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South Metro Leads Me Home

When I drive down 35W to meet business owners that need leads in Burnsville or Edina, I always keep them in mind. Having grown up in Burnsville and doing digital marketing in the Twin Cities for the last eight years, the South Metro is my favorite suburb give back to.

While I was prospecting leads in Burnsville, I walked around canvassing local businesses offering SEO. Like everyone else, I didn't create the Minneapolis web strategy Vikings way of generating leads but I was a lot more authentic. I qualified businesses for SEO near the Burnsville center claiming I lived right around the corner. Which I did. Managers and business owners saw that genuine smile. I educated, and build audits for their website. I ran south metro lawn care for a year and discovered SEO that way in 2009... Now, look at me.

So, I rediscovered a drive not only to show people how to build business through marketing in the south metro but simplify the process and just do south metro lead generation. I had trouble separating myself, but guess what - how many people rank for south metro lead gen and can do the same for you? 

I get Its hard to say you're the best in the world, but when you are the best in your own-smaller-subsect you can start to see why location plays a huge role.

Local marketing is what every single service business does short of word of mouth and flyers. You're targeting people that need dental exams in Savage or HVAC repair in Bloomington. When they type that in, they find your south metro business.

Except it wasn't always like that. I learned it the hard way. Building the sales system to build leads takes time, and people are not as risky as I am. I'm vertically confident lead generation works, but as a full-stack marketer, you learn to adapt to the full marketing technologies we have on hand.


Generating leads for the South Metro

When I was growing up in Burnsville, my neighbor was a successful plumber. I never got to help him generate leads in the Dakota County, but I wish he didn't retire yet. He had a huge white truck he would drive to his customer's houses and would always help my parents whenever the clogs drained. He was a genuine guy, and while I grew up with his kids I knew he would have a huge impact on me growing up. He's retired now, but picking his brain and talking about Google would result in interest. Building SEO is technically confusing, landing pages for a retired businessman seems to be something he can just snooze on. However, with Gen X and Millenials now investing and starting businesses he sees the wisdom in investing in digital marketing. 

I'm like this with every customer of mine. Having helped them to a point where they can improve their own quality of life allows both of us to get a genuine understanding of lead generation as well as ourselves. 

So I ask that you consider your south metro business primed for growth, and consider someone that has lived there for 20+ years.

Jake Goss-Kuehn
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