We are proud to have worked on 50+ customers over the last 12 months with ongoing feedback. Testimonials, positive or negative, come with a $500 credit towards service that you can give to your peers. Submit a testimonial to jake@webstrategyviking.com.

“He knew 100 things about SEO to my 1. Treated me like an equal. treated me like my business was his own. Uses the phrase" I appreciate", lots. 9/10 would recommend again” See Thumbtack Review
Kylie V.
Lawn Care
“tight, clear and professionally clean approach to what it is they are competent and confident delivering.” See Thumbtack Review
Chris L – StonemastersMN.com
CEO & Founder
“Bringing leads for our business was a nightmare. We had 0, and I mean 0 in any results. Our site was made, but I had NO IDEA WHY IT WASN'T GOING ANYWHERE. Jake sent me a message offering an "audit" screen sharing my website as a lecture and Q/A session. He did this for free but I expected a sales pitch. He didn't give me a quote, but asked how he could map it how to fix all of these out for us. As a roofer, I followed up, he had a package deal and a plan to do it and we went ahead with it. He built us a site, did SEO on it (not sure how), and it has 41 front page keywords. I was able to find the keywords on google, but one things for certain, the phones are ringing at least once or twice a week and my inbox gets notifications. Let me upload the photo, here. They sent me this.”See Thumbtack Review (& see photo)
Chris E. – South Metro Asphalt
Quality Realty Service
“I wish I had met Mr Goss earlier. Before I hired freelancers on Upwork to do our website. Not happy with other freelancers. He would have saved me $10,000 and headaches. Mr Goss found 10 compeitors, sent me 6 website samples, and I picked one. It was online the next day with the dummy text, and changed promptly as part of the process. Mr Goss was able to grow the new website from 0 to 100 on the google analytics graph that he shows me over the phone, and this was exciting for me. It is still going up.”See Thumbtack Review
Ella T. – Family Non Profit
Admissions director
“Working with Web Strategy Viking LLC has been amazing. They genuinely invest in education and make an active effort to have all the tools necessary for you to succeed. I've been able to learn and bounce ideas off of very experienced people which definitely helped my learning curve. It's a collaborative environment. Overall I would recommend anyone who's looking for an agency to bring their A-game every time to work with Web Strategy Viking. You won't be disappointed.”See Thumbtack Review
Saad Z – Consultant
Airframe mechanic
“I'm in tile and flooring, and Jake (or jakes team) are very expensive. I get those phonecalls every single day doing SEO for $500 but they never work so when he emailed me I was always on the defensive. The price tag was enough for me to ask why it was so high. He asked questions, and made me feel educated about my decision. He (and his team) is making my a new web page, and growing social media. I'll update this when I can, but much better than being ignored by the freelancer I had in the past.”See Thumbtack Review
Maddie S. – Flooring Contractor
“Jake is as as relaxed (unprofessional) as he is great at growing businesses. He asked for candid reviews , so ,Jake, let me tell folks this: He gets everything, but He doesn't get professionalism. Jake is excellent in finding what issues I had in my site code, offering solutions, and doing the whole program, but then out of the blue hes calling asking to take me to a bar or lunch halfway in the city while I'm out in Bemidji on a job. You are my marketing vendor, not friends.”See Thumbtack Review
Adam T.
Executive Director
“Don't let Jake's salestalk scare you away. ☑ Minnesotan, not overseas SEO☑ Pays and staffs senior team ☑ bright young leadership, kids going places ☑ sharp as a tack marketing product, focused ☑ Replies within same day every time ☑ Asks & Listens before telling what solution is ☑ never increased budget ☑ local, met over coffee in DowntownWhile I could go on, Jake is a bright young man and works with the right people to get your company to grow.”See Thumbtack Review
Lucas D.
IT department
"Their work on our website and digital marketing made a signficant difference to our business. We've seen an increase of 200% in our click through rate and 20% increase in google traffic every month - but I'd always like to see more!" See Thumbtack Review
John N.
"Web Strategy Viking talked to me on Dec 7th. I run a small e-commerce shopify website that needed a web designer. Web Strategy Viking came and offered a full strategy, showed me his massive portfolio, and quite frankly I saw how it all worked. The website, the ads, the email auto responder, and a pop-up asking for them to "name their own price" was genius. Viking has his own dropshipping website, in shopify, doing EXACTLY what I want to do and he is teaching me about what hes doing and letting me copy him exactly and setting it up for me. Viking teaching me AND doing the marketing work. (We sell shirts) Viking asked me to leave a review after I made the decision to hire him, so keep this in mind."See Thumbtack Review
Rob D. Ecommerce
I've never had a marketer turn down working on my junk removal business. Ever. This was back in May when business was low. Most salespeople would take any job or gig and I offered him $2000/month for SEO but as soon as he knew I was in junk removal he said he couldn't help with SEO and said ads would work better since junk removal is high volume low revenue ($250/p customer) I was floored. He rejected a surefire contract. Luckily I owned a second business that he was compatible with (tile laying). We bill $6/p sq feet, upwards of 10,000 sq.ft He said this is perfect for SEO. I listened. We went into his full strategy. One new account would pay for the cost for 6 months. He is undervaluing his services to gain market share, but what came next shocked me. His contract was crystal clear in understandable english, and the service was setup quickly and maintained every month. I've had a website made before and it was the same "feel" but with different cost. Hes worked with tile and flooring apparently, and he saved me a lot of time by offering samples for me to reuse. I put my own photos on there and he wrote the text. In half of a month, I got a $20,000 valued 5 page website for $4,000. He is adding content to it, every month, and its edited and prepared for me. I haven't done anything on the website and I am handling nothing but new calls and emails due to his service. He handles sending new emails to the new leads to keep them "warm" using a computer-robot. Its all cutting edge. This is used to promote reviews, word of mouth, and send his new written emails. In the contract was a monthly service. For $6,000 he hired two dedicated senior american consultants. I have met both of them on video calls and that was very reassuring. I remember back then, there was a first "meeting" to gather information to start marketing the site. It was informative. All of the files, documents, information, progress, and conversations is on a website called Clickup that tells me what is being worked on. I write off that its done on that, and they move on. Its not clear if Jake does more than be a manager, but I have a project manager. I also haven not met a "Q/A" analyst that is working on but everything looks great. After this first meeting, the ads guy is working on google and facebook, and sent me an excel list of 26 businesses in the second month. I was really nervous the first month, but Jake told me the process requires us to AB test the ads to see which one performs better. For SEO, I am shown a google graph of a line that is going to the top right corner ;) I am not sure how SEO works, but with the blog articles, I'm glad they are there. There are a few things I'm missing but you get the gist. He first turned me down, and then found an opportunity that he could actually work on. He has seen us turnover $120,000 in monthly revenue. With a 20% margin within tile laying, he gets us the work we need to hire more contractors. Jake: KEEP UP THE WORK. YOU ARE GOING PLACES. LOSE THE EGO, AND YOU WILL GO FURTHER.
Gavin W.