How 1 change improved cold call conversion rate from 5%, to 50%, and now to 85% 1

Last week or so, I put up a post that discussed how we spent a week and only had one conversion off a generic script and improved it to a 1 in 2 chance of converting to a consultation. All we did was 3 things different and now I embraced it fully: I was asking more questions and inspiring more positive curiosity with my language.

This is a truth in SEO: IF you have the keywords that people search in your brand name for a basic service, you’re already ahead because others will search for it and end up finding you instead as its easy to rank in that.

AnyCity + Service . com will work well. I don’t think any of these sites exist, but given 8 hours of SEO time writing can put these in the first rank of google if its local and at its cover literally the location + the service.,,

Our agency had lowkey ranked, one of our own, limo lead collection page to the first page on about 30 keywords. The formula was easily repeatable.

(cheap, affordable, fast, easy, top, best)+(Secondary adjective like local or accessible)+cityname+service

Any agency should be able to do this at least in any niche that they choose if they are able to optimize a site and use it as proof. We put up about 30 other landing pages for it and it results in 1–4 new opt ins from actual clients who even call in per week — meaning we have the means but not the ends to these clients.

My sales partner and I now called in with companies who were established and knew us (page one of same keyword) and people who pay for ads for their site (pages 3–5 were all ppc companies).

Now, we were saying something a little bit different than last time with an added measure: We had local proof of success, they see us in google for their keywords outranking us. The companies on page 1 knew who we were and companies on 4–5 wanted to know more. One unprofessional driver pulled over for a pit stop to talk to us before his next job once I was asking if they could handle 5 more sets of clients in May that were all between 16–20 seat per for 4 hour shifts, etc. Learned that other businesses farm-in/farm-out overflow of work and take a margin for the efforts. They didn’t want to PAY for the leads, but they sure would accept new work riskfree.

I started off offering the leads on a commission basis but that then turned to a unique request if they wanted the leads forwarded exclusively to them for a monthly fee. Basically leasing their very own spot in the top page for a 300-visitor-a-month niche domain was lucrative, but that was not the end goal.

The goal was to provide the most value to them long term. It was to make their own website acquire more organic traffic and rank higher (what they strive to get) by being motivated with the actual proof of clients they are missing out on (what they actively do not want) if they choose not to work with us.

This entire process gets more complex as our web agency gets into automating leads into blue collar service sales with whitelabeled services, but that’s another story.

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