how to get seo clients

Starting off the bat, learning how to get SEO Clients calling in and working with you seems like a long shot, especially when you think about the numbers, but structured in this post will be a deep core mindset and the exact same direct marketing method I use to answer “how to get SEO clients within the next 30 days”.

What do you actually need to know: how to get SEO Clients working with you?

Think about what you actually need to close. What do you need to get your first paying contract? Coming up with a list with a complete fresh freelancer that say something along these lines. They need examples of rankings as well as:

  1.     testimonials case studies
  2.     agency website
  3.     business cards, office, & other professional things
  4.     months or years of experience

The Real Answer from above isn’t on the list. Its a trick question: none of above is needed to get your first SEO Client. I’m serious. There’s no need of any of that for a rookie starting off.

What you DO need is a PROCESS to follow on how to get SEO clients. Here’s three things you will get out of this post.

  1. #1 Reason why people have zero clients and continue to get clients
  2. How to get your first $1k per month clients for free within and scale to 10k/month business
  3. How to get that client’s attention and to get them to pay entirely over the phone

One must implement, otherwise one will not get any value. One will get 0 value because one puts in no effort, so implement this.

Who am I to be teaching this to you?

After I suffered and floundered about after a year with EGO and developing terrible entrepreneur habits, I’ve been collaborating with quite a few enterprises.
A brief Google search for my name should bring attention of my founding role in,,,, and I had just had a equity buy in for two new passive income startups that valued the companies at five figures. We will incorporate this Friday.

Besides traveling to Europe, Asia, and Australia over the last 3 years, I live in downtown Minneapolis. I also just picked up an adorable kitten last week. I’m 25 years young and mentor people to share in the opportunities that are out there. I also soak up and apply new knowledge like an Eversoaking Sponge.

How Charging More Money Will Get More SEO Clients

Charging more $$$ will attract a better client pool. To charge anything less than 3k invites a crappy client. Anything less than a thousand a month or even $1,500/mo is still low. They expect a whole lot and see you as cheap labor and definitely not as a peer. Tell them what they will expect so they will respect.

You don’t need to have an economic degree to realize that at 10 clients asking for $1,000 a month brings you 10k per month. (However I do so thanks U of MN) But at $2,000 per month, you can bring on 5 clients, and at $3,333/month you can work with 3.
You’re now thinking, yes that’s great and all, but no one is going to hire me because its expensive and I’m a freshie within this industry. Well again, that mindset needs to be replaced.

How To Get SEO Clients For Free

Your cost on how to get SEO clients using my method: $0 to $250. 

You could maybe use a strategy like affiliate SEO, but it might cost 1-5k and you’ll realize what keywords worked and what didn’t work after 6 months.
Using a PPL (Pay per Lead) system costs 1-5k and might even taken you further than that since your customer lifetime value would be five figures of revenue for you. You could rent another SEO agency’s website and farm work out, but that’s really difficult if you know what agencies are understaffed.
Using this system, you can get a paid client in the next 48 hours to pay you 1k per month at the very least.
Let me be humble for a moment. When I first started web design for others, I first got paid 100 dollars per month for designing a website for a shirt store using a premium word press theme. I had paid for the theme too. In all, I think I worked at $5 an hour. That was over a year ago.

Base the price on their traffic and conversions. Currently, I’m prospecting leads for lawn care, landscaping, and junk removal companies in Minnesota. They make 21k$ per month off just 3 sales of their product. That means they make 7k per converted lead.
What you can do to get a rough idea of how a company is doing is to use SEMRUSH. This particular lawnscaping company brought in 213 in traffic (all paid with ZERO organic). Estimating with a 10% conversion rate based off other phonecalls with local business owners it brings in 70k$/month off traffic off their website alone.
You could research what the keywords themselves are doing.roofer burnsville, roofing burnsville ,  burnsville roofing show that competiton is medium to low, for all total volume is ~500.

I think you see the picture now. The easiest way to show this ROI and how you can deliver right away is what takes the cake. And this is EXACTLY what you do.
Target near and around. Target roofers bloomington, roofer eagan, roofers applevalley. The traffic for these is less than a few hundred but there no traffic keywords so the keywords are extremely easy to rank for.

You can create a new page with the same copy, landing page, and 2k words of text and just put it down as

This next line is what x20’d my SEO game

On a local level, duplicate content does not matter. Just change the name, interlink to all cities at the bottom of the article so you would include a link to Burnsville, Bloomington, Applevalley, etc to the bottom of the page.
Rent 1-2 PBN links. You can use Diggity Links. Domain Highway, PBN Butler. You can offer PR services such as Social Signals for PR.I use Signpost to white label marketing solutions to build the client 30 citations a month with a guarantee of getting at least 14 new reviews for their company.

They will rank to page 1-3 within days. Then you can boost the rankings after that.

Pitching To Get Your First SEO Client

Pick a Niche with 5k+ LCV (lifetime customer value). They must make over 5k per customer. Once you spend an hour within a new industry you will know what their ticket cost and revenue for their new customers.
Offer 1 to 2 sales per month, make it a no brainer that it will bring 1-2 sales per month. Can you justify selling a 1k$/month service to bring in 5k or 10k per month in new customers?
Some people starting off think they have a testimonial problem or a customer problem.
No. You have a ‘calendar problem’. “But Jake, what the hell is a calendar problem, I have all the time in the world?” Then that’s both a blessing and a curse. Most people have empty calendars full of time. You have scheduled no meetings, no follow-ups, and that’s the biggest reason why people have no clients. They’re simply not speaking to them.
Prospecting For My First Seo Clients Over The Phone Was A Terrible Mistake.

You can send a template email like this:

Hi Prospect,

I came across your website today when searching for “roofing contractors in concord MA” and noticed that you don’t show in the maps section and are #8 in the organic listings.

That’s a lot of calls you’re missing out on.

So I made a video showing why your top 3 competitors are outranking you.


Are you the right person to send this video to?
If you are, please reply to this email and I’ll send it to you. Otherwise just let me know.
Have a great day!

I got a 5% response rate for the emailing list, and followed up with a video showcasing how I found the site. I’m ending this because its that simple, and I’m out of time to share more information with you because of this Spyder Trap event. If you want to connect  with me, I’m able to help you at

And that’s how to get SEO clients!