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Jake is not only well-versed in the art and science of SEO, but he also has excellent understanding of how to combine SEO and paid advertising to drive traffic, cause conversions, and generate valuable leads for his clients.

Jay Gerring

Digital Strategist, AdventureSum Inc.

Jake has been helping me create my e-commerce website. Jake possesses deep knowledgeable of search engine optimization. He’s skilled in WordPress and knows a ton about online payment methods. He’s the perfect guy to have on your team if you’re starting a business online, or moving more of your business onto the internet. I love that Jake told me his goal was to get me to my first sale. That’s the type of commitment that you want on your team. Believe me when I say that, you can’t go without Jake’s advice.

Jeff Mathwig

eCommerce, Exclusive In Style

“He works very quickly and created a 7-page website for my business within a week. He also patiently taught me how to use WordPress.”

Rita Peterson

Insurance, Banker's Life

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Jake is so knowledgeable about Google and how to get recognized online as a business owner. You can’t afford not to have him on your team, seriously! I’ve been working with Jake for about 2 months now & I can’t believe all the things I didn’t know! Now because of Jake’s expertise I can implement new strategies that really work to grow my business.

Elizabeth Summers

Doula, Elizabeth Summers Wellness

Small Business Digital Marketing Blog

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SAP Sales Checklist

The purpose of this document will be your checklist to start calling.We value transparency and building to sell.Client Acquisition to Grow and bring clientsWith taking feedback from the delivered work of the past, the client acquisition process can take in opt-in warm...

ShirtSpice About Us

About UsWe are two guys, Jake and Erik, and we help folks like you get started in building a tshirt apparel empire using the resources we're proving. We've launched multiple four and five annual figure businesses and people come to us for business advice and...

W5 + 1H of Digital Strategist

W5 + 1H of Digital StrategistIdeas: Use each Question and answer as content.21 Comhprensive Answers from a Digital Strategist in MinneapolisA 21 Q/A Interview With a Digital Strategist in Minneapolis----You've found an online interview of a Digital Strategist...

Dental Marketing

The ultimate guide for dental marketing.Why do digital Marketing for DentistsDigital Marketing for Dentist is as simple in theory as you can make it. A solo practicioner office needs patients like any other professional, and this digital marketing guide on patient...

Hire me for this inbound sales funnel

Let me create your sales funnel for converting inbound leads into customers for $989.In short, you'll get a designed and copywritten landing page, thank you page, email drip campaign, and I'll host it all and forward you the leads. No monthly bull.If...

How to set up GMB before you Optimize it

Objective: Offering a quick guide of setting up local business listings. Why: Getting on the map lets nearby folks find your business on their own - and because you deserve to get people to find you.GOOGLE:They Type in “Business in city”. Easiest place to get setup is...


HOW TO MEASURE DIGITAL STRATEGY(AN EPISODE OF THE DIGITAL STRATEGIST PODCASTING)[00:00]Hey, welcome to local twin city marketing podcast where we talk about creative ways that you as business owner, freelancer or digital marketer can use to grow a business. Giving an...

Chase Reiner PRO Certification

Feb 2019, SEO Chase Reiner released his SEO Pro Certification course, and we took it.It was worth $4000 at the time of this, and its barely a month old.This method is based on long-term, data proven, white-hat SEO. You can't get much better than this boiled down...

How I 3X Traffic in 3 Days with 15 Minutes

Hey SEO bros,I've nearly 3X'd my website's traffic in 3 days, and I'll tell you how I did it overnight.And its going to be permanenet.All without doing any SEO work.Most people spend 15 minutes on it, You too can do the same.I used the SEO roadmap...

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