Ultimate Guide to CRMsDoing cold calls are terrifying, and if you’re trying to use a script or see how its done… well, I’ve done the work for you. I listened to this Sandlerized & adorable 11-year old girl who is prospecting on behalf of her father, a Sandler Sales trainer who is getting her to cold call early.

There are so many Sandler Sales tactics that this is both a perfect prospecting sales example and a useful prospecting sales script.

You can check out the Sandler Sales Prospecting video and check out the script below. The video is under 10 minutes, but totally worth it. The transcription below took a while, but enjoy.

(Sales Prospecting)11 Year Old Girl Cold Call W/ Sandler

Hello, Bob? –YES?

I’m afraid this is a cold call… do you want to hang up first? –No. Go ahead.
Thank you.

Let me tell you in 30 seconds why I’m calling, put a little context around it, then you can decide wether to hang up, or invite me in to meet you, fair? –

Yeah that sounds fair.

We help technology business owners in the twin cities area who are fustrated because their sales people have a weak or empty sales pipeline.

Others tell us they are meeting plenty of decision makers, but their sales people aren’t closing. A few tell us they are closing, but their sales-people are discounting and over-servicing to win and keep the business.

I don’t suppost any of these are familiar to you in your business, are they?

Yes they are

Of the three things I mentioned, not meeting decision makers, not closing, or discounting and overservicing, which one do you want to talk about first? – IT would be meeting DMs

Thats interesting. I hear that a lot, why did you pick that one? -Well people keep telling me..

Well, thats not unusual. Do you know why your pipeline stays weak (dispite thing they just told you)-its because they’re not prospecting enough.

Why do you believe that is? – They don’t like doing it.

It’s very common. Call avoidance, excuses, blaming, not taking responsibility.

Why do you feel they are able to get away with this? -Prob b/c I sympathyse with them.

How do you feel about the fact that you are paying them to do this as a core part of their job, and they aren’t doing it? -Fustrated.

Huh? I missed that. -Fustrated and worried.

Fustrated and worried. I can understand that, but it isn’t costing you money, or holding you back from achieving your targets this year is it? – I suppose it actually is.

But not by much? -Well we’re behind by 40%…

4%? Doesn’t sound like much. NO NO, 40- forty percent.

Sorry, my mistake… 40%… hmm, how much did that translate into lost revenues? -620k, expecting 850k by now…

How much?! 850.

So you’re telling me this problem with the inconsistant pipeline is costing you about 250k already this year, is that correct? Yes- thats a lot isn’t it?

Well, I’m not sure. When did your financial year end? Sept

So, we have one, 2,3,4,5,6 months left. So would it be fair to say, if you don’t fix this problem soon, it might cost your business half a million? Ah, it could.

ave you got your diary handy? Yes.

What day are you looking at? Why- what you mean?

I’m sorry, I thought you wanted to fix this problem with your pipeline. Isn’t it costing you 500k this year? Did I misunderstand how important this is to you? Ah, fair enough uhhh Tuesday.

Sorry, Tuesday is tricky. Give me another day, but don’t pick friday.


What time? Mornings best.

Hm. I know I won’t be able to make that because of another commitment monday morning. I can’t ask you for another date. Lets go back to Tuesday.

What time were you thinking?–What about 2pm.

I may be able to make that, but I confirm I have an internal meeting where people are traveling up to see me.

Before I move that around to accommodate you, is there any reason, anything at all you can think of that might cause you to cancel or cut our meeting short? No, confirmed.

And you definitely WONT cancel. No, if I give you my word, Ill stick to it.
Great, lets say 2pm to 3:30 pm. That ok? Ok yup.

Do you need directions? Uhh.. I thought you were coming over to see me?
Can I be up front with you?

This is a test of how important fixing this problem is for you.

IF its not worth taking time out of your diary, to come up to our offices, what do you think the chances are that we will end up doing business over this issue? Fair point.. Send a post code?


Before I hang up, can we agree to an agenda, and some ground rules. Yes???
What would be a good use of our time together?

What would we have to see, hear, or have happen by the time we are finished for you to say this was an excellent use of my time, I’m glad I made the effort to come up and see you. –

Well I’d need to know if you can help me, cost, and what I need to do.
Great, and supposing we get to the end, and we have ticked all of your boxes, what happens then? –

I guess we go ahead and get started.

Which means…. ? – I’ll hire you to help us!

Sounds good. I want you to know that if we don’t tick all of your boxes or you don’t like what you are hearing, then I’ll be fine with a clean, qualified “no thanks”.

Not everyone likes our approach, and not everyone is right for us. Either side can say no at any time.

Without any pressure or hard feelings. Is that reasonable? –

Yep, thats just how I like to work.

Great, so we’ll see you at our offices, on Tuesday 2pm to 3:30 pm, and I’ll confirm with a calendar invitation now, and neither of us will cancel, short of a death in the family or being hospitalized, fair?

Yep- looking forward to it.

Me too – goodbye!

Thank you- I’ll hang up now, but before I do can I ask a favor? You’re in business, and know other people in business. When you come, could you bring the names of 4 or 5 people you know who have a sales force, maybe struggling with the same problem not unlike the same one you have now, and if you’re comfortable we might talk about you referring them once you’re happy we’re as good you are hoping we are. *sigh* yes I’ll do that for you.

Thank you- See you next Tuesday at 2pm. BYE.

And there you have it, the Live Sales Prospecting Example.

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