Instantly build your Business Brand

As we talk about your SEO-ready local website creating leads and a brand for you, let us research and learn more about your competitors before you get your free strategy session.

Get a 10-Competitor Web Audit For Free!

Get a 25-Page Website
with all the fixin’s.

For a year of $1000 per month, we will do the following for you.

25X Website 1

Monthly Strategy Session

We provide an hour-long Q/A strategy session after we spy on 10 rivals.

25X Website 2

25-Page WordPress Site

We’ll develop an SEO’d 25-page WordPress and add your funnels on the domain.

25X Website 3

SEO Copywriting

We write SEO-optimized copywriting that is a 2-for-1 punch to find and convert leads.

25X Website 4

Multi-Step Lead Generation Form

As leads sign up for your lead funnel, we give them a follow through and qualify them.

25X Website 5

Social Media & Content

We write 25,000 words and post to social media accounts once or twice per week.

25X Website 6

Premiem Conversion Plugins

We use apps like FOMO and DRIFT, then we can scale the growth with SEO-building.

Get $1000 of Value with an Annual Plan

Stick with us for a year and we will host your website on a blazing fast Web Server called Nginx.

Normally $50/month or $600/year.

Plus we’ll update the server technology and keep backups every week (just in case).

Average Words of SEO Copy per Site

Average time on Site (minutes)


Average Traffic to MQL

25X Website 7

How to scale the growth of your business's SEO?

Once you have your own website, we scan scale the keywords it can reach with refering URLs from other websites. We call these backlinks.

We don’t care about the people that click through to find you.

Google finds these backlinks as a vote of confidence in your website.

That your website is trustworthy. 

You want backlinks, and we can use those to get to the #1 page of a difficult keyword.

With enough SEO optimized text and backlinks, you can get anywhere on Google. 

The high effort of networking with other website admins is required, so we’ll do a local SEO Keyword research for it s we make each link count.

Of course, you only pay for 5 links, but the effort behind each link cements it in the growth of your website.


Get A stream of Free Relevant marketing Content

Lots of screens here,
is your website on anyone’s?

Thanks to the glorious internet, we can track every single visitor on the website, figure out what pages they are going to, and how long they can stay on the website.

From that data, we only need to care about two.

What # of people go to your website every month…

And what % of those turn into a real lead for your business.

And as we scale, grow, and proceed. You’ll have a business that can humbly grow along with you.

Average Growth in Traffic Each Month


Average Conversion of Traffic

25X Website 8

Answers to Your Questions

So, I’m new. What do I get for a thousand bucks?

Starting with a budget of a thousand bucks per month, you get everything in Step 1:

A small sales system that presents your unique offer to about 100 interested people every week. We’ll post an ad on the classifieds, on Facebook channels, and when people want to opt-in, we’ll follow up with an email autoresponder thanking them and inviting them to connect with you.

We’ll also set up and publish content for your Social media if you stick with

With another $1000, you can double this. Get twice as much.

The funnel is worth $10,000

But paying another $1000 to get Step every gets me what?

Pay us $2000/mo and you get the maintenance of the sales funnel as well as

We do this through a website, managed social media, and a lot of valuable SEO optimized text that brings people to your website.

Why would I want to scale and pay $5000/mo if I have something that works?

If you’re happy operating as a solopreneur, then I’m happy for you. If you have aspirations and want to hire a fleet of employees and fulfill more and grow your business, then this is the next logical step.

We build out 10-buyer ready keywords and bring ton of genuine buyer-ready prospects around the Minneapolis SEO area to your appointment sales funnel.

We will manage your advertising budget and bring people to the funnel.

We grow and manage a social media, add content, and scale it with our hiring and management of local sales affiliates.

Whats your guarentee?

Unlike any other guy, I’d be able to guarantee our deliverables above.

You’ve met me. You’ve known what we can do. You have seen our live case studies and maybe even can get us to just give you what we’re already sitting on.

You buy whats on the box. If we can’t deliver whats on the box, well – then you didn’t get anything.

Our process is on point, that we can deliver, but the TCV Sales formula is Traffic, Conversions, and Value.

We can develop assets to increase the Traffic and Conversions, but spending money on them is an investment in an asset.

How do I move forward? What happens at the Strategy Session? Can I get a free sample?

Schedule a demo. We’ll have a little strategy session where we make sure you can get the value in the TCV sales formula from the clients we send your way. If it’s not a good fit for either of us, we’ll let you know.

We’ll follow up with a quick contract that mentions these things. You can review, sign, and return. We’ll offer you freebies at any time, but we prioritize our paying customers that have signed and paid us for work.

Can I get a free sample? A little try before you buy?

Schedule a demo and ask for it.

IN our Start page, we offer a little glimpse into all of our products. If you’re nice, we’ll lease a $60,000 website to you. Because if you close a few deals, you’ll be able to just flat out pay for it.

Do you pay for your own leads?

Holy crap, heck yes. Show this to anyone, and if they close on an annual plan, we’ll give you $500.

Our Latest Projects

See our Projects’ case studies off our Portfolio.

25X Website 9

Chiropractic Office

For new work injury patients
25X Website 10

Real Estate

For Home Buyers
25X Website 11

General Contractor

For Home Improvement Jobs
25X Website 12

Legal Representation

For Small Claim Clients
25X Website 13

Dental Teeth Whitening

For new Dental Patients
25X Website 14

CRM Development

For custom CRM Development
“tight, clear and professionally clean approach to what it is they are competent and confident delivering” Chris Latterell

Masonry, Stone Masters MN

25X Website 15

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