Hey, this is Jake Goss-Kuehn with the Web Strategy Viking podcast, where we talk about creative ways to grow your business. In this podcast, we will be talking about how you can create an award-winning team.

What I find out is that people come to you whenever you provide value, that does not mean that you must give them something necessarily but if you can create opportunity for people or they see that you are consistent, and you have brand for yourself, they will stick around. If you are client, you are with a brand not because they sold to you but because you like them or they are consistent and you know that if you work with them in a month, they may or may not get you a lot of results but they are going to be doing the same thing and if you like what they do and they are consistent, that’s a brand. That is how you know a brand is a brand when people expect same result every time. So, if you can provide that and create that for people, you can then use that to attract and build your team effortlessly because they understand what they will become a part of. So, when you are working in doing a thing, what do you end up doing to foster that brand? What are you doing to make sure that you are providing that consistency? What is it that business owners do to end up having a standard operating procedure? It is not too good to start a conversation with too different set of questions. Some people could come at me that they have problem with their email, they want more leads, or they want to open a website. The standard operating procedure is not to ask question and listen, which will take 3 to 4 days or sessions. This is because I need to put all pieces together and then we can walk together.


So, when looking at things like this, you want to be able to provide the same value, the same consistency to not just your client, but to the general. This will help you to bring people that will not necessarily be a customer but people that have the skill set and can say “I more or less know what he is doing and I want to be able to grow myself in the same consistent way, provide value and evolve to where I can get a job”. The biggest thing that I see is that business owners don’t provide just opportunity for people. The best way you can do this is to have a meetup group, where people come together regularly and to say, “Yes, this is what I do, and this is the value I can bring”. If you can consistently do something like a podcast or write a blog post, you create consistency, you create a brand. The thing I am going to ask you to do is set some time aside to do one thing every time and tell people about it. If you able to tell people that you do the same thing, and they find out about it, they are going to be excited and they are going to be part of it and even wait on you. We see this time and time again in industry, people wait for some business product and offer, they kind of anticipate when they are going to do it.

I can list up like 5 or 10 examples here. For example, Rebel Pig, a company that slaughter pigs and sell as sandwiches for like $2 or $3, everyone waits in line and anticipate them. People that work for other brands like McDonald also anticipate the product. Another example is like Minecraft, which was a video game from like 5 or 6 years ago where the developer does not just make the game, sell them, and then leave, he updates the game every month. He said there will be updates on the game every month and people anticipate it, although the game starts up terribly, but as time goes on, with consistency, he begins to update it and people became excited with the various adventure and fun in it. He later sold the game to Microsoft for over a billion dollars and what I learn from that is consistency, people have expected the game never to take off, but some people kept expecting, kept being pulled back because they are expectant of something new. Some people were tied down with email they get on their inbox about the update on the game, and they check it for just an hour and got loving it more. If you are a local business and you are doing the same consistent happy hour, imagine going into a bar and on the way it says, “Happy Hour – 7:00pm”, but you went there on a day and they say, “Happy Hour cancel today because we have a full house”, that will be terrible, that is not a brand, that is monetizing people. But as a business owner, if you can be consistent in all your language and in your words, your business will grow. My specific advice will be taking some time aside to communicate what it is you do or if you are into marketing, take some time aside to understand what you should be spending your time in consistently. If you can do that and build consistency, your business will grow. If you are doing bad, and you are being consistent with that, you might not do so well but marketing has proven to pay for itself. And as your business grow and you are consistent with that growth, you are going to grow in prospect and test what works or doesn’t work one thing at a time.


Anyway, I am going to sign off here but what I want to hear from anyone who read this is how much value they feel like they are going to get if they implement this. How they feel and the ideas that they have or what they are going to do with their businesses. You can just comment and go on our other social media profile and start a conversation. I like to start a conversation, I like to see what people are doing, I like to get feedbacks and some of the feedback I have gotten in person are just remarkable and I appreciate that.

Anyway, enjoy the rest of your day and listen to more of our free podcast and content at and we will be glad to hear back from you and start a conversation to help you. Enjoy.