Our Best Minneapolis SEO Case Studies

Trying to grow your business with Organic SEO? Need to find a local, Minneapolis SEO with case studies of results? We went from zero in website traffic and get inbound calls; our clients get much more and hire, expand, and get consistent website visitors. This page showcases the Web Strategy Viking’s track record as told by the screenshots of traffic data with the trend line of where we grew their business.

Success 1
Ecommerce SEO
Signed on to audit and work on implementations on the website. The traffic grew 7000 in a few months.
+7000 Traffic
Success 2
Tax Service SEO
Latino tax service had a website in the past that was setup on a unoptimized site. Grew to 15k/yr of value with a website design with our basic SEO service.
+$1,800/mo Value
Success 3
Ecommerce SEO
The clients website was constantly decreasing since the fall. Through keyword research and implementations, the site grew almost 50% in new traffic.
Success 4
Wordpress Design Agency
Wordpress SEO Design Firm grown from scratch. Within 5 months, got it producing results using the basic SEO service.
+$700/mo Growth
Success 5
Fitness & Healthcare
Clients website was declining for the past few months. They needed to change up their SEO strategy. Growth of 12,000 users with our small business SEO Service.
+12,500 Growth
Success 6
Medical Device
SEO was at its limits. They were using a website poor in content & spending $300 to get a buyer...
Tripled Exposure
Success 7
Entertainment Niche
A site built from scratch. Within 12 months, got it to 3k a month traffic using our small business SEO service process.
0k To 3.5k Growth
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How does our search engine optimization consulting drive business value?

Most websites fail to bring in even one call. Our TCV (Traffic, Conversions, Value) digital business model gets used as an indicator where we move the needle. Having a website is one thing, but making sure people traffic the website, convert customers, and analyze longterm value lets us drive and measure ROI of our small business SEO service campaigns.

It looks a little like this:


  • 9 Times out of 10, a business owner consults with us and identifies that digital is exactly what is preventing their business from growing, the other is due to the organization of their incoming leads and referrals. 
  • We kickstart a strategy and start tracking the SEO analytics, opt-ins, and phone calls to the business so we can test changes using data and maximize return
  • We develop the website, targeting highly lucrative keywords targeting 1000+ of qualified local consumers
  • We make sure that the consumers that opt-in stay warm by emailing them valuable content
  • 80% of ROI opporunity is identified from our ongoing analysis of analytics reporting we set up day 1. Usually data pours in at the 2nd month, this is where the hammer meets the anvil.
  • We produce content to match the opporunity. 
  • Get even more rankings, exposure in the market, and local consumers looking at your website.

Monthly Search Traffic of Quality Traffic


Traffic to Client Conversion Rate

Average Client Value (for a Chiropractor)

Monthly Revenue

Success 8

Business First. Digital Second.

After we plan all of the digital strategies onto our websites, SEO, and social strategies and paid ads, to drive clicks, it begs the question: Did it move the needle?

To which we answer with a proud and triumphant, “Yes!”

Check out Web STrategy Viking’s results and the strategies that led them there by our clients and peers within digital marketing.

Web Strategy Viking Clients Share Their Testimonials

The secret is out. Keeping our customers happy and profitable is our best marketing strategy.


“He is on top of it all.”

Success 9

Google 5-Star Reviews

You can’t afford not to have him on your team, seriously!”

Success 10


“Confidently Delivering”

Success 11


When you need a website for your business, I highly recommend Jake with Web Strategy Viking. “


I firmly stand behind each and every client, mentoring and coaching owners and providing what they need to prosper. Often, I invest my free time sharping the SEO sword writing new cutting-edge and actionable content for business owners and our website visitors.

They listen because we refine and use our SEO roadmap that they see as comprehensive way to use digital effectively.

You’re on this webpage right now. You’re living in my world.

Jake Goss-Kuehn

Director of Digital Strategy, Web Strategy Viking

Success 12


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