Feb 2019, SEO Chase Reiner released his SEO Pro Certification course, and we took it.

It was worth $4000 at the time of this, and its barely a month old.

This method is based on long-term, data proven, white-hat SEO. You can't get much better than this boiled down and it will never be penalilized. Its boiled down into basic SEO steps

There are three steps that is the whole of this program.
1) Foundation
2) Benchmark Data
3) Research

Its really easy to get off track with SEO, there is so much data, but the SEO certifcation course is so easy, it can be taught to a 15-year old. Its so easy to someone to get, that its alomost impossible to do SEO wrong.

How to do Foundation SEO

What does a foundation for SEO look like? A solid foundation can mean a number of things, like technical SEO, ranking individual pages higher, making sure all of the user metrics are validated, and this is the grey area, how do you know what the grey area is when you're dealing with this.

When you start off with an SEO strategy, you want to demonstrate progress, fast

You want to make the biggest changes, first. You can demonstrate the inital SEO work to shock and awe SEO

When to do Benchmarking SEO

When Foundational SEO is taken care of, you maximize the return on the pages. You want to maximize the results of a keyword on a page.

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You have a page that does exist, and ap age that doesn't exist. The page that does exist are pages you need to prioritize. You should not be doing KW research if you don't have currennt menchmarks on your current pages.

Sync your benchmark data with google search console, on all of your current pages, and you can plug this within the page.

You find the URL you want to rank, that may be the largest trafficed pages on the website with Google sheets? And use that data to make a decision.

Usually, when SEO jobs come about, the clients ask to rank for a specific keyword. Thats not really what we are about here.

1) You want to make sure you have the right foundation. The website is your home. You need to make sure that any additions to the home come after any repairs are made. You wouldn't build install something new, when theres new water damage breaking the website.

2) want to see where you're currently receiving traffic, even though you think you need to rank… I want to make sure you're not getting just 1k clicks per month when you could be getting 20k because we looked at your own data.

I'm not doing SEO based on what the client tells me.
Not doing SEO based on that blog post I read.
Not doing SEO based on a hunch or idea.

Its based on data, which has nothing to do with that grey area, fro mwhatever channel that has eveything to do, taking an average, and optimizing for that.

The required tools for an SEO: Ahrefs.com and Sitebulb.com