The purpose of this document will be your checklist to start calling( SAP sales Checklist).

We value transparency and building to sell.

Client Acquisition to Grow and bring clients

With taking feedback from the delivered work of the past, the client acquisition process can take in opt-in warm leads generated by the work of the Internal Branding team. The feedback from the end helps to solidify that the work that the sales staff is doing is generating RESULTS PER VIKING and continues their confidence to find people to help.

The SAP Sales Checklist You Should Remember.

Training Sales, managing a forward operating sales center in Minneapolis MN, there will be desks, educational material and courses, and product education.


?Invite to Slack channel

?(If Local) Sign NDA Agreement

?Pair with another Intern

A new sales intern can take 2 weeks/40 hours to study from a few sales intro books, watch 20 hours of digital courses, and practice pitching and get sales mentorship. Each intern will have a pairing with another intern or as a cohort. The Sales Manager will train in the morning and evening by responding to questions. They would be practicing prospecting and pitching either each other for a few hours for a few days before going on the phone.

Academic Learning (20-30 hours)

?Go through Affiliate Immersion course (5 Hours)

?Go through Straight Line Persuasion (10 Hours)

?(If Local) go through Dental Masterclass (5 Hours)

?Read Spin Selling (5 hours)

?Read Question Based Selling (5 hours)

After training, the intern will come up with their own leads and prospects. You can research by getting an approved niche and googling for the “industry + city” to get a excel list  (Business Owner, Website, Phone number, and Notes). If you have completed all the training above, you may be given a leads list.

Step 1 – Prospecting

?Get Assigned a Niche

?Get shown the script

?Prospect and Create Google Spreadsheet to take 100 excel rows of your own leads

?Graduate to Step 2 once you successfully use the qualifying script by yourself a few times before practicing on Jake Goss

Once you have your prospected list, call them using our 3 minute script. You are creating an appointment for Jake Goss or a sales demonstrator to connect with. You can give them a free 30 minute SEO audit, or for $1000 they will get education to explain how to build their website’s value and get a $1000 certificate towards services.

Step 2 – Pre Qualifying, Schedule Audit Appointment

?Set up Unlimited Skype Membership (10$/month)

?Call people using the qualifying script to confirm and schedule a SEO/ Website Design audit ($1000, but can be free)

?Collect their email and schedule the educational audit without conflicts in the calendar

?Communicate the appointment to Jake

?Graduate to Step 3 once you practice and qualify 500 cold calls (100 per day)

(Calendar Link

They graduate out of being an base intern when they perform 500 cold calls using a script, prospecting and qualifying to get the foot in. They’re just asking that we follow up with the business in a few weeks. Then when they call, it won’t be sudden. Plus it gives them the insight and experience and the drive to grow to be the person to call back.

Step 3 – Small SEO Sales Demonstration

?View 10 hours of previous SEO audits and proposals

?Pitch to Jake

?Spend time either Qualifying (step 2) or Close $500, $1000, or $2000 SEO and $2000-$5000 website design.

?Close by confirming that we can send an “Quote for $XXXX” and get their email for us to send an invoice

?Maintain your Quota by reaching $5000 in sales every month, or be brought down to Qualifying

?Graduate to Step 4 to close $10000 in sales for three months in a row

Once the sales trainee can go through and offer proven results, they can be trusted with sales towards clients. We can offer copywriting, emails, facebook/google ads, and more.

Step 4 – Advanced Sales Demonstration

?Set up payroll for base salary based on performance

?View 10 hours of previous advanced sales demonstrations

?Practice and Improve Upon the advanced pitch

?Talk with clients you closed in Step 3, and offer additional services

If they know the product, can pitch to the manager, put in the 500 cold calls to get their feet wet, and seem qualified to represent WSV on the phone with prospects, they will graduate to get a 1-5k commission per contract. They’d be responsible for a quota of 2 sales or 50k per month by month 2, then ongoing.

Prospecting, Prospecting is done through three main ways to make an initial point of contact. This is done en-masse by interns getting results out of a 5$/week virtual assistant off Fiverr. They can also login to get information off current scraped lists and leverage our enterprise licence at

The ideal target is a small business owner that owns a local service business that averages at least $1000 per customer. This value can be collected as revenue over time. A Dentist brings in $8000 per customer, while a junk haul service might bring in $200 to residental clients but can score a municipal contract worth $50,000…

We look at five main pre-qualifiers: Do they have a website, are they paying for ads, are they on social media, are they on the local chamber of commerce, are they a “start up” or newly founded. (Startups fail, and a biz owner may not have profit if they just started)

The Internal Branding head can send out copywritten emails within niches. They can use SENDY on our virtual private server to mass send 1000 emails at a cost of 1$. They reply, and opt-into a follow up campaign. There will be a creation of landing pages that will focus this traffic to convert on someone requesting information. The offer is a free SEO audit or can even be a cheap intro package of $500/month to do on-page SEO where we will follow up afterwards.

The creation of a lead list for a sales person collects cold leads. They have the business owner’s name, their industry, website, phone number, email and a competitor of theirs. 100 Leads can be enough to work out of for an entire week for a new person, and can take not more than 2 hours to collect manually.

Qualify and Set Appointment, Responding to the emails that return flow into a warm leads list. Regardless, warm/cold calling from the prospected data empowers the salesman to make sure the lead is interested and can ethically be closed.

We will close someone who a) does not need the services and b) cannot afford the services. We aren’t checking to see how much we can solve for before we figure out some base information. At this point, the client will ultimately ask what the call is about and state the goal that the idea is to get them 5-6 more clients each month.

The sales rep calls from a script and uses tonality to imply that they are sharp as a tack, enthusastic as hell, and an expert in the field. This shows that the sales rep can solve the prospect’s problems by hinting at the solution. The rep’s goal is to further the prospect by moving them to close at a “strategy session” which can be a free SEO audit or if they are a completely cold lead. The audits are researched by a technical person and delivered by the demonstrator/closer.

The rep will ask qualifying questions that ask their Situation (yes/no short answer questions) to instill credibility and Problem questions (open ended) to find out what their pain points are.

We cannot close anyone we can’t help, and if we can’t help them we send them to a competitor. If they don’t have the money, you can ask to forward our data to their email and to recommend a competitor for them to look at or a smaller package (get started package).

Demonstrate and Close, Once a prospect is warm, a sales rep will restart the sales process by learning and going through the SPIN process to build rapport and seek intelligence over the prospect to get them to LOVE the product, the rep, and the company to buy retainer-funded digital services.

A free SEO audit gets researched in advance, and presented by a credibile individual to explain pain point of their website and strategy. Theres usually 20 points to look at including opt-ins, low ranks, no traffic, mismanaged ads, or a lack of a modern sales funnel. They learn EVERYTHING thats wrong. Its a freebie. They get value out, but lack the know how to execute it. We offer to give them help for a strategy session.

Then, this “free strategy session” is mapped out as both an educational piece to teach how SEO works, and how our strategy focuses on a landing page to collect leads. We A/B test our works and properly manage ads to drive leads into a email autoreponder that we nurture them until their company can call them to close on their needs.

They are usually 100% on the product by now, but aren’t entirely sold on the rep and the business as they have negative personal buying beliefs. Following the sales training allows us to loop into concerns and answer objections before they happen using language such as:

“You see, the true beauty of the program is that X, Y, Z is used to get you more business”

“I hear what you’re saying, but let me ask this: Do you like the idea? Does the Idea make sense?”

“Well, I pride myself on my transparency with my clients, and as far as my company goes, we couldn’t have hired a more qualified bunch. I personally train the interns we have, and they are brilliant and soak up new information that allow ourselves to continuinlly refine our own processes by following the same strategy we’ll use for you. Sound fair enough?

” If I had been your advisor, for the past 3-4 years, driving consistant revenues to your business, and I showed you all of this: you wouldn’t be thinking “let me think about it”, you’d be saying lets start. Right? I don’t have the luxury of a track record with you. But let me say this, if I am even HALF RIGHT, the only problem you’ll have is that I didn’t reach back to you 6-months ago to start. Sound fair enough?

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“Let me answer the essense of the problem here. You don’t know me and I don’t know you. Then go into talking about myself and the other consultants

“This is a surefire way. Its paint by numbers, and I will be here to hold your hand every step of the way.”

Once they are screaming YES I love the product, you are trustworthy and I believe in you, and I trust your team and their capabilities and ethics. They might have limiting beliefs like *don’t talk to strangers* that slowly erode away with rapport building and asking the right questions.

After the main proposal is drafted and it gets sent to Internal Branding to double check the Legal work, it gets sent and signed. Once the first payment funds the account, the sales rep creates a time for the client and project manager to kickstart the product.

On boarding: