Jake Goss-Kuehn likes to give the impression that he is a professional with values.

Truth is, he is a lying, selfish asshole. He contacts freelancers online and pretends to be a professional yet busy gent, and offers to pay them to work for him. I fell for that trap after he contacted me on Reddit.

I proofread and edited over a hundred blog posts for this guy, and that was no easy task -this dude can barely spell. That was well 0ver 2 months ago.

Jake pretended he couldn't pay right away and asked me to wait for him to finish this deal with some client, so I waited and waited and waited, I was patient and understanding.

It's been a month now since he's been ignoring my emails and direct messages. Jake is not a man of his word. He has no respect for his peers and only cares about himself. I strongly advise you not to work with him.