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St. Paul Web Design

For web branding, companies are looking for the best St. Paul Web Design freelancer that can also implement SEO practices for web exposure.

I bring creative and strategic digital exposure to websites and the business owners behind them. For 13 years, I’ve worked with Minnesota small business owners to show them where and how they’re missing out on 10,000 to 100,000 in new monthly revenue by not having a strategy with their design.

 With taking their brand to build online marketplace exposure, I help them get 10x more real results™. 

Hes on top of everything, I was looking for someone for a website for months and finally had met Jake and his team, and he has the better prices, hes really helpful, and super fast.”

Natalia Bacarra | Adorable Kids Parties

Websites for Insurance Agencies

Victor Ramirez had relied on Lake Country Insurances’ website. We did our Website In A Day and got him a functional website. He now handles it and uses it.



Insurance SEO Consulting

When auditing and checking other insurance agencies’ SEO presence, I noticed that none of them targeted cities leaving a massive SEO opporunity for insurance agent websites. If anyone used SEO for insurance properly, it would look like a location page on their website that talks about how they do Auto Insurance in Minneapolis for example.

Nearly every city in Minnesota can be targeted like this, creating an instant monopoly on Google. SEO clicks for “auto insurance minneapolis” are worth $80 per click, so those free clicks add up really quickly.


St. Paul Web Design // See Real Results™ // Unlimited Website Revisions 1
St. Paul Web Design // See Real Results™ // Unlimited Website Revisions 2

His energy and activator personality is inspiring to anyone in his vicinity.

Riley Karbon | Karbon Consulting

Websites for General Contractors

Inbound Restoration wanted a specific type of new jobs within the home improvement space in Minnesota. Their competition was getitng phone calls every single day. They now have a website they can call home, where people can get a quote and automatically get bids. They can now filter out all of the best jobs for them and pick and choose their work.



General Contractor SEO Consulting

 When researching in the space, I noticed that there was a lot of opporunity for the service plus the city. So with this website for a general contractor, the strategy to target those was built into the system. Having a page targeting “home repair Minneapolis” was worth 10 dollars per click, with jobs being well and beyond five figures it was profitable.

Every single city, including Minneapolis can be targeted after they use our small business SEO services. It looks like an extra 1000 words to get people specifically in that area.


St. Paul Web Design // See Real Results™ // Unlimited Website Revisions 3
St. Paul Web Design // See Real Results™ // Unlimited Website Revisions 2

“I learned so much. Jake made my brain do backflips!”

“He works very quickly and created a 7-page website for my business within a week. He also patiently taught me how to use WordPress.”

Rita Peterson | Banker’s Life Insurance

Websites for Spa Company

Natalia had a website on Wix, a DIY website builder. The website (before) seemed like it was built in the 90s, and had multiple broken features and a slow website time.

We rebuilt the website, added a lot of features, and allowed payments to be collected from the website.

She is now doing 2 to 3 projects per day occupying her time fully. 


Spa SEO Consulting

With some research using SEO for the beauty niche, the other nail salon marketers and websites for these businesses all lack exposure. Most of the business owners that own a nail salon or even event planning do not leverage a website – and there are multiple within the same city. They do however use the Google My Business page to collect reviews, but fail to optimize them.

For a beautician or even hair salon company, servicing more clients by showing up on Google is very much easily accessible. 



St. Paul Web Design // See Real Results™ // Unlimited Website Revisions 5

Websites for Bookkeepers

Patti had no website and no web presence. She had a website created within a month, with pages targeting specific features of her services. She now works full time as a bookkeeper. 


Bookkeeper SEO Expert Help

From some personal research in this space, I’ve seen personal contractors need help with their bookkeeping. A savvy bookkeeper can target independant contractors by niching down. Accountants and bookkeeping services are an incredibly underdeveloped space online, as most bookkeepers are analytical and naturally need creative to help them grow online.


St. Paul Web Design // See Real Results™ // Unlimited Website Revisions 6

Websites for Coffee Shops

Nate had an IT professional fail to back up his website – so it disappeared. Digital seemed to not be used outside of email autoresponders and a company provided website. Within a single hour, we brought up this website, and with tracking, it generates 5-10 new customers per month. through the form.

He is now looking at integrating his store, and leveraging other web strategies.


SEO for Coffee Shops

Most businesses fail to show up in the local Google map packs. Business owners and consultantants tend to just find the nearest place near them, so if they can’t find themselves online – neither can their compeitor.


To solve this, business citations are almost always the easiest solution. Those are pages that mention the business where people normally can get the businesses name and phone number. With 200 business citations, they’ll be on the top of Bloomington – rivaling Starbucks and other places.



St. Paul Web Design // See Real Results™ // Unlimited Website Revisions 7

Websites for Life Coaches

William was trained as a personal life coach under Tony Robbins – and needed to get some results quickly. He had a website built in Squarespace that didn’t get him anything. With this new website, he was able to automate a lot of features, and post a lot of his case studies. His best clients now come from the website.


Life Coach SEO

Within Life Coaching, there seems to be a virtually untapped market. Life coaches can be taught to be self motivated, and usually they have a lot of excellent ideas and video content. Maximizing that by using Youtube SEO for life coaches can be done to maximize their return on time. That looks like a proper Youtube video built out with a description and keywords as well as having a great profile on the website. 


Life coach websites also can take on a lot of different content articles that are within the same space of the service. That will produce a lot of results, new client calls, and long term client contracts.



St. Paul Web Design // See Real Results™ // Unlimited Website Revisions 8

Websites for Copywriters

Matt had a website that he built before that had a few examples in his portfolio of general projects. With a strategy session with us, and our new site. He was able to score a long-term position as a cryptocurrency copywriter with our website.  He now currently partners with us on mutual projects.


Crypto SEO Consulting

Within the cryptocurrency space, nearly every single keyword targeting bitcoin seemed to be wide open. Any cryptocurrency, altcoin, or token plus a service can be targeted. We personally showed up for crypto copywriting for weeks before others broke into the space.


In order to capture and seize the opporunity for the long term, continual content is needed to be posted. If ranks drop below 2-3, then more content within that same space can be created that links back to the webpage in question. This produces long term results that drives results with SEO for blockchain projects.



St. Paul Web Design // See Real Results™ // Unlimited Website Revisions 9

Websites for Tax Companies

Rudy had a website that was just a few sentences with a few images. It was heavily penalized and didn’t attract any results. Hes featured on our website because our website produced $0 to $15,000 value  in Annual Click value, and all we did was basic local SEO services. He is now pursuing growth strategies with us to target bookkeeping, accounting, and tax resolution services.


Tax SEO Consultant

When looking into this space, nearly every tax and accountant firm works a lot and invests a lot in the weeks leading up to the tax season.


They almost all do paid radio ads, print, and direct mail.


Not a lot of them are doing SEO.


To position Rudy at the top for his keywords, what we did was build pages specifically mentioning that he was a Minneapolis Tax Company. Hes now at the top pages for these keywords.


St. Paul Web Design // See Real Results™ // Unlimited Website Revisions 10
St. Paul Web Design // See Real Results™ // Unlimited Website Revisions 11

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