How we changed our SEO simple sales script for nearly 10 times more conversions 1
They’re sitting out there waiting to give you their money! Are you gonna take it? Are you man enough to take it? — Glengarry Glen Ross 1992

Listen and gather around to this one paradigm shift in our strategy.

Starting a web consulting agency is always difficult as an introvert with no experience in sales. This is a two session jump in conversion metrics and a critical lesson we learned.

Our value that we were providing was simple: a complete web marketing presence to get more customers. But, we’ve never sold a single b2b ticket in our life. We pulled our first script online and it went a little like this it had a flimsy 1 in 20 resulting (5%) in a followup consultation:

Here’s what didn’t work.

Hello, this is________first name________ calling from ________. We are a local SEO company located in _______ and wanted to introduce our company to you, if I told you that we had a way to drive more customers to your business, is that something that you’d be interested in today?

SEO is the process of getting your business listed on Google higher up in the rankings than your competitors. 2010 Statistics have shown that 80% of all Americans are using Google to find businesses like yours, rather than traditional forms such as the yellow pages, 411, and other print advertising. Also worth noting is that 63% of internet searchers are not going past the 1st page of Google.

Is getting more customers through placing your page on the first page of Google something that you are interested in?

I quickly realized most people were quick to put up their mismatched defense. “No, we have enough business as is,” was what I heard more than half the time. I didn’t even realize how to counter that. We didn’t have a ‘rebuttal sheet’ of commonly countable objections.

How we changed our SEO simple sales script for nearly 10 times more conversions 2
“We don’t want new clients because these loafers would look good with a drain on the bottom.”

Then I had this complete paradigm shift that I had in about five minutes that resulted in me covering 5 in 13 converting and being genuinely interested and 2 of 6 from my sales partner converting as well. I took the strategy to follow up with 4 of the hot prospects that were the most promising from the previous session and they all converted.

What was this paradigm shift? Well I’ll tell you that you’re invested, present, and at this line in this article because you’re being influenced these core concepts.




And with working out of our web agencies fancy pastebin script, this is the line that ended up converting 1 in 2 times.

I’m shamed to say I think I had too many pauses, uhh’s, and umms, in between each sentance but I think it ads to the effect.

Hey Mr. Person, My name is Jeff and I’m calling from Web Design Viking. (Uhh) I have your Google Analytics Report in front of my desk (ahh) and I had a few questions here that I think should be answered.

When they ask why or concerning what:

Well at its core let me ask you this: Can your company handle more customers both new and repeat?

Close with their email/phone to send the report.

Uhh, I’m trying to think of a time that might work for your schedule, does tomarrow at X o’clock or is that a bad time?

OR If I hit a voicemail:

I didn’t want to leave you out so give me a call at 952–454–6271 and I’ll be in the office til 4pm today. Thanks.

Thats it. Thats all I did.

How we changed our SEO simple sales script for nearly 10 times more conversions 3
But I also sat back and relaxed until they wanted to find out what the question was.

The google Analytics report is an analytical report of all the public keywords that a website is ranked for as well as that of their compeitor. Using a free tool like Spyfu we can pinpoint exactly what a website has for traffic. We targeted people with high ad spend or low or no SEO traffic.

I cut down the sale call lengths from 10 minutes to under 2 minutes. We would follow up with sending them a customized SEO report of keywords and scary looking graphs that imply they’re throwing money away on Ads and mismanaging their brand for reviews and thats that.

It inspired curiosity by having them think about WHY in the hell they (some stranger) have a Google Analytics report and what in the hell the question was. The question provided them with time to speak so we can counter their possible arguments and autoresponses that just come out. What do I mean by this?

Buyers have a natural inclination to think critically and be on the safe side to avoiding a bad buy. So they will mismatch the response expected from a question by approaching it with the vocabulary of the unintended consequence. By asking if its a “BAD” day, they will both reaffirm that they’re ‘not having a bad day’ and say that its a ‘good time to chat’. Why this is, is unknown to me but it worked.

If you are in an agency or in b2b or even b2c sales, I would love to hear your feedback when you try this paradigm shift for your sales script.

Goodluck in closing!

Jake Goss