What is the biggest mistake most people make in digital marketing

-not having a model to explain or demonstrate why they're valuable, for example, we use the T * C * V formula for each project and that's how we base our value.

-being unable to use systems and analyze their marketing (advertise everywhere and get a few sales, how do you know it all came from a specific ad on LinkedIn as opposed to your newsletter)

-most small businesses just need phone calls and people interested in working with them, a fancy website is not what they need as its another step, but it helps.

-do not invest a lot of until your idea is obviously in demand and you can follow through, red oceans are full of sharks, blue oceans are clean territory with rich resources

What should I be doing in 2019 to promote my business

-check and test, use tally marks and a notebook, just make it a habit or automated process, identify where and how, if not the noise will be overwhelming and you will lose money when you want to reinvest in your business

-check competitors information. You just need to be better than the alternative. For content, your posts just need to be better, longer, with more proof and images. If everyone is posting links on Twitter, well. It better be to the best blog posts in your industry.

-check profitability of your marketing. Test, and stick and scale with the highest return. You should know for each 5 blog posts, you get 1 person asking how they work with you and can.

What are the common fallacies in marketing

-One success is not where you should focus your return on, get 4 or 5 successes without changing a single thing and you make a stronger case.

-Not testing. No one knows really. Scientists come up with a test, experiment, and can tell if their variable hyposisis is true or not. Then they can base their next experiment on real proof. This is expensive and takes time, but a crappy test beats no test every time.

-Not having enough (or any data) to prove anything. IF a business has not set up Google Analytics and cannot see the actual traffic let alone the revenue attributed to a website, they are simply running circles and burning coal just to make steam, noise, and heat. Instead of using it to actually get them to where they want to be

How much money can you make as a digital marketing person

-none if you don't invest learning, trial and error, and more. Affiliate marketers can use this strategy to Rank and Rent in 2019

-interns work for free before they get leads

-fastest way to try is to read and apply ideas from content, DIY

how to use digital marketing to get hired

-Free Website on Google My Business, Takes 5 minutes & just put your email and phone on it

-Your name, ideal title, and location are searched ie Content Writer in Minnesota, use UberSuggest.io

-Go on Quora