In this podcast, you are going to learn how to use standard operating procedure to really grow your business. Usually, we talk about how digital can grow your business, but we are focusing on system building in this series of 10 mins podcast. You are listening to Web Strategy Viking podcast, where we talk about quick and creative ways for you to grow your business.

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standard operating procedure

But in this podcast, we are going to take 10 minutes aside to talk about how you can use standard operating procedures to grow and scale and be more efficient in creative when it comes to working within a system for your business processes.

What are Standard Procedures ?

Standard Operating Procedure Team
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Think about it as a series of checklist, if you are doing a very reputable process that is vital to your business, how can you delegate that and duplicate that result again and again. Checklists in use by another person should have the same outcome

If I follow the same step, I should be able to get the same level of result when . This is how company like McDonald can scale and duplicate their business model so easily because they have a process.

In this podcast, I am going to go through example of company going from dumpster fire of chaos to becoming a well-oiled machine. Think about the standard operating procedure as a checklist, this must be done to get this result in these steps and within this time. If you carry out all these steps you will get the same outcome

What is the Purpose of a Standard Operating Procedure ?

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If a client asks you to build a website, how do you know what the client wants ?

If we don’t have steps that need the customers specifications in place, our team don’t know what to do. So, by doing a sort of approval process in the beginning for designing, we can delegate the development of a website very quickly within the same quality that a professional is able to deliver.


A quick antidote, there was an oyster farm in East Coast, and oyster farm are basically like a swimming pool, where the oyster farmer feeds the oyster with the nutrient that they need to grow. Now, about 20 – 30 years ago, there were these oyster infections that cause an entire crop of oyster to go bad and die off.

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And that infect some other pools, because the water, the food was contaminated, they were not sure because if the entire pool is infected, the rest of their stock could be infected also. A lot of people lost their stock because of this oyster infection, many lost like half of their stock and oyster then use to be very expensive. Due to this incident, one oyster farmer learned from his mistake and build out steps that prevent his stock from being destroyed.

Another Example of Standard Operating Procedure

Standard Procedure in Grocery Shopping
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A similar procedure is the grocery list, if you are planning for a party and you are trying to make a chicken salad, it is just salad with big chicken on top. And you are having a picnic or dinner party and you are using your mum recipe for it and people love it. But going out to pick the grocery is something you have not done in a while, so you go to the grocery store to pick some groceries and as you check out, you remember you forgot an item that you missed, you went back and get your cooking ready.

Getting home, you cook the recipe and it was amazing, and you got told by some people that attended the party to come and cook that same recipe at their party too. You now discovered you got invited to two party in the weekend to prepare that great recipe. So, you go to the store again and you realise you have the receipt for the previous purchase, all you must do is follow the procedure there to get all the ingredient for the recipe.

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At the end, you will realize that it took you a short amount of time to get everything needed for the service. If you get invited to seven more of that party because people do like your salad and they want you to come back more and you realize you can save yourself an hour a week if you just stock pile of chicken or now, I can do the shopping very quickly because now you have a checklist that aids you

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You are now able to do the same consistent steps easily. And with the checklist, you can send someone, maybe your younger brother to get those items for you from the grocery store using the receipt form previous purchase. With that you save time and get more easier method to get things done while saving time. With that structure, you can know the exact time it takes to get the purchase and other steps to be taken at every point of the procedure.


That is what standard operating procedure is all about, it allows you to delegate and plan things out to free the time for you to handle your processes and other valuable things to help you grow and plan things on what you want to do.

Anyway, I wanted to keep this short and in the next episode, we are going to be talking exactly how to plan this out, how to take advantage on the time you spend on working in the business versus on the business. I will talk to you in the next episode, thank you.

Side notes : Jake Goss is an affordable SEO Expert that helps small businesses. He has been doing this for over 14 years, and manages a team of SEOs based in Minnesota, US – If you would like to get in contact with Jake go to