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Crypto Copywriting

Yeah, you can do Crypto Lead Generation arbitrage.
We have partnered with the newest Crypto Startup to generate leads using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Crypto Per Lead.
No obligation, but if you’re short on time check other published free seo audits.
We’ll book a time for 30 minutes, have enough for Q/A, look at your website together.
You’ll know exactly what you should be looking at to improve your rankings and inbound leads.

Pay us Bitcoin for crypto copywriting

We can also handle other cryptos but can always accept Bitcoin for professional blockchain copywriting.

Bitcoin is a digital store of wealth

Bitcoin is here to stay. Its becoming regulated, so its becoming more and more commonplace and trusted. And we can accept payments with this unique currency worth thousands in USD.

Pay altcoins for SEO or a bitcoin for a website

There are thousands of random coins, but we’ll measure their value in USDT, the crypto Peg. We can accept payments for the fair value (AND GIVE YOU A 10% DISCOUNT)

Use coins like Verge for Marketing

Pay us anonymously, and we’ll build and host you a website to specifications. We can host for a full year, for your industry, and forward you 100% of all leads.

Call us Segwit Copywriters, because we’re lightning fast.

Select your product anonymously

We can get a confirmation that you have an intent to buy, just like with any other product. We send off a clear definition of the project, and will define the scope.

Sign a document, select Crypto as Payment

You’ll get a clear greenlight button to press. If you’re happy with what we have planned, we’ll give you a crypto coin address. Just make sure you notify us that you paid.

We Deliver

We’ll take your inputs, and contiously deliver until we hit what you paid for. Its that easy.

Our prefered crypto for SEO payments


Litecoin Copywriting (LTC/SEO)

Paying Litecoin for SEO is known for its super low transaction speeds and lightning fast network. Even though George Lee sold out, you can invest in SEO using Litecoin. 


Verge Copywriting (XVG/SEO)

Paying Verge for SEO takes advantage of the greatest partnership in crypto somehow. Well, given we are #vergefam, we should the next greatest partnership. Anyway, use Verge for SEO Come at me Sunerok.


DASH Copywriting (DASH/SEO)

One of the traditional crypto payment processors to pay merchants for SEO, still, unlike others like Metal for SEO payments, it has more weight.


Bitcoin Copywriting SEO (BCH/SEO)

Every year, the company sponsors an all-expense paid international trip overseas to a country. We use those cheap-flight deals… 


Ripple SEO (XRP/SEO)

With less than a penny for a transaction, paying Ripple for SEO beats paying a $30 wire fee to pay our dues. Consider paying Ripple Labs’ coin for SEO and development.

EOS Copywriting  (EOS/SEO)

We’d handle any of Dan Larimer’s crypto for SEO. Bitshares for SEO would be accepted no problem, but after One’s launch of EOS, we’d accept EOS tokens for SEO payments.

EVEREX Copywriting (ERX/SEO)

This upcoming financial payments coin was one of the only coins during the correction to not totally fall short. So paying Everex for SEO should be looked at.


Yeah, we accept other shitcoins for SEO, Wazzu wazzu. We’ll just short it, so make sure you’re happy cashing out your massive bags to pay SEO for Bitconnect.

Crypto Copywriting 1

Hire us before we launch our

2020 Crypto Copywriting ICO.

You can see the altcoin copywriting token whitepaper on our mailing list. But until then, consider unloading your bags and getting revenue back and an asset for your business.