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Frequently Asked Questions For Our Affordable Minneapolis SEO Service

What does SEO cost?

SEO is an investment in your company, and our search engine optimization work may not be for you. SEO is best performed over six month intervals. We find that it starts to produce results in Month 3 and then it kicks into high gear at Month 6 and then going month-by-month is your decision to scale or maintain.

But we are 100% transparent. No hidden costs. 

There is NOTHING wrong with my website, so why work on it?!

Fair question, Four Questions.

What is the monthly grand total of new web visitors that go to your website?

What % contact you? 

What % work with you?

Can you attribute success from sales from your website or do you instead use it as a sales tool?

If you said, “Well, I don’t even know that.” Maybe its time to have someone else look at it and offer insight.

I cannot afford this, what should I do?

That’s OK. I still want to show you a do-it-yourself solution paid with only 1 minute of your attention.

Let me offer this  DIY solution for your own small sales system. Lets present your unique offer to about 100 interested people every week. Post an ad on the classifieds, on Facebook groups in your city, and when people want to opt-in and message you, follow up with an email autoresponder thanking them and inviting them to connect with you. All of these steps are outlined in our blog. Best of luck! Ask if you have any questions with setting that up.

I suggest you publish content for your Social media if you stick with one platform, daily.

The funnel to bring in a consistent and daily business inquiry arguably worth $10,000, but you can do it yourself.


That’s unfortunate. People are actively typing to find your business’s service.

But consider this,

Have you ever had a #1 front page ranking like our customers before?

What’s your guarantee?

Unlike any other guy, I’d be able to guarantee our deliverables above, and use that to solve a clear Objective. 

The Deliverables help us to achieve your goal…

Solving the lack of getting users on your website

You buy what’s clearly on the box. How you use what we deliver is up to you. If we don’t deliver what’s on the box, well – then you didn’t get the box – you got something else! 

Our process is on point and systemized, but having us implement any additional features for lead capture is needed to truly capture the people on the page

How do I move forward? What happens at the Strategy Session?

Schedule a demo. We’ll have a little strategy session where we make sure you can get the value in the TCV (Traffic, Conversions, Value) sales formula that we use on every clients .If it’s not a good fit for either of us, we’ll let you know.

We’ll follow up with a quick contract that mentions these things. You can review, sign, and return. We’ll offer you freebies at any time, but we prioritize our paying customers that have signed and paid us for work.

Can I get a free sample? A little try before you buy?

Schedule a demo and ask for it. It doesn’t make sense to offer a freebie if you’re not going to use it and understand it.

Do you pay for your own leads?

Yeah, we’re actually hiring for folks that use our system for local business lead gen. If you’re able to send us leads that convert on a plan we’ll fire off $500 as a thank you.

Why would I want to scale and pay $5000/mo if I have something that works?

If you’re happy operating as a solopreneur, then I’m happy for you. If you have aspirations and want to hire a fleet of employees and fulfill more and grow your business, then this is the next logical step.

We build out 10-buyer ready keywords and bring ton of genuine buyer-ready prospects around the Minneapolis SEO area to your appointment sales funnel.

We will manage your advertising budget and bring people to the funnel.

We grow and manage a social media, add content, and scale it with our hiring and management of local sales affiliates.


“tight, clear and professionally clean approach to what it is they are competent and confident delivering”

Chris Latterell

Stone Masonry, Stone Masters MN

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Let's Work Together!

Start at Step one and advance when ready.  Our Paint By Numbers marketing get your calendar filled up when we use the TCV sales process.

The best part is if you want more, you can just order the same product or advance to permanently scale your revenue by increasing


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