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Lead Generation Specialist in the East Metro

Doing lead generation for the east metro for me is coupled with trips to St Paul with my girlfriend. 

She's lovely, but I like to handle two birds with one stone. If I'm meeting a customer for lead generation in maple grove, then I'd drop her off at her parents and follow up after. I do love her family, but I'm just efficient. 
There is a huge opportunity for an eastern metro lead generation. Having done a lot of work for the south metro to drive leads, getting to Rosedale to generate business is a stone's throw away. Granted, I'd need to drive throgh St. Paul and see the Science Museum for the 10th time, I like the older and established vibe that you don't get from the other metro areas.

Generating leads for your west metro business though follows a comphrehsive plan. You can swipe this at any time, and use the lead gen plan for your brand. But as an example, I'll put in a Dentist. This plan is universal, I'm just ranking for SEO in the west metro which you'll see why in a bit

But this is how I'd handle it if you were a doing marketing as a dentist in maple grove.

First off, you need to build a landing page. A landing page for a dentist is as pretty as a blonde girl with bright white teeth offering free teeth whitening. Pretty and easy. Any person going into that will see that they get free teeth whitening if they stop in, but they give you their contact info to redeem the deal first.

So they do.

Example of Lead Generation for a East Metro Dentist

But, if you have this website in place to turn visitors into dental leads in maple grove, how can you actually send vistors in the first place?

Well, I'm glad you asked.

SEO is a cheap, long-term solution to generating leads for the west metro. Like you've seen on this page, I've been talking a whole lot about lead generation in maple grove and how to bring new patients for a dentist in maple grove. Things like this tell Google what your page is about, so you can do the same.

You can use a free service such as Spyfu.com to identify keywords that you can rank to get, or look at compeitors of your office to steal leads from.

Then you build content and publish it. You should go as far to build backlinks (which is a whole other topic) but they count as votes and basically look as simple as a web link in practice. But like votes, some votes are better from others. If Spyfu linked to this post for "marketing in the west metro" then I'd get a whole lot of visitors to this post. So for you, publish a few posts and link it to your page. The blue text that you identify as a link should say something to market a "dentist in maple grove". Posting just your long text-URL website doesn't do you justice. 

I target for the patients that don't know you exist. We aren't using your website as a business card - we're using it at a lead generating asset for your business.

If this makes sense, let me know how it goes. If it doesn't, reach out to me and I'll have a custom 1 and 1 for your west metro business to generate leads. No obligation, just want to make sure you can put it in practice so when you want to get x100 the results done by a local west metro lead gen consultant, well - you know who to call.

Jake Goss-Kuehn

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