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Rank and Rent a business in Minneapolis

Our Rank and Rent businesses allow you to lease a turn-key service business.

Get a $20,000 value website, sales funnel, and everything READY for you to turn on.

Get the instant, front page results of our website for a few thousand bucks per month.

Skip years of growth. Easy stuff. It truly is that easy as putting your Logo on it.

We just send all results to your front desk’s phone to schedule calls.

Ready To Dance? It Takes Two to Tango.

After a quick strategy session over Zoom.US or a that coffee, we’ll figure out exactly what you’re aiming to get. We’ll put our minds and bounce around ideas: but you’re buying consistancy, and we got that on tap.

Go Google up "Dentists in Minneapolis":

If you’re not there, we NEED to talk. You’re usually leaving 200 people out there on the table that want to find you, but are finding your compeitors.

But there are 50 other Dentists in Minneapolis

Yeah, and do you think they all have me on their team? No. I have bestorangecountydentists.com and can send them leads… or you. (Please let it be you)

I just want leads, no website gunk please:

Perfect! We’ll send you (and only you) leads and will keep the website.

Our little mini-process for huge opportunites.

The Websites are already made!

We’ve done the work. Now you just select the systems that are currently sending your compeitors leads.

Take a market share.

You lease the website for a fixed cost for each month or for each year. Get a 50% discount if  you prepay for the full year.

Content Strategy

We manage the website as is, and can scale it modestly every month as your appreciation grows.

Case Studies

General Contractor

General Contractor

Offered a Consultation

30+ Pages of Several Services.

Can be easily Scaled for local Locations.

Real Estate Broker

Real Estate Broker

Offered a free Email Service

25,000 words of Content. Lots of locations serviced.

Teeth Whitening Dental

Teeth Whitening Dental

Offered free Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening patients have a 95% chance of converting on a free offer in the practice.

Local Chiropractor

Local Chiropractor

Offered a $27 Exam

An average exam converts into a $2000 treatment plan 50% of the time.

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