs to be in niche with 100 other blogs!

IT should be in topic that stands out and grabs attention.

People are likely to share content about a suepr specific topic – Jonah Berger research.

Because the people that DO see it would loe to share.

If you wrote an article about NFL free agent signinings, most people won’t forward to any of them..

But if you rad about patreo’ts off free agent signings. Then you send that to your uncle whos a huge pat’s fan.


The link creators are the same way. You need to cover a specific topic.

Sam knew that he’d get better results with a specific topic.

He would get more if it was a top 95 “WordPress blogs” but he went with a specific topic. Squarespace.

Theres a bonus. It makes your award look more legit. It takes a certain level to give out results.

Its unlikely you’ll get away, but you don’t need noriety to award top 50-running blogs…

So once you pick a specific topic, check to make sure there are at least 100 blogs that cover that topic.

That blog doesn’t need to be that topic.

(Top agencies in MN)

There are no need to cover topics.

Find your awards bait copic.

#2 Find your Winners

First, don’t worry about finding blogs about topic you chose in step 1.

Just find winners. As long as they cover the topic once, include health and fitness that cover running every few months.

Second,don’t need to be super picky. Just want to include at least 25 wiinners in… the more sites you include, the more links you get.

Lets say the top 10% of people you link back to you.

Top 100, you get 10 back….

Most bloggers are thirlled to be recognized at all. THey don’t mind sharing spotlight with other people.

Limit it to 50.


Find keywords related to topic:

Runnign tips, jogging equipment, spritning vs jogging.

Most of the time, the top 20 will be what covers your topic.

.edu sites are pure GOLD to get, because from college, authoritive, trusted domains. Those are blogs ion edu sites

Site:edu “fitness blog” google shows 724 results, not all are, but many are.

From personal experience, .edu nuts go when they find out they recieved an award and are happy to link to you.

A few times a .edu winners announce a blog post to LINK to the site.

Step 3:

Feature your winners. You have your topic and list of winners. Create the work.

The hardest part is over, the point is now just organizing the title. and work to the top to bottom.

Have your title?

The three titles:

Number, Blog Description, and Superlative or Benefit

Ie Top 50, Best 50, etc

describe blogs using the topic found i nstep one, Ie Top 50 Runnig Blogs

Including how awesome, andd spice up the title….

Ie Top 50 Running Blogs that rock the web, that are “Sew Awesome”, that “really know their stuff”

OR list benefit, Top 50 Agencies that will make you wealth

Awardsbait into:

Quickly mention untroduce

Mention how many blogs there are about the topic

Empahside this is an exlcuisve list

Go into some of the things these blogs bring to the table

If looking for pratical, you’re come to right place. Here are the best 50 runnign blogs online

THen mention how many there are… then mention this is are TOP of the 10000s…

As you know, theres no shortage of high-quality runnig blogs, we’ve decided to find the top top hcherry.

Talk about value these blogs bring. Ie even thoughyou’re doing it for all.

Everyones a winner.

Bio: Name or blogs name


An image

Link to site or social media profile

Describe what makes them unique? Java or rails?

Step 4:

Uniqye logo and badge

More legit page the more likely it will be shared. Create a custom banner over the page.

I’ll go over the title of the page. This looks offical.

Could be easy.

Put badge on site to show off they won.

Giving them n embed code for badge. Badge has backlink to page. When they add, it gives a backlink back.

Step 5:

Reach out to winners

Awardsbait is uniqur has promote built into it

Send eevery site a winner about their award

Email should als ogive them the embed code for the badge

Point is to just get them to see the embed


Trusty infographic

One of best tactics, needs to reach out to make it work.

Shrinking dollar inforgraphic, 1500 results

Inforgraphic share trigger: social currency

Sharing things make you look good? You’re livke to share it. Give you a unique opp to prove people right.

It gives people PROOF. ie I told you that the dollar i shrinking: seee???

Step 1:

Find a topic

Find link creators are especially passionate about.

Take note of any issues your link creators discuss or are passionate about.

Ie inflation, since the link creators were SO passionate about that, that could bean agle

Check out: St Paul SEO in Minneapolis

Step 2:

Find your Angle

Need angle to be effective. An agnel is a subtopic of the topic you came up. A subtopic that tells a story.

Storytelling is underused and powerful share trigger. The stories cut through the noise.

Angle: Inflation is hurting the average american

Angle: Ping Pong is a very legit sport. Not just a timesink.

Step #3:

Gather your info.

Now is matter of collecting data you’ll use to support your angle, this flys in the face.

Most people is to create cool charts and graphs. Ehhhhh Thats why they fail.

Need to forget charts. The data needs to tell your story.

You want to tell it with 6-10 data points. Too little not too useful. Too much, noise gets lost.

Step 4:

Create your infographic wireframe.

Now you have the stats, now structure the inforgraphic itself.

Now lets start at the top and work down.

First is the title. Title is different for 2 reasons. Not a lot of room.

Up to 8 Words is good enough, that is to introduce the story.

Next need some intro copy under the inforgraphic, what angle you’re covering.

Now organize the data.

Put the most eye catching at the top, and sets up the rest of the story.

Next, rest of data should be specific stats that tell your story.

The first statistic gave people the big idea concept that inflation is a real deal. Rest of stats show WHY.

For example, show price of gas and bread. This stats show and relate with the main one.

Step 5: Design your Inforgraphic

With the work, you’re done more than 99% of designers. Instead, they spend all of their time on this step…

Of course design is important, design is 10% is info’s suggest, other 90 is data and such.

Unless you’re an amazing graphic designer, you want a pro.

Infographics follow 3 design principals.

1: Lots of SPACE, gives info room to breathe

2: 2-3 Main Colors

3: Use creative visuals, graphs, etc


When you publish case study style content on your site, you can embody one of two personals

HEro or MENTOR, most people overuse, with the trademark, figured it out, and conquered it. Trademark, you are the hero

With the hero, you step out, you’re the wise verterin helps someone else get success.. You’re the mentor, the mastermind, you’re the overseer.

These results were 100% were from his own work. Even though, he was his own hero, b eing yoga works.

Your expert position skyrockets, but when you can help other people get results, you look world class.

You get to tell a great story, that storytelling is a powerful share trigger.

It gives you opporunity that sticks to people’s minds.

You have a post with huge utility. What can be more useful than a case study of someone else getting results.

Step 1: IDentify someone you’ve helped

All it matters, someone achived tangible results, and helped them along the way.

If you’re a personal trainer? Did you help a busy mom lose 8 lbs?

If you run an agency, did you help a client get 10+ leads per month?

Thats a good thing. Moderate results work best because believable and relatable.

Built 21+ backlinks, not too much, but someone believed in it.

No worries, if you don’t have anyone yet, you can proactively find them.

When someone asks you for help, ask them for a writeup.

Ask them to wlak them through the process, for free. Needed help, and wrote the results up.

Step 2: Map out how your hero achieved those results

Go back and identify took from point A and point B. Make those step 3-5 steps.

If your hero is the busy hero.

The steps look like: made an appointment, cut soda out, and went to gym 3 times.

Her journey looked longer. Got fustrated, tried home DVD program, asked sister for recomednation, asked you, etc…

Using the “moving man method” for his ecommerce SEO campaign

Step 3: Create yur HERO fomula case study

Heres how to do it, step by step.

Title: Need specific benefit, number, and timeline.

Need specific your benefit achieved, next is number,

need to include number quantifies benefit your hero got.

Need timeline, timeline was 1 day, etc.

Need intro. Very careful about intro the story.

no fluff, no filler.

Add section for “meet the hero” shuld:

Introduce the hero, and outline the problem they have before they got your help.

First, you wanto quickly introduce your hero.

Courney is a 39-year old exec at a local bank .

Next give context about what they were like BEFORE you met them…. and the issue she was facing

Until the met them.

Once you have your title, intro and meet the hero, its time to get into the results they achieved.

Counrery made an appointment with me Jan 3rd

Bulleted results.

Then list out the steps in step 2 of process, each will be subheaders, then just fill in the details in each subhetter. No detail is too small.

Simple yet effective.

Then conculusion:

Summary of results, motivational line, and CTA to comment… thats it.

Thats all there is to it. Thats how she lost 8 lbs in 3 weeks.

Best part is, YOU can get the same results by just following

If you found it inspiring I’d appreciate if you could share her story on FB. Also would like to hear from you: have you used any of these strategies to lose weight, leave a comment and let me know.

Then you’re done.

Content Creator Link Building

Outreach email:

I was looking for some information on [Topic] this morning when I came accross your excellent resource page: [URL]

What a fantastic list of resources!

I actually just published someone on [Topic]

I’d be great if you would consider mentioning it on your page.

Complementing their work, then very gently rcomending your resrouce.

Use search strings like “SEO” + inurl:resources to find resoruces

Then find the contact page that finds the web master.

Technique, mount rushmore method. Looking for “best of content creation” posts

ie Top 50 money saing articles, ever. etc