How Salvador Dali created this secret creative technique has nearly a 100% success rate for lucid dreamers. 1
Its as easy as 1–2-ZZZZZzz

If you’re unfamiliar with lucid dreaming or still believe that Inception created the concept to be the best movie ever, then this post isn’t for you. This post is for people who already keep a dream journal or know of at least five four-word acronyms as methods to unlock your lucid dreaming potential.

As someone who used to sleep 12 hours a day when I was younger JUST to lucid dream a few more hours within a day, I studied an extensive list of possible tactics and skills that dreamers must have add to their arsenal tools for commanding their dreams. This tactic was adopted from Dali’s method of generating ideas and inspiration for his surrealist paintings.

His favorite technique is that he would put a tin plate on the floor and then sit by a chair beside it, holding a spoon over the plate. He would then totally relax his body; sometimes he would begin to fall asleep. The moment that he began to doze the spoon would slip from his fingers and clang on the plate, immediately waking him to capture the surreal images. — Michael Michalko

For a practicing lucid dreamer, we’re not motivated to paint but rather to maintain conciousness while in the freeform state of a manipulating within a subconscious dream. One of those 4 letter methods, WBTB (Wake Back To Bed) kind of underlines this strategy as you wake up from an alarm
(your keys) as you are about to be in a dream, and go back to sleep right after to instantly enter it. This is the anti-thesis of the WILD, where your goal is to go to sleep completely with the intention of getting asleep as fast as possible avoiding the feelings from sleep paralysis.

How Salvador Dali created this secret creative technique has nearly a 100% success rate for lucid dreamers. 2
Wait so I won’t have to deal with sleep paralysis and this guy ever?

I’ve personally identified that its best for me to go into a dream is from a conscious state which doesn’t have that high of a success rate at night(25%) mostly because I’m tired. After a power nap in the afternoon, that number bumps up to about 75%. Literally adding in Dali’s technique over 10 power naps has brought that number up to 100%, with the first dream falling apart when I got too excited once I realized the potential for dreaming (which explains the nearly 100%).

What I do is as simple as you think. My apartment keys are on a circular keychain and I let it hang between two of my fingers. I don’t grasp it, and let it get to the point where it hangs off the day bed over a ceramic plate. I tried using tin foil as a base, but cheap IKEA plates are super strong against falling keys and my go to for lucid dreaming.

Once I fell asleep, I’d instantly be brought back to reality crystal clear but immediately shut my eyes. Now, if my body didn’t JERK itself awake, the hormones flowing through my body that regulate sleeping are working while my brain is 100% at battle stations. After 5 minutes of falling asleep, some effects of sleep paralysis are hastily happening but you go right into a conscious dream.

How Salvador Dali created this secret creative technique has nearly a 100% success rate for lucid dreamers. 3
The possibilities are endless.

The final step for you to enact this tactic is to actually do this. I want to ask you to post a comment RIGHT THIS SECOND saying that you’re trying it out and then try it out. Come back to re comment how it works for you!