General Contractor SEO Attracts a $1.3M and $600k Bid...

When Jack, the project manager at Whole Builders told us that his company was able to respond to two RFPs worth 1,900,000 I asked how. By being positioned online General Contractor SEO for organic buyers. “They just found our site on Google.”


We help construction companies with our deep breadth of expertise. Helping our clients achieve victories, win new business, and results for the long-term.     

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1) 60-second Video & Customer Journey Campaign

Made with 1-2 days, on the top of youtube in a week.

2) Website Redesign

With your valuable input, the website will be done within 1 month.

3) Foundational SEO

Data driven growth, we look at your (and your compeitors) and drive real local consumers.

4) Scale, Manage, Grow

As long as you’re with us, we’ll make sure we can improve your business driving assets, month by month, by doing what we do best.

For when you just need locals to phonecall, trying to work with your General Contracting Company

We’ve worked with over 300 industries, wrote a case study on each one, and can you receive  the same results for your business.

Building long term assets, to build you long term wealth.

Why aren’t you working with Minnesota’s local digital strategist consultant with a proven track record of building tangible value, revenue, and long term assets. You can get a video breakdown, at no cost to you at all.

Small business web design in a book.

Our rapid design process lets us base your new website off an existing web page. We’ll send you pages you can use right away to design your website. You can easily design or write on the mocked up pages with what your company needs and be able to articulate exactly what you want. In just one meeting, use our printed copy for you to design your local service’s web site. With unlimited revisions in your first month, let’s get your vision achieved!

General Contractor SEO 1
General Contractor SEO 2

Low budget?

Get a 1-page WordPress Website, designed and written with us over a three-hour meeting, go live by the end, guaranteed. Only $1000.

Get an SEO roadmap so you are found by even more consumers, month by month.

Hundreds of thousands of people use Google in the Twin Cities each and every day to find companies to solve their problems… If you are yet to experience being your cities #1 solution for their problem, where consumers type in their problem, find to your website, click through you, considering you, & contacting you. Why haven’t you built wealth for yourself like this? Why are you networking, doing things that aren’t working, when consumers should just be contacting you for your service.

General Contractor SEO 6
Our SEO for service businesses put their website on the top page of the search query that hard data tells us where the opportunities of real, new business exist.
General Contractor SEO 7
General Contractor SEO 8
We’ll audit your website, and map out exactly what needs to be done to get new prospects and past consumers to find your website
Jake is not only well-versed in the art and science of SEO, but he also has excellent understanding of how to combine SEO and paid advertising to drive traffic, cause conversions, and generate valuable leads for his clients. Jay Gerring

Digital Strategist, AdventureSum Inc.

Jake has been helping me create my e-commerce website. Jake possesses deep knowledgeable of search engine optimization. He’s skilled in WordPress and knows a ton about online payment methods. He’s the perfect guy to have on your team if you’re starting a business online, or moving more of your business onto the internet. I love that Jake told me his goal was to get me to my first sale. That’s the type of commitment that you want on your team. Believe me when I say that, you can’t go without Jake’s advice. Jeff Mathwig

eCommerce, Exclusive In Style

“He works very quickly and created a 7-page website for my business within a week. He also patiently taught me how to use WordPress.”

Rita Peterson

Insurance, Banker's Life

Get Your Digital Industry Roadmap & Everything Above (in a free consult)


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Jake is so knowledgeable about Google and how to get recognized online as a business owner. You can’t afford not to have him on your team, seriously! I’ve been working with Jake for about 2 months now & I can’t believe all the things I didn’t know! Now because of Jake’s expertise I can implement new strategies that really work to grow my business. Elizabeth Summers

Doula, Elizabeth Summers Wellness

Small Business Digital Marketing Blog

Learn how you can grow your industry.



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