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West Metro Lead Specialist

Driving up to the western suburbs for customer meetups are always entertaining. I don't know why, but when I go west on 494 I return to where I used to work and I'm in the neighborhood of business partners I worked with.

Maybe because it was so monumental during my marketing development as lead gen specialist.

You see, before I was a lead generation specialist for north metro businesses, I worked as a software developer. I started my own pet projects, but this was a real application of developing something others were selling. Medical devices. Generating leads for medical devices was completely unheard of, but as I understood the general business, lead generating in Eden prairie was viable. So I studied how SEO could benefit my medical company's growth. I studied landing page design, rebuilt my first website at jakegosskuehn.com for the 50th time, and learned proper design. However, I was hired to build software and ambitious. Not a really healthy mix of computer development, So I left to go launch my business. That was two years ago. I still help businesses.

West Metro Lead Gen Guy

As a full stack digital marketer for Medina and Edina businesses, we leverage the entire array of technology to provide leads to local business. This page is a prime example of how we do that.

Let me suggest that lead generation for west metro businesses works and that your company can use digital marketing by our example.

Let's say you want to grow your legal practice in Hopkins. You need criminal defense cases to represent you in Carver or Sibley county, but the Carver county leads just aren't coming in. Word of mouth only does so much for any business, and that's built on success and favors.

So to generate referrals for your legal practice, you rely on digital. So in action, what I would suggest you do is this:

Build out a landing page for a law practice. This is a sale page for lawyers to get lead information for their potential clients.

Then send traffic to your landing page through a source you control or can contribute to. Answering legal questions on Avvo.com or quora can generate authority and relevant traffic that you can link to the landing page. Your local business would generate leads if people know you can help them.

Then just keep at it. Your west metro traffic generation should work to promote conversions of relevant prospects. You would be able to increase your conversions if the traffic is coming in. It's just a balancing act.

But if you're in the aim of lead generation in the western metro of the twin cities, you and I can handle it.

Hope this helps.

-Jake Goss-Kuehn

Lets get in contact for your business. Seriously - I'll drive over as far as Medina to talk about how I can send you 10 leads, exclusively, to your biz.

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