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You want to try our services before you buy! And we want you to try the bite-sized versions of our marketing, No fees. No obligation to work with us. You keep your own copies, etc. Below are our main products, in bite-sized marketing bites. So opt-in and get freebie work when we have downtime, and we take work as we get them in a queue. One more thing! You can always see what your peers are getting on the freebie pages under Start.    

FREE Marketing Bites (just contact us)

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1) Strategy Session

Over a $2.99 coffee, you’ll get a strategy session with Jake Goss-Kuehn and the team where We teach You the lead gen process so well you can do it too. Freebie: I’ll get you the coffee if you visit our office for Downtown Minneapolis SEO Strategy.
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If you’ve scheduled an appointment withus, We meet over a local coffee or a Zoom.Us call. We pour over what you’ve got, and what your ultimate client would be. If its not a good fit, we’ll show you to someone who might be able to help. Either way, we’ll educate you on our lead process as if you were our own Sales Exec that’s able to make a $1000 commission off our awesome marketing product. Yeah: this training is free and instantly available on our site, too. After a while, we’d send off a legal doc thats synced. Its all automated (remember), and you can begin whenever. But you’d get an incentive to act right away, obviously, such as a free Lead Generation ad…

3) Sales Funnel

We make the lead generation automated, spend money on ads, and if you choose to buy the leads or the system. Freebie: We’ll build you a landing page from templates that forwards leads to your email.
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Doing a local Minneapolis sales funnel is quick and easy to develop on. A local sales funnel just consists of an offering, and a means to show people that offering. Using the TCV formula, we remodel existing sales models and put them in front of your ideal customers. Sure we may reuse craigslist again and again, but then we start to scale. Where we show 100 people, we show 1000 people. And we can track more. Measure more, and our changes have data to back up our adustments. Then when your patients opt-in to a developed sales funnel, well, then there’s that. Because then you have your ideal HOT lead in front of you. (And we keep sending them non-intrusive emails to make sure they stay nurtured until they meet with you)

5) Local Seo Copywriting

You found us… compelling. Our SEO copywriting finds and precloses clients and makes them WANT to call – so no rejections. 2 For 1s, anyone? Freebie: Got a website already? We will write a little guest post article for your website that will promote you and another local business. Scratch my back…
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.As you’ve noticed, this page and others are a little bit compelling. …a little readable… and it flows like a conversation. But when you want people to find you AND convert, that’s a skill priced per word. If I said that web projects and writers bill 50 cents per word, you’d say… so this page is worth a thousand bucks?! No. Its worth, much, MUCH more. Because it’s going to bring in a $5000 interested client (without any skin off my back) every month. Then over time, as the SEO starts to kick in. (And you and others link to this page to share this website) Well… Then you see how it all sorts of work together then, right? Next logical step is to make sure all of your customers have a way to say THANK you and share and promote your works. Because we made your brand, put it in a box, and you need to show the world.

7) Digital Sales Affiliates

Finally, we source and manage local affiliate marketers who take our commission… ..that scale the marketing 100x. Freebie: We will hire you. No fees, no MLM. Yeah, we’ll just hire you. Ask us what its like.
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A local Minneapolis Sales Affiliate really boils down to if you’re hungry for sales and can drive people to this page. Because I know how much each customer is worth to me over time. I live and breathe the TCV formula. I’m offering $1000 to anyone that can put a prospect in front of me that will instantly purchase a Minneapolis SEO ready site. And if they’re personally meeting people, well, then a Minneapolis affiliate for my SEO websites can make a good chunk of change. They just get their clients to pay, sign my standard contract, and boom. It’s a done, automated deal. Do you think you can link this page and show it to others that may be interested in buying? Why not? Sure you can. Its just copying and pasting. And if they merely say your name during the process, you get that $1000 commission. Show me who does this, and I will acquire them. Because if they have a system that values sustainable growth, then that’s a recipe that any potential buyer can appreciate. But like our websites… they’re like a business-in-a-box. Not even a turnkey business. They are already generating business. If you are buying just the leads… …then this final coup-de-grace is possibly your end goal as well.

2) Lead Generation

At no cost up front: You get leads from the copywritten ads we wrote when we were energetically talking about your business. Freebie: We will write 100 words of an ad as a freebie for you to put on Craigslist’s Classifieds.
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Craigslist for lead generation is the modern-day version of the classifieds, and while calling into your local newspaper is time-consuming and expensive, Craigslist for lead gen is ideal and easily A/B test-able. They changed their billing: $5 for a local ad gets seen by a 1000s of people, and we write a coffee-fueled ad that gets conversions and replies. We ask them to schedule a 1-to-1 conversation, and we post it on our website as well as Craigslist. Then… boom, a lead comes in and we forward it to you. Not much effort, for a potentially $10s of thousands of sales… How about we automate it in a digital sales funnel, eh?

4) 25X Minneapolis SEO'd Website

Off our notes, we build our 25-page website that is modeled on this website for passive, lead generation through a brand. Freebie: Non-profit? We’ll build you a full 25-page SEO for non-profits AND get you a 120k/yr Grant.
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Much like this Minneapolis SEO optimized website, we build off a system that ranks for you and passively finds customers. When they find the site, they learn your process. They see your services and understand your fee structure. They put a face to the name. A brand in a similar aesthetic. And its all developed in a super easy to use website manager called WordPress. And its 500x better than Wix, Squarespace, and Weebly… Because the site is easily editable, and very easily scalable. (Those sites are dying-turtle slow compared to this site) Now that we’re not needing to spend money on ads… We can now write content (much like what this is) and rank for local keywords. We’d write pages like: “how to rank for Minneapolis SEO” and “why the hell is SEO in Minneapolis important”. Now, we’re relevant. Now people are finding us. How do we get them to actually schedule a meeting and become locally marketing qualified lead for my business?

6) Growth Hackin'

Through the Secret Sauce, how ’bout we grow our social by hundreds of genuine social media and email subscribers. Freebie: Learn how to DIY Social media and have it post 4X a day, for months OR let us teach you how to master Instagram, Snapchat, or Pinterest 😉
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Growth hacking is such a terrible sounding word, but its actually a sought-after professional in Silicon Valley. Hackers find a shortcut into a system for a benefit. So growing your business using consistent, and ethically shortcuts work and produce HUGE ROIs. Like: are you actually posting 4 times per day.. PER DAY on your social media? Then you’re not growing, you’re coasting. Are you liking, and following your customers (and potential customers) content? Yes – their photos. (NO ONE HAS TIME TO DO ALL OF THIS) Unless you’re a robot, you can do this, daily, 24/7, with unpaid vacation breaks. This is the power of growth hacking…. But what if we make this a human-to-human experience. Because humans buy from humans… and when you’re ready to scale and make a 100x decision… you’re ready to hire an affiliate sales team.

8) Rank & Rent

We build companies for fun over a $2.99 coffee. Unless you pay for it, we’ll put it in our marketplace for anyone to lease. Freebie: Ask us to send you 100% of the leads from one of our websites for a few weeks until its sold.
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If you’re unfamiliar with how a business gets bought and sold, it just boils down to three main variables. (Because we rank and RENT our own websites for folks like you to use and benefit 100%) And we invested the time, resources, and skill with 0 Risk on your part… to know exactly what you’re getting. Anyway, the three variables for pricing a SEO lead generation site: 1- The net monthly profit. 2 -The hours the Owner(s) need to spend per month. 3 – And the potential growth and risk of the website. And a multiple for an SEO agency may be up to 6X or 9X per annual profit if everything falls into place. So, let’s take a super reasonable example here: Let’s say I have a dozen $5000 customers, buying our $5000 website, and then growing it under our low-cost $5000/mo SEO service. Our costs (in this example) is $10,000 for this to maintain. (Just maintain and put back up to a dozen customers) Cool. Our monthly profit is $50,000. But since I’m running 60-70 hours per week, making sure ALL of our client’s projects are making results happen… It’s a very difficult, and hard to outsource the job. If I ever hire a general manager and pay him $120,000 a year. Our monthly profit is $40,000. If everything stays the same, I’d argue that the company is worth just under Two million dollars. The 2 Million investment will break even in 72 months… and that’s considering that NONE of the money ever gets reinvested in the business. That’s just the low end of the spectrum. Having ~10 clients is a reasonably less risky number, and it’s easy to keep them happy and keep a waitlist of a customer ready to join. The profit margin is high, and that’s lucrative. So we rank and rent the websites that we build for chiros, personal injury attorneys, construction builders, etc… And if we don’t have one up… we can build one. In less than a month, we’ll build the whole system… Kit and kaboodle… But the first lead could come your way as soon as tomarrow. Because you forget: You’re with a Web Strategy Viking, and we conquer your compitetion using that free craigslist ad we make for you. So chat with us, and see how it ALL ties together.

How to instantly generate leads &, Conquer local (for $2.99)

Buckle up. Over a $2.99 coffee, I will spill the digital marketing secret sauce all over the floor. (If I haven’t already) It boils down to the coveted secret formula: (You ready?) The TCV sales formula is the expected addition of revenue to your bottom line: Traffic * Conversions * Lifelong Value Show 100 people your product every month, and a certain percent will become a paying customer. Assume the best: They’re potential buying customers. They Googled in “South Metro Lead Generation” because they heard we rank 1,2, and 3 on that page. Great, thats traffic. Then they see this page (or others like it) and feel confident to move ahead with a decision and local lead conversion happens. Seems like 5% of people that are ready to buy, become this “MQL” or marketing qualified lead as a strategy session. They close, and I start the work & my customers pay me $5000+ every month. Neat. Thing is, the TCV works for virtually all businesses and can demonstrate how lucrative your value can potentially be. So we first run a strategy session for $2.99. We learn about your business, and figure out the numbers. We only care about one ROI: The one that matters… We take care of the TCV model, and get you MQLs using a 400% ROA on your ad spend. Yeah: ROI is the only word you and I should care about. (And its a Surefire marketing process from here.

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