If you are the type of person that can learn new things and can sit in front of a computer for hours on end because you spent your college career gaming (read: being in front of a computer screen for long periods of time) instead of shaking hands, we need that skill. We can train for Search Engine Optimization, not for mindsets.

Minneapolis SEO Jobs Hiring 1
Luckily, you won’t need to worry with HR and Recruiting folks – just marketing engineers.

You’re trying to find an internship (and paid position), and I’m trying to get cheap labour hire my first local employee @ 15 to 25$ per hour* to help with our step-by-step process to help local businesses solve the very real and common business problem of finding their next customer.

Hi, my name is Jake Goss (class of 2015), and I need your help to grow our (and others’ ) small business using our St Paul SEO audit process.

This Minneapolis Search Engine Optimization Agency Is Hiring

Minneapolis SEO Jobs Hiring 2
We focus on business value for our local clients by making websites easy to understand.

I run the Web Strategy Viking St. Paul Search Engine Optimization agency. Our small business clients come to us for affordable research and flexible consultive help, so their small business will be able to show up online.

Since 2016, We have helped over 200 websites as shown in our digital strategist portfolio, and brought that process down to a step-by-step series of checklists. Usually, a business gets a 3x increase in business traffic (and thus sales) as a result of the first month.

Unfortunately, I’m unable to service the 10 or so clients and need someone locally that has both that attention to detail and can sit down for hours to make sure everything.. is… just…… rigggggghhhhhhtttttt.

We’re people with strengths and weaknesses, that being said we’re laid back and transparent, and have measurable & real business results for our clients.

Our SEO process is really just a spreadsheet of identifying 100 foundational SEO problems, then solving those 100 problems, and finally finding opportunities that the data says we should try and work on and tell the business owner that. We have that process kind of available on our website.

Here’s why you should consider this Minneapolis SEO Job

Here’s some perks:

  • Culture: We’re ethical, sharp as a tack, and are accountable to standards and expectations.
  • Location: We’re remote so that means we do Slack and video meetings. I’d hope to do 10 hours of SEO training in person, band have previous interns and marketers you can talk to over Slack.
  • Training: SEO is a skillset every single business needs, and we’ll train you.
  • There’s no need for micromanagement, a weekly meeting or a few messages here and there will usually be what’ll happen
  • We’re growing our technology is set up to scale
  • Get PMP certifified: We want to develop each SEO as a team lead and certify them as a PMP (4500 hours of project management) so if they ever want to jump ship, they have a 10k Salary leg up on their peers 😉
  • IF hired, you do not need to talk to clients.

Here’s some cons.

  • Micro Small business aka Risky
  • Culture: We’re laid back and aren’t the most professional company, but we get things done.
  • We make mistakes. Like you, we’re learning.
  • Training: You have to sit down and learn on your own, and practice using some videos and templated processes. You won’t be put on any client projects until you are able to pass …. the web strategy viking trial by fire.
  • We’re experiencing growing pains. I.e. our website and content need TLC, and our prospects are waiting to start.

If you do or have experience in these things, GREAT, it helps – but it’s not really a big deal if you are applying for this Remote SEO Job in MN.

  • WordPress or Web Design
  • Sitting in front of a computer screen for hours of time
  • Google Suite (spreadsheets)
  • You read blogs on marketing (SEO, web design, User experience)
  • You’ve used SEO tools like Ahrefs.com, Moz.com, Semrush.com, Majestic.com
  • The game Starcraft II, I’m trying to place into Diamond, but my micro game is weaaakkk
  • You use and understand a business model for digital marketing

If this position makes sense for you, check out our Glassdoor reviews, do some research on us, leave a comment with any questions on this page, and finally please send jake@webstrategyviking.com a cover letter and/or resume with the subject line including WSV SEO to be considered.

Usually, we will have a 5-minute conversation that may go into a 30-minute conversation or two. From there, we’ll shortlist a few candidates, and let everyone know what made-it or not in May. (So that existential dread can set in and we have time to figure things out. I take time to look at and match each genuine application, but we’re looking to work and train with you, a local Gopher, and if you can put up with our training (and a fledgling company) I’d love to have you.

Warm regards,

Jake Goss

Web Strategy Viking

*PS: The one catch is I need our SEO intern to train and practice for up to 40 hours on their own website (that you or we can provide) before they get paid to do this part or full time @ 15-25/hour on real local businesses.