We do Whitelist and Private Labeling for Agencies

Outlined is a sample whitelisting for services built for an Agency Partner with samples.

No obligation, but if you're short on time check other published free seo audits.

For your business to grow there is a large amount of technical work that must be completed on an ongoing basis. Except you're focusing on your strengths and considering another agency to execute the work. This is where Web Strategy Viking LLC comes in.

Putting your business in the hands of someone else can be a scary thing, and we get that… Really. Our team uses our own marketing methods. In other words, we eat our cooking - and we have the recipe down to a science!

“tight, clear and professionally clean approach to what it is they are competent and confident delivering"

-Chris Latterell: Stone Masters MN


Whitelabeling our services under your name would provide for you to focus on its own client acquisition while outsourcing the work affordably. You'd rather focus on your strengths in sales and client facing management while the project can be completed safe and soundly - with all the data, metrics, and measurements needed to keep your client happy!

You reached out to us over Upwork for help with your dental office client. They have a small, staffed practice and would love to get a lot more new patients to sit in the dentist's chair. While many would struggle on blindly, you've taken the bull by the horns and asked for help. And that's what we're here for. To help!

We have the technical expertise, creative work, and digital assets pre-prepared and ready to execute on our strategy of generating leads using our branding, copywriting, design, and ad management.

Immediate Goals:

  • Ultimately we will aim to generate leads, appointment phone calls, and/or new patient intakes for the client of your agency.
  • Raise the conversion rate by introducing a multiple-tiered sales funnel that includes two landing pages and an email autoresponder.
  • Set up the email and call tracking so your agency can communicate effectively and confidently what results are being done and for the client to receive documentation of call-ins.

Your agency's passion for its clients needs to be communicated in a way that is professional, approachable and easy to understand. As your audience is largely non-technical, a special effort needs to be made to communicate the core benefits of your agency.

So who are we to help?

We have taken a workshop crafted specifically for Dental digital marketing. And we are confident that Web Strategy Viking LLC has the general and specific knowledge, resources, assets, and insights to help Your agency's clients perform well.

The Solution!

After chatting with you Tuesday evening, we feel sure we have a solid grasp of just how to help the client of your agency convert higher. Heck, the work is predesigned specifically for a dental office and tracks as well as nurtures them which is something that hasn't been done.

Any business strategy starts with the right framework otherwise it can't even hold its own weight. And as you’ve probably seen elsewhere, a poorly executed strategy can cost you both time andmoney.

At its heart, we will set up one or two, three-step sales funnels with ad management. Depending on the package, we can set up more than one system.

  1. The first step involves setting up an initial landing page focusing on a free xray, dental exam, teeth whitening, or any other bonus provided by your client to bring their leads in. Your agency must provide the digital assets for white labeling its client's logo and branding.
    1. We will use this as a template: www.bit.ly/wsv-1
    2. We may setup a second variation targeting another free incentive and patient: www.bit.ly/wsv-3
    3. Your agency must provide and pay for their own click funnel account for Web Strategy Viking LLC to set this up.
  2. The second step involves setting up a "thank you" page. (You haven't seen this one yet!) This page will be set up with 3rd party tools to monitor the email open rates.
    1. We will use this as a template: www.bit.ly/wsv-2 & bit.ly/wsv-4
    2. We will use a third party tool to monitor call tracking and setup and send documentation as to how it works.
      1. You are not responsible for covering the operating costs for this tool.
    3. We will set up the form to sync to a third party autoresponder drip... which brings us to:
  3. The third step is to send three emails to the new prospect so we can create relevancy and nurture them for your client to contact.
    1. We will craft three new emails from the perspective of the dental office to be sent three times within 72 hours to get them to act within that time.
      1. It will sound as it is written from the dentist or hygenist. Be welcoming the patient. And maybe even describe a testimonial or story. Anything that provides their branding and faces works well.
    2. We will set these up on a 3rd party email automation website.
      1. You are not responsible for covering the operating costs for this tool.
    3. Each email trio will be sent three days in a row and use basic timers to drip each one.
    4. Your client can get an advanced notice about their new lead and be forwarded the warm & nurtured lead as they complete the 72-hour drip.
  4. We will manage up to $500 of your provided ad spend and do our best to manage it properly.
    1. We'll do A/B testing. We'll do this by making two variations of ads and creative on the platform.
    2. We'll reuse our digital graphics creatives (https://i.imgur.com/0QEUA4l.png)
    3. We'll use Facebook ads for management and will not handle any existing live ads on Facebook.
      1. We may export data to use in a new campaign. We do this to measure % increases in previous ad management vs our ad management.
    4. Unless you say otherwise, we will target single women for our teeth whitening offer, and new homeowners and parents of 8-to-12-year-olds for free dental exams/x-rays for children.
      1. We understand that the client's state requires both a dental exam AND a xray. This examination takes 15-minutes before services can be suggested.
  5. Our timeline is bound by both of us. As we are set by deadlines, you too must make sure we can do our job right.
    1. We'll aim to set up all of the technical and web design work by the second week after a kickoff meeting if there are no revisions and roadblocks.
    2. Any work outside of this scope will be billed at $75/hour with advanced notice to you before proceeding, but we will consider a reasonable level of revisions within the first month.
    3. We will aim to be available for communications within a 48-hour notice, and aim to have a regular and bi-weekly meeting.

Pricing Option 1

The comprehensive dental marketing strategy to be executed by us which includes:

  • Everything described in The Solution as points 1 through 5, but with only one variation of a landing page and email drip to be setup, managed, and licenced every month.
    • The sales funnel: one version for a lander, thank you page, 3-email drip, email and call tracking, and ad management.
$800.00Per Month

Pricing Option 2

The comprehensive dental marketing strategy to be executed by us which includes:

  • Everything described in The Solution as points 1 through 5, but with two variations for landing pages, thank you pages, and email drips to be set up, managed, and licensed every month.
    • The sales funnel: two versions of a lander, thank you page, 3-email drip, email and call tracking, and ad management.
$1,000.00Per Month

Setup and licencing

If you'd rather not have us managing the ad spend and would only like to have us set up the system, then we will set it up for you and license it for one client of yours for one full year.

  • Steps 1 through 3 from The Solution to technically set up the system for your one client to be licensed to you for a year as is.
    • The setup of the two landing pages and three email autoresponder (no facebook management)
    • Will include 10 hours of revisions within the first month.
    • Includes education on how it works and documentation as to how it is set up.
    • Annual license to use and for you to make edits to for your one client.
    • We'll pay for the listed operating expenses of setting up all the third-party services for one year except for Clickfunnels where you need to provide an account.

We'll book a time for 30 minutes, have enough for Q/A, look at your website together.

You'll know exactly what you should be looking at to improve your rankings and inbound leads.

No obligation. Afterwards we schedule a live 60-minute strategy session to educate you on best digital marketing practices.

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