Ultimate Guide to Starting a Trash Removal Service for Apartments 1
Wait, what?

Late 2017, a conversation between Saad (a friend and agency colleague) started outlining a business plan.

Turns out its pretty viable and easy if you’re working from home 24/7.

Luxury apartments, like the one I’m in, cost $1000+ and are filled with yuppies with disposable income.

The apartment I’m in is not affiliated with my post in any way, but the tenants can be offered convenience as a service in order for me to fully subsidize the operator’s entire monthly lease.

Just unlike that Always Sunny episode, breaking into the trash business is as easy as securing permission from the apartment’s manager in writing and swiping the entirety of this post’s copywriting and business plan.

And just like that, you can validate the idea for $50 where the upside is potential $50–5,000 per month in revenue. With a built-in exit strategy when you move out by selling the biz directly to the apartment.

Possibility of a Trash Removal for Apartments Service

So many people are opt-ing in for convience based services. My apartment alone has three services where you can get your grocceries, dry-cleaning, and shoe polishing without EVER seeing the serviceman that takes care of it for you.

The process for those is easy to understand. You go to the biz’s locker and fill a form. Then a service member stops by that locker, takes care of the service, and notifies the customer upon completion.

So this is exactly that.

This is offered as a monthly retainer. Prepaid each month, with the expectation that their trash bags and recycling are hauled out to the apartment’s final destination.

Upselling is easy. Just ask at the point of sale.



Process for a Trash Removal Service for Apartments

  1. Secure permission with the apartment.
  2. Design any forms for the customers to interact through, such as Calendarly.com, for them to request on-demand hauling.
  3. Sync your personal calendar with the Calendarly.com app and set your dedicated business hours for hauling.
  4. Maybe design a simple landing page, that just collects their name and apartment using Typeform.com
  5. You can use Calendarly or Typeform to schedule appointments. Set it for a “15 min” window, and they book it themselves.
  6. Create and send flyers to apartments in waves. You’re charging this for $30–50 per month to yuppies. Baby boomers would do it themselves, but a yuppie might value their leisure much more than you think.
  7. Respond and answer questions safely and soundly, close the deal. Get them to sign a legal doc that covers the expectation that you are literally carrying it to its destination and all liability is off your shoulders. You can use RocketLawyer.com to draft something and get it checked by a lawyer.
  8. Get them to opt-in to paying monthly via an app like GetCelery.com or Plasso.com for monthly payments
  9. Wait for them to make use of their hauling. Tell them they have a 24-hour heads up for you to take the trash/recycling out. Otherwise you’ll stop by every week.
  10. Stopping by is as simple as showing up on the times they request you with an empty plastic bin. Mine is 3″x2″x3″ and has our trash brand’s text on it.
  11. Send additional flyers after at a week.
  12. When you are growing and want to get away, document the entire process and then when you visit the apartments to pick up, they’ll ask you how you’re doing. You can say that now “you’re hiring”.
  13. If you hire someone, they just take over at a hourly rate like $1 per visit. If it takes 5 minutes for you to satisfy a customer, and you satisfy 20 in a 2 hour period, you pay basically $10 per hour, which is great part time change for someone thats at home.
  14. When its time for you to “move on and out”, your agreements with the Apartment should outline this. Tell them you’re about to leave and would like to talk about liquidating the business to the apartment. At this point, it may have been a few months, but if its well documented, the Apartment staff can simply take it over and hire their own. You are selling the “contracts”, and the contracts may be worth 3x what the monthly rate is, and up to x24 if its well documented.
  15. Take a long shower.

If you’re doing this, monthly at 50$ for unlimited garbage and recycling. You bag it, and we bring it out for what is basically $50 an hour and have an asset in the form of contracts and ongoing revenue. If it is 100% hands off, and you close maybe “20%” of your 100 room apartment, you can get an extra 1000 per month doing 5 hours of work per month, which pays for the rent entirely.

Copywriting for your Trash Removal for Apartments service

Just swipe this, and put it on a custom door hanger. Heres a google search of places that offer custom door hangers (no affiliate links). To be super LOW key and give the effects of trust, start off and put this on 1/10th of the apartments in the complex. There’s an easy measurement to do this. Just put in on apartments that have the apartment that ends in the same digit. Ie if your apartment numbers are only in the 3rd digit, then put door hanger ad on 100, 110, 120, 130.

The ad comes with a rough mockup of your apartments overview. Just sketch it, and draw in each door where you circle their location on the door hanger. It could look like a cheap napkin drawing of a blueprint for the apartment, and the genius is that you really emphasize that you are a neighbor that stopped by.

Then, after 1–2 days, you may have customers already AND you can then put additional door hanger flyers on another set of rooms that end with 1. Eventually, you’ll do this in waves, gauge your own time beint spent, and people will be wising up to the service and be predisposed to buy if they were interested.

The back of the flyer can end with a simply request of name and apartment number under the text that says You must “return to #201” to claim this offer.

Anyway, here’s the door hanger copy.

How would you like to get rid of all your trash without doing any work?

I wanted to write out a map of the apartment. “You live HERE” [circle their apartment, actually circle their room]

And the trash room is HERE.

Had a party, and the bottles are overflowing? Uggghhh.

Just installed ikea furniture and your apartment is a cardboard castle? A 5-year old’s dream, not so much yours.

Cooked a bit and have some off-smelling leftovers in the back of the fridge in a bulging trash bag? Gross.

And now that Christmas is around the corner, and you may get legitimately anxious about all the gift wrap!

… and your girlfriend/roommate/cat is howling at you to take the trash out.

This is where I come in.

Does it make sense to have one of us cart your trash and recyclables for you?

You just schedule a 30 min slot 24 hours in advance in a simple calendar app, and this guy [picture of me] will take your bagged trash, put them in a plastic bin, and make the trips for you.

Its like that Always Sunny episode, except with technology.

And the best part is that I stopped by today and offered this service at a discounted rate of 99 cents per month for a few select apartments.

To get this deal, you must take the 60 seconds to opt-in here: [link to landing page] or stop by #201.


P.S. I’m not affiliated with the apartment in any way, but I moved in and was astonished at the treks from #201.