About Us

We are two guys, Jake and Erik, and we help folks like you get started in building a tshirt apparel empire using the resources we're proving. We've launched multiple four and five annual figure businesses and people come to us for business advice and services.

We both agree, one of the easiest ways to build wealth is to have a passive income.  We were tired of spending many hours working in an office and we decided to build something that is mostly hands off and enough for us to live off of. When studying into the shirt industry over 10 years, we learned a whole lot about the changes in how business was done and wanted to give anyone a way to build a scale able path into passive income.

About 15 years ago, if you wanted a custom shirt done, you had to go to a local screen printing store and give them artwork. The process had a minimum set since they screen printed many shirts at a time.

About 10 years ago, if you wanted a custom shirt done, you could go to a store's website, and order a shirt if they had it in stock. This was the rise of Direct To Garment Printers. These apparel printers could print out shirts, but they cost upwards of 50,000$ to make.

About 5 years ago, we saw the growth of websites where people could design and sell their own designs on websites. They would make a omission, but nothing really separated these websites from each other. They were just shirt producers masked as distributors.

About 2 years ago, Amazon acquired Merch which was one of these shirt distributing companies. By now offering print on demand shirts with their Prime 2 Day, they were able to allow folks like us to upload and prepare shirts using Amazon's massive distribution network. Costs went down and profits were much higher. People averaged 7$ of profit on a shirt that sold 10 times a week. So many people came into this industry. People put up 1,000 new designs a second. Merch limited the number of people accepted to their program and limit how many designs you can have at a time. The people who were on Merch were grandfathered in and might have a few million designs up there.

NOW, there are so many software tools and other print on demand services that allow anyone to create their own system to be sold through Amazon. These free and existing software connect up all the many websites on the internet. However, they are reeling back just how popular it is. Teespring is one of the major print on demand distributors but they limit distributors to 100 new designs to be published every day, which is perfect if you can upload 10 designs and make 10 different colors and apparels to be printed within them.

In a few years, we assume that these tools and connections and people like us will allow for hundreds of thousands more people to set up their web stores. Amazon might make distribution much cheaper and profits will be higher for each shirt, but with new competition, only the older and established sellers that act on this opportunity will have the reputation to be generating revenue. There might also be other print-on-demand mediums such as blankets, backpacks, water bottles, and stickers that can be quickly produced and sold through our system. I'll be excited to see the next few decades change for the industry.

SHIRTSPICE combines 10 years of insider industry knowledge with providing for the rising demand of print on demand shirts. At each step of opportunity, hesitation stopped us from benefiting from the vast technological changes. We offer everything to get started plus educational resources to keep it going into the next few years. 



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