Starting down the path of growing a chiropractic office using Google? Tired of not knowing what strategies for Chiropractic SEO work for 2019? Here are 8 over-the-shoulder strategies showing you how to do Chiropractor SEO.

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Hey, Jake Goss-Kuehn here. Chiropractors come to us not knowing how to adjust their chiro office’s SEO rankings so they can help additional patients in their area. As many of them provide a quality service (and not just a back-crack and neck snap.) Others, have a constant anxiety from having a website that fails to bring in enough calls and new patient appointments. This post’ll aim to solve that issue if you have a completed website. I’m the guy behind the strategy at the Web Viking Agency, and host the free Digital Strategist podcast and blog.

I’ll be sharing 8 strategies that many chiros are yet to do to grow their chiropractic practice with SEO. Lets dive right into it.

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What is SEO, and what is an example of a local Chiropractic SEO results page?

Chiropractic search engine marketing produces results like this. It positions a business on the search results of Google, so when folks search for Chiropractors in your city, they should find your trustworthy company.

Note how there are 390 people typing in Edina Chiropractor. Clearly its a term that people with bad backs and painful injuries go searching on their phone.

People pay for ads to attract 10% of the total search volume (such as PremierHealth Chiropractic) and the rest of people on this page are getting sweet and free organic clicks with 30% going to the #1 blue link, Edina Chiropractic.

Chiropractor SEO // Full Guide On How To Drive New Patients ™ 2

What is the cost of chiropractic PPC ads?

Quick math: Premier Health is reaching 10% of the 390 at a cost of $6.54 per click. That means for this one keyword, they are paying $257 to get 39 website visitors. If we assume a 2% local traffic to set appointment rate and a 50% appointment to new patient rate, they must get 1 patient per 100 visitors where they start chiropractic care worth $1500 in revenue, that means they must spend over 750 to eventually get one for sure patient. A local search term should convert at 5% to 20% as it takes into consideration what on what is on the actual page and if its compelling enough for a person to choose that company verses the many others the patient can pick from.

Still, Its a great strategy to get leads coming in, and I highly suggest it if the cost per patient acquisition does not scare people away or if they want to build sales while having us invest in their chiro SEO strategy.

And if they stop paying for ads, their digital strategy and sales pipeline goes up with it.

Doing local SEO for Chiropractic Offices brings your cost per acquisition closer to $0.

Its free clicks to your website when you aren’t paying an Ad for it. That cost per click goes to $0. Yes, there are resources to go into it initally as a fixed cost, but once those are in place, the marginal or variable cost to get each new patient only costs time for your front desk to set and maintain appointments.

But consider the following rule of thumb for the search results page:

There is a rule of thumb for measuring clicks to the chiropractic web page for 2019. About 10% of total clicks to to the Ads, which I’ve identified. About 30% go to the first ranking, which I’ve shown. On mobile, its a whole other story regarding the 3-local businesses on the local map pack…

Quick numbers: 30% of 390 is 117 visitors. Being on the front page with the same conversion rate, brings in more new patients that goes through the exam, consult, and xrays… with a marginal cost of just secretary and appointment setting time.

An office can also target other similar keyword phrases, such as Chiropractor in Edina, Edina Chiropractic Office, or Chiropractic Office in Edina MN. Multiply those keywords with the 5 other locations, and you have 20 top ranking keywords, bringing in free chiropractic visits changing the variable acquisition costs from $750 to $0 financially.

Crack my back, I crack yours. 🙂

Why do Local Chiropractic SEO and get on the map pack?

Chiropractor SEO // Full Guide On How To Drive New Patients ™ 3
Our lead search engine optimization consultant Tim Stedman.

If you’re on mobile, you have a higher chance of getting a patient. Usually, people type in on mobile, because they’re on their phone, or there was an accident, or they need to find directions to the nearest one and drive over ASAP.

If you’re not there, you’ve basically lost a sale. About 60% of searches are on mobile.

Many websites are positioned for useless keywords with 0 in search. No one is typing in Chiropractors of Edina, but many companies go ALL for ranking their websites like this.

Chiropractor SEO // Full Guide On How To Drive New Patients ™ 4

They are ranking for them because their locations page header (or the “h1”) state “Chiropractors of Edina” instead of “Edina Chiropractor”. They would optimize their page closer to a search term that earns them more on their bottom line, but without a local Twin Cities search engine optimization consultant to help them out, they’re missing out on over five figures of monthly revenue and focusing entirely into PPC.

Cut to the chase, what is the secret to doing Chiropractor SEO?

Chiropractor SEO // Full Guide On How To Drive New Patients ™ 5
The scret to growing qualified Chiropractic SEO traffic starts, right now. Lets go.

The first step is to have the page optimized, and the true secret is to build backlinks for chiropractic websites so they actually show up. Backlinks are incoming hyperlinks to a web page that give that page trust and authority in Google’s eyes. They show pages other web pages trust. This is me linking directly to Google. You want as many high quality and relevant links like this to your website as possible, consistantly spread out over time.

Let me show you how to find the best backlink opportunities from the top.

You want to search for keywords that describe your chiropractic office. You can do this in the Google search. Can search for something broad such as chiropractic, but usually that doesn’t work as well. That brings up the mega authority site or a blog, or a franchise such as Joint Chiropractic.

Chiropractor SEO // Full Guide On How To Drive New Patients ™ 6
An easy way to get the ball rolling with doing your keyword research for chiropractic office.

And not too specific, like Local Latino chiropractic on lake street MN, then you find niches that cover overly specific things, such as a directory of local latino businessess or news posts related to latino businesses on lake street.

That’s it. Can experimenter with going broad and in some industries it can work. I use a keyword plugin for Chrome called Keywords Everywhere. Its free and tells me how many people are searching it.

A good, medium range keyword like a city plus the service. Super easy, plus a modifier like affordable, best, top, or walk in if there is search traffic to it.

First, you should look up other chiropractic blogs in your niche so you can reach out to them

We do web design for chiropractors, so for us, we would look up and search “chiropractic blogs” or “chiropractic directories”. We want to write down in a spreadsheet these chiropractic supporting blogs so we can rank our own chiro office using SEO best practices. Backlinking is a form of networking, and chiropractors that like to network will find that its pretty interesting to supplement their network within their SEO strategy.

Chiropractor SEO // Full Guide On How To Drive New Patients ™ 7
Not a fan of squarespace chiropractic websites, but chiropractic fans can network this way too.

You might get a lot of results if it looks like a personal brand or even a shared directory of people hosting a blog for chiropractic services. They could be a chiro or just a fan of chiropractic services.

What if you come up with the idea of wanting to work with blogs that talk about “why regular chiropractic adjustments are important”. Search for that, and find these websites. You can also use “+” to add in additional search parameters that they may mention. A good search term could be input as Chiropractic Blog” + site: “guest post by”. This tells me that they have a chiropractic blog where people submit guest blog posts. People submit these blog posts so they can link back to their site.


The goal is identifying that they may be open to building a backlink to your chiropractic website, page, or content. You want to check that website links to others. This is a signal that you can potentially get some links yourself if you build a relationship with them.

You want to go with that good quality site with good authority, but not that mega authority site that might be staffed with 100s of people or is a competing business.

Chiropractor SEO // Full Guide On How To Drive New Patients ™ 8
An example of a blog place that would be perfect to reach out to for chiropractors doing backlinking strategies.

For example. the new Yorker do write about chiropractors, they won’t contribute for you. Reach out to them via a page, and they won’t respond to you. If you’re a large chiropractic franchise like the Joint chiropractic, then they might.

Some sites never link out. If everyone looks anyonymous, thats a signal for that. Some mega sites just searching for SEO gains themselves, but they’ll be the top of the world in their own right, but we want you to find local relevant websites.

These local websites understand their on-page SEO and they have youtube SEO tips. On these sites you will find smaller tips that are ranking, but ideally the websites you talk to are websites are smaller than you when you DO reach out to them.

What if you’re stuck, well, what I’ve found is find a keyword that comes to mind.

Find searches related to it.

Don’t over think it.

Add it to your sheet… And then before you reach out. Do this step to save you time

Step 2 is see who links to these chiropractic blogs.

If sites are LINKING to them are obviously link creators. So for best chiropractic tips, you want to put in tool that does backlink analysis

Ahrefs, Moz, Majestic, and Semrush are great, GREAT tools.

My personal preference is ahrefs. I prounce it h-refs and its named after the <code> that determines what a link goes to in HTML.

But to get back on point.

Chiropractor SEO // Full Guide On How To Drive New Patients ™ 9
Here are some backlinks. Just go to Site Explorer in Ahrefs, and type in your keyword. I’m hungry for cookies.

We are not looking for every link. What you need to do is to find a few to your list that you can do with the lowest amount of time spent that are relevant

However, a blog you DO NOT want to reach out to is this quackometer blog. A link from them is topically relevant… but also talks negatively about chiropractors in general. Yeah, no.

Doesn’t need to be 100s of different sites, but its useful to get an Idea of what kind of content your folks like and to be in the same network of people that have done their own SEO strategy so you can benefit from their authority.

You want to find the back links to that site. You want to find back links to that as further opportunities as they share back links too. Now you should have a larger list of qualified links, that you’ve checked out, that you are aware that they might be open to networking.

You’re not done growing your list yet.

Oh no no.

Next steps is find folks who make best-of-sites.

Where they curate high quality content in the “best of” list. They make lists so when people type in best Chiropractors, they go to their website. Each individual chiropractor gets mentioned.

This is literally my secret-secret weapon for doing local SEO, and if the chiropractor has awards won or have patients that have done video testimonials, then I love this strategy as it makes my life easy.

But I’m feeling hungry.

All you have to do is put in “best chiropractic blogs”, and what I will do is look up “best gluten free blogs”. Mostly because I looked up this and wanted to add a neat image.

Chiropractor SEO // Full Guide On How To Drive New Patients ™ 10
An example of a place offering “best” blog posts and listing all of the winners.

Lots of opportunities in sheets #2 result for “best gluten free blogs” is a listing out the top 50 gluten free blogs. That looks like a Goldmine of link creators. The biggest ones in the space curated by someone who knows what they’ere talking about.

Another protip, including “the 50 best of” blog strings to your searches. You might want to go past page one as its pretty specific. Page one is great, tends to be more than enough. You can change it up for the best 10, 25, 100, etc and find people who specifically make long form link farms like that.


To get a wide breath of link creators, keep searching to page 3. On page 3 may be a different top 50 list… then have blogs on there that last listing has.

Has an optional step, have We mentioned it earlier. is a directory of popular blogs. It constantly updates the list, and they love networking. The best of list, does come out maybe once a year, but alltops is always current.

Just type in your word, they’ll give you diff options. Ya know like fitness or alltop health, or whatever, and find what makes sense for your industry

Now that you have your list, now what?

Reach out to these fellow chiropractic related link farms!

This research is time consuming, but it will pay off for months or even years.

In another article, we’ll discuss exactly what to say when you reach out to them. But a sincere complement and an invitation to network before you ask for a link to your website is just a nice way to go about it.

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